Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why stop at DELIVERANCE????

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ!

God gave me a revelation a few weeks ago and I nearly drove off the road! It was that powerful!

With God ALL things are possible!!!

But the word God gave me was how there are so many churches that are opened up just based upon deliverance alone. People stop at deliverance. They get so caught up in deliverance, in healing, in prosperity. They don't realize that it doesn't end there.

When the Israelites were in bondage in Eygpt, it is safe to say they were not in the will of God. For many many years, they cried out to God for deliverance. He finally got tired of hearing His children being caught up in bondage that He sent a deliverer, Moses.

Now we all know what a mighty deliverance God wrought for the Israelites!

The signs and wonders that God manifested in that period of the Israelites was awesome!

The ten plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, His provision in the wilderness....

But how many of you know that the Red sea, the wilderness, the provision was not the end of what God intended for the Israelites!

But they got satisfied with the deliverance. With the signs and wonders. With lifting people up instead of the Promise.

Why did God deliver them? To get them to the Promise!!!!


But because they got satisfied with the signs and wonders and seeing God provide. With seeing Gods glory shine on Moses' face instead of getting in the glory for themselves so that THEIR faces can shine.

They got scared to enter in to what God had for them, so they sent Moses in to speak for them, intercede for them.

When God wanted THEM to enter in!

God gives us the PROMISE of salvation.

What promise?

No matter what a great deliverance God has wrought in your life, if you just stop there, you may be missing salvation. You may miss out on what God wants to do in you.

There was an end to why God delivered the Israelites. Not just so they can be comfortable, or they could go around strutting and braggin on the deliverance. Yes, glorify God for it.

He didn't deliver them so they can go out and start a ministry in the wilderness!!!!!

WOW! That would preach, y'all!


Moses had a ministry in the wilderness. God's glory fell. His face shone with it.

God used Moses to do many things.

But as mightily as Moses was used, that wasn't then end of it. That wasn't the intention of God...just so a man could be lifted up.

That is part of the reason I believe God allowed Moses to die in the wilderness. Because folks started lifting him up and not lifting up God.

As many wonderful works God wrought in the wilderness, the Israelites still did what they wanted to do. They still whored after other gods. They still were rebellious and disobedient.

Even those in leadership were knuckle heads! Remember Aaron and Miriam? Aaron made other gods and Miriam leprosy.

Many died in the wilderness. Why?

No, not because of what we think. But because they all lost focus on what the whole thing was about which is God getting His people to the Promise.

They took 40 years to go somewhere I heard shouldnt have taken that long.

This is what can happen when we lift up flesh and not JESUS!

And they'd get to the promise not of deliverance, healing, prosperity, not even ministry...BUT SALVATION!!!!

God delivered the Israelites because God loves us. And it is His will that NONE would perish but that ALL would come to repentance.

And if He hadn't delivered them, they would have died out in Eygpt. And there would be no hope for salvation for any of us then.

No Israelites, no Jesus.

No Jesus, no salvation for us.

God has a plan.

If God has delivered you, yes, I encourage you to praise God for it. Be thankful.

But don't go start a ministry because you got a little tingle, a deliverance. You may not have the goods to help someone else....yet...

And you being presumptious and zealous and stepping out before God may cause the faith of someone else to be shipwrecked.

You don't want that blood on your hands....

Continue to seek God. Be sensitive to His voice and allow Him to continuously lead you into HIS plan for your life.

Trust me, it is much better than our plan...

His plan will bring salvation. Our plan will bring comfort.

His plan will lead unto eternal security. Our plan will ease our conscious temporarily.

Don't stop at deliverance. Go onto what God has ordained for you...which is ultimately your soul being SAVED!!!!!

Peace and love to you!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Ezekiel 18:4, 23

Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine.

Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord GOD: and not that he should return from his ways, and live?

I was riding down the street and God brought this scripture in my belly.


I have been a part of many churches. I have been in leadership and I have noticed a spirit that I believe grieves the heart of God.

It is a spirit that makes leaders/pastors, etc. believe that the sheep God has entrusted to HIS care belongs to them!

Why do I say that?

Because these pastors 'claims' these souls for their church before they even come to their church. Then when they come he/she won't let them go.

What some leaders must understand that God may use you to minister to these souls. You may fast and cry and pray for them. You labor with them long. You rebuke and build up.

You consider yourself their spiritual mother or father.

But after God is done using you to bring that sheep to a place in God, you must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Ghost when it is time for that sheep to move on.

I know. We hear of church hopping. But realize even this.

God is in charge of that soul.

That soul belongs to GOD, not you!

Even if they are out of the will of God when they leave, because that soul belongs to God, God knows how to lead his sheep.

Now, if you are a shepherd after God's own heart, then expect a great exodus in these last days.

Because People are hungry for God. Not you. Not your choreographed praise and worship. Not lights and cameras. Not hype. Not spiritual gifts.

Not your stale prophesies and stagnant revelations. Not your half truths.

People want to be SAVED!!!!

And you cannot hold the souls of God captive any longer!

So many pastors, ESPECIALLY ones who don't preach true salvation, find it necessary to use scare tactics to get people to stay and submit to their false authority.

It is nothing more than witchcraft and wizardry.
And God says to 'Let my people GO!'

If you aren't gonna teach the people what it really takes to be saved, that's Acts 2:38 salvation, then stop spinning your wheels and let them GO!

Don't make God have to burn your house down, or expose you to let HIS people GO!

Stop power tripping and let the power of the Holy Ghost draw people.

People ain't studdin' your hair, or your suit, or your eloquent words. They ain't studdin the fake praise and choreographed worhsip.

They will get over your testimony. For it is not your testimony that saves us....

It is JESUS testimony that saves us!

You can't take them outta God's hands anyways...

John 10:29
My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.

I will post a word God gave me about deliverance focused ministries.

So many people are so caught up in deliverance only that they miss salvation.

What is the point of deliverance if you die and go to hell??????

Be Blessed in Jesus' name!