Friday