Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leave the Preacher's Exes Reality Show ALONE! Church Under Judgment


Ok.  I'm going to try to be serious on this topic (even though admittedly, it will be extremely difficult to do!)

I saw the trailer for yet another church reality show and HOLLERED!

I HAD to write on it.

All I will say is this:

1)  The organized church system has tried to assimilate within popular culture for so long, they have tried to be 'relevant' so much, that they are now the laughing stock of the world.  And the sad part is that she has done this to HERSELF.  It wasn't the devil.  It isn't an attack.  The Word says you reap what you sow; and the church system for YEARS has sown nothing but deception and evil.  Well, now it's time to REAP what she has sown.

2)  I KNEW that once this reality show kick the church was on gained momentum, that it would only get MORE and MORE REAL.  I mean, come ON.  I have SEEN some stuff in ministry, in church when I was in there.  I just shook my head and said to myself, 'Do they REALLY want to show the world the REAL DEAL that's going on in these churches?'  I say its a good thing; that way more and more people will SHUN church and religion than be drawn TO IT.

3)  The church folk need to leave these women ALONE!  They are the fruit of the so-called men in the church, religious men.  The good ol' boys clubs that is resident in these churches.  This is what happens when you force a bunch of first ladies/pastors wives to marry gay men or DL men who masquerade as pastors.  This is what happens when you allow men to infect women with HIV in the church.  OR when you allow these men to sleep with children, steal from their congregants, lie, cheat and bamboozle the people so that THEY can appear to be prosperous.  THIS is what happens when you got a bunch of religious nuts and flakes ta-ta-ta-ing and babbering all over the church talking about they are 'delivering' the very ones THEY bind up!


You can't EVEN tell me that after looking at the above trailer that you actually believe that YOUR church is a place of healing!  When you KNOW that the VERY same stuff is going down with YOUR pastor and first lady!


It's really not funny's actually really sad.

A lot of people are going to rail on these ladies, call them every name in the BOOK for doing this show...but I say LEAVE THESE LADIES ALONE!

THESE LADIES ARE A PRODUCT OF A DOUBLE-STANDARD INSTITUTE!  (as the artist formerly and perhaps presently known as Tonex sings in his video 'Going Away.'

Meaning...these ladies were brought up in church.  Probably raped, abused, molested, turned out, etc....RIGHT in church.

They were groomed for 'First Lady-ship' since girls.  Were told that good lil girls are supposed to want to grow up and become 'first ladies.'

All while pastor was shoving himself in every orifice in her body....(YES, I said it!)

So is it any WONDER when these girls grow up, that they turn into ^^^^THIS?

We are so quick to call WOMEN 'ratchet,' but we don't take the TIME to investigate nor have empathy and understand WHAT or WHO made her that way!

YES, it is obvious.  THESE ladies ARE STILL suffering from CHURCH HURT.  

And that hurt IS manifesting in their behavior.  

Some of them are mentally and emotionally, perhaps even spiritually, wounded.

And the WORSE thing they can do is go to ANOTHER CHURCH to seek 'deliverance' or 'healing.'


I've been there.  (But hey...You don't see me on no mechanical horse with pink hair either! But I ain't mad at her!)

There is this R & B artist, L'il Mo.  A couple of years or so back I wrote a blog article on her questioning her 'ratchetness' in Hold Up, L'il Mo! I'm Confused!

A few weeks ago, she tweeted something that helped me understand her:

She, too, is a product of a double standard institute as well.  

Her godfather is none other than the Prince of Gospel himself, Pastor John P. Kee.  I am sure she had some upbringing 'in the church.'

And-on her own words-she admits that it was all in vain...all that 'church.'

She may be a little raunchy....but I owe her an apology.  

I understand her and these other ladies in Preacher's Exes.  I AM a preacher's ex MYSELF.  I grew up in church.  Church leaders raping and turning me out....and then covering up.  Down low preachers wanting to marry me.  I saw more gay men in the church than I EVER did in the world.  I've seen A LOT.


I thank GOD that HE led me OUT of church and my 'deliverance' came through more saner means...perhaps unconventional.  

I empathize with these ladies...and I know there are PLENTY MORE ladies that go thru the same stuff.  They are just too ashamed, or too embarrassed to say anything.


Purge how you need to purge.  If it's in writing, WRITE.  If you need to do reality programming, do it.  If you need professional help, SEEK it.  It won't come in conventional means....BELIEVE THAT!

As to the rest of the world....


If they want to share their stories with the world, LET THEM.  They are BOUND to come out anyways!

The more they tell it, the more they are no longer BOUND TO IT.  I wish them well.  Healing. Wholeness.  OUTSIDE OF CHURCH, of course.

NO MORE protecting idiocy and ish in the church....

