Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Meagan Good is Not the Problem...These Nasty Preachers Are!

It often has been said that preachers are the nastiest, freakiest things walking out here.  They are nastier than the pimp, the drug dealer, the guys who own strips joints and massage parlors.  Even nastier than those provocateurs of the porn industry.  So called christian men make up a mass majority of porn customers anyway.

With that being said, I want to say that we can't be too hard on actress Meagan Good for her J-Lo type dress she wore to the BET awards.  While it was in poor taste, and I do believe that she really wants to be saved and serve God, I have a WHOLE lot to say about her nasty husband who allowed her to leave the house like that.

I think awhile back, Good and hubby Devon Franklin were going around bragging about how they were going to wait til the honeymoon to consummate their marriage.  Now, I didn't pay much attention to it, I'm a busy lady.  But the first thought that came into my mind was 'ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.'  So I didn't care.

Now we see why they were so adamant about pushing abstinence til marriage.  

Preacher Franklin is a freak!

The reason why he didn't say anything is because he married Meagan Good BECAUSE she is a hotty. That's why he married her in the first place.  He got a nasty, stink, perverse, lustful spirit in HIM and she fulfilled it. I mean the number of so called 'first ladies' that are plainly freaks is astounding. But this is only because these nasty old preachers WANT them that way. That reality show about the first ladies that came out earlier this year....freaks. We can't get on the ladies -even though its trifling. Its what these nasty preachers want.

Only a freak who is just so glad to finally get some would allow his wife to show all her jewels in public like that.  

You guys already know my stand on going to church.  This is one of the many reasons why I won't go.

These preachers publicly say they are for abstinence, holiness and the such, but behind closed doors, they are worse freaks than the freaks they preach against!

And then it all comes out in the wash....some air their own dirty laundry....(as in the case of the reality shows coming out of the church).  And others are exposed by enemies and people who get the dirt on them.

I heard a preacher say awhile back that there was a trend of preachers wanting their 'first ladies' to be more and more seductive, provocative, sexy...this was in the 1980s.  And this was a so called pentecostal church, where the women can't wear pants, makeup or jewelry.  

Porn was popular in the pentecostal church back then!

WHY is it that church men, religious men, are such perverts?  

WHY are they so sensically driven?  WHY is it that these men so driven by what drives THEIR senses?  

WHY do they need freaky, sexy wives to fulfill their lusts?  Or spirits?

WHY do they need to have Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce type women as wives...and then get in church or on TV and brag on how they are 'hitting' that?

Clearly, the 'mendove God' have a problem with their flesh.

THIS is why they don't have a problem with their wives coming outside looking like porn stars.  

This is NOT a negative reflection on the women, but the men. The fact of matter is that what goes on in these peoples' bedrooms is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

Sex between husband and wife is a sacred, beautiful thing.  But it should ALSO be a PRIVATE thing.

If you are freaks behind closed doors, KEEP YOUR DOORS CLOSED!

You should not allow your wife to come out looking like she just stepped out of a Playboy magazine, 'Mandove God.'

Woman of God, you need to put some more clothes on!  

EVEN IF YOU DON'T DO CHURCH, whatever happened to modesty, discretion, tact, and taste?

NO man who truly loves his wife should feel comfortable in her coming out the house looking like a street walker.

It speaks to the depravity AND the downplaying of marriage between man and woman.

THIS is ONE of the reasons why the world doesn't even pay it any mind....marriage between husband and wife...ONE man and ONE woman.

They don't respect the institution themselves.  So why should anyone else?


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