As long as y'all keep enabling this junk, there will be MORE and MORE church 'reality' shows EXPOSING the STUPIDITY and PAIN that is RAMPANT in the churches!


Want to read more about my story of what church put me through and HOW I was set free????

Friday, March 14, 2014

Assignments Are For Kids! Are You In Still In School?

I Don't Wanna Grow Up!  I'm On Assignment!

I know many of you have heard the phrase 'I'm On Assignment' from some over-zealous church person.

I remember that used to sound so spiritual and all.  

Being on 'assignment' in the church world means that a person is designated or purposed somehow to do an assignment, whether that was to marry someone or be in ministry at a church, these people would come to some sort of conclusion that 'GOD' told them to do thus and so, this and that.

They were on 'assignment.'

Somehow, being on 'assignment'-and proudly declaring and accepting it-was somehow deemed so holy, so powerful, so righteous, so 'in the will of God' that no one ever dared question the whole dynamic of being 'on assignment.'  (Or questioning if in fact they were even SUPPOSED to be 'on assignment!)


Of course, you all know that's what I do now-question EVERYTHING.  So here goes my assessment of the ASSIGNMENT question.  

Do you understand that being 'on assignment' denotes that you are still IN CLASS?

The group of people who are are assigned anything are students.  Students that are in class.  Children.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself 'WHAT AM I DOING?'  

'Why am I doing what I'm doing?  Has God REALLY told me to do this?'

I know so many folks who are either still in church or who have left the buildings physically-but NOT spiritually-and are religiously-inclined in their mindsets and belief systems.

So even though they don't physically flock to the buildings anymore, they still feel the incessant need to 'minister' to folks.

They are obsessed with the idea that somehow they are so 'needed' in the kingdom that they have concluded that their 'assignments' are to tell folks about the church.

Or to help so and so in the church see some things.
Or they have specialized their 'ministry' and zoned in on their specific 'assignment.'

WHERE does this craziness come from?


I know...many believe that it is their job to 'evangelize' the lost.

I will agree there are lost folks-in church or out of church.  

But salvation is NOT our business.  Salvation IS of THE LORD!

Whom God will, HE will save.
HE will deliver.
HE will have mercy.
HE will heal.

Whom GOD will, HE will save.  And whom HE won't, HE won't.

And no amount of what we do is going to change that.  Many follow that belief system of how they must evangelize the world for Jesus...but fail to realize one thing.

If you do ANYTHING 'for God'- and God REALLY didn't tell you to do it - then it is done IN VAIN!

It IS possible to preach, to teach, to prophesy, to evangelize, to go to church, to start a ministry, to start a gospel recording career, to write books, to broadcast christian tv or air a christian radio show, to start and teach seminars...and it ALL be in vain!


Because God did NOT tell you to do that!

You need to understand that there is a religious spirit out here whose whole agenda is to DECEIVE.

That religious spirit will have you believing all that you do is of God.  And sometimes it takes folks years before they realize that what they're doing was not 'of God.'

If you're 'on assignment,' you still a kid.  PERIOD.

You still haven't gotten 'IT' yet.  You still are looking for purpose.

Most folks going around looking 'for purpose' simply have not allowed LOVE to enter into their lives yet.  

When TRUE love enters into your life, and you are no longer afraid to share that love with others, then your purpose IS FULFILLED!

Your 'purpose' is not to go into ministry, go to the nations, to open up a church, to save the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, etc.

Your purpose is simply TO LOVE!

Love is a very simple purpose to fulfill.

Go to your local homeless shelter.  Feed the homeless.  Put some clothes on someone who needs them.  Give to the needy.  Go visit the nursing home; check on the sick and elderly.  Help someone out.  There are ALL kinds of need in this world.  

When you help someone out, you have fulfilled your 'purpose.'

Don't put religious stipulations on that help either.  Give with simplicity.  Don't make folks go to church just so you can help them.  That ain't right!  

I give to causes that help folks without all the religious stipulations attached to it.  You don't have to acquiesce to my belief systems in order for me to help.  NO, I'm not rich.  But I know what it is to need.  

You can't imagine the sense of fulfillment that comes from simply HELPING FOLKS OUT!

You looking for your next 'assignment?'




Want to know WHERE most of the teachings you have learned and ARE learning came from (in the church?)  You have to get your own copy of 'The Fruits of Azusa.'

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hurt People Hurt People?

We have all heard this saying, right?


Well, I got news for you:  those who aren't hurting, good people, unintentionally hurt others as well.  Meaning it is not their intent to harm or hurt another...their only goal and desire is to enlighten, to strengthen, to undergird, to empower.

And sometimes the only way that can occur is if you give people a hard dose of TRUTH...of REALITY.

There is nothing more empowering than THE TRUTH.

The Truth may be dark.  It may be painful.  To face, to hear, to acknowledge or to accept...but the Truth is SO powerful, it alone has the power to set us COMPLETELY free.

I am convinced that the reason why there are so many hurting folks in the world today is because there are a LOT of people AROUND them who refuse to be HONEST and REAL-completely TRUTHFUL-with them.  

We have become a society so concerned about hurting folks' feelings that we tiptoe around the tulips.  We play around and manipulate truth in such a manner that it won't hurt or offend.  We have become a nation of politically and religiously correct zombies afraid to judge, to discern, to tell THE TRUTH!

And as a result of that fear, we got a bunch of people walking around thinking one thing when in reality the truth is many are in complete and utter denial about WHO they are and WHAT they are!  

We lie to people ALL the time!  

Don't believe me?

Then explain how some of those people who make it to American Idol...HOW do some of those folks who sound like they are wolves howling at the moon make it as far as they did in the competition???


You can hardly find someone to tell you THE TRUTH!

You can't find truth in the church.  IN the pulpits.  In the political arenas.  In the media.  In the schools.  On social media.  On the job.  Deception is at an ALL-TIME high!

But back to the topic...

'Hurt people hurt people' is a cliche I started hearing in the church circles about 10 yrs ago.  It was really catchy...and somewhat true.  So, of course, it started spreading like wildfire.

But religious folks took it and ran with much so that they adopted as their catch-all excuse when folks in church did the dirt that they did.

'Well, child, you know.  Hurt People Hurt People...'

I emphasize the word EXCUSE above to bring up a very important point:

The fact of the matter is that there are hurting people EVERYWHERE!

In and out of the church....

As a matter of fact, it is safe to assume that we ALL have been hurt, rejected, abused or mistreated in some fashion-one way or the other.

But just b/c we were hurt does not become this excuse that somehow justifies all the dumb ish and idiocy, the utter exploitation, the consistent abuse and bamboozle-ry, the foolishness, the crimes, the deception....that we've seen in the church.

I've been hurt and know hurt folks...but most of them didn't become philanderers, or pedophiles.  Women abusers.  Robbers and thieves.  Deadbeat dads.  Down low preachers.  Lol....OPENLY GAY and LESBIAN preachers.  Cult leaders.  

I could go on.  But I think you get my point.

It is amazing and funny how religious folks love to make excuses for their asinine and abusive behavior, raise ALL kinds of hell, inflict ALL kinds of hurt, harm and danger on folks who just wanted to know God....steal from the sheep, rape the sheep, turn the sheep OUT, lie to them, control and manipulate them....

And then when they're caught in the headlights, they come up with 'Oops.  My bad.  Hurt people hurt people.'

And that somehow makes it all right.  

That somehow justifies all the foolishness.  

This is one of the main reasons I backed up from dealing with church foolishness....because it just got really old.  And it is my utter conviction as long as churches are open that the foolishness WILL continue.

Oh yeah.  Someone WILL undoubtedly get caught in his/her foolishness.  Someone will get exposed.  A scandal probably will ensue.  Then when that news dies down, its back to normal.  Church business as usual.

You can deal with the perpetrators...but you need to understand ONE thing.

There IS a SPIRIT loose in these churches that simply ARE NOT OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They point their fingers at the obvious sinners-the gang bangers, the Beyonces and Jay Z's, the Justin Beibers, the drug addicts and pushers, the gay and the lesbian, the ho, the player....


They just continue to believe God's in it...and get surprised each and every time when 'that spirit' manifests thru someone else in their pulpits.  Or thru one of their favorite prophets or preachers.  Or thru one of their adored gospel artists.  


They hide behind their collars and clergy-wear.  They hide behind their pulpits.  Their Facebook profiles and walls.  They hide behind their ministry papers, titles and positions.  They LOVE the affirmation of MEN.  

But how does the Word say it?


A-1 Swift said it best here in one of my favorite songs, Backstabbers:  

(A-1 Swift are in the Word, ya feel me????)

Yeah, they are saying the backstabbers...they are hurt folks.  True...

But tell me this?


You sing in His Name.  You preach in His Name.  You prophesy in His Name.  You dance all around the church.  You holler and sputter in tongues...

But in all of that, you STILL hurting??????????

I thought God is A HEALER????  A DELIVERER????  

WHAT kind of God YOU servin???????

All that churchin, and you STILL hurt. 
All that giving, and you STILL hurt.
All that preaching, and you STILL hurt.
All that prophesying, and you STILL hurt.


He who the SON sets supposed to be FREE!!!!!

Something's wrong.

Get out of that HURT-mobile you call a church.  All yall doing is hurting ONE another...and EVERYBODY who comes in your doors.

That's like someone who just got hit by a mack truck getting admitted to a hospital, then the next day, they are trying to play doctor with someone who just got raped!!!!!



Because-like YOU like to say SO much...


And the church is FULL of nothing but HURT FOLKS!

From the pulpits to the kitchen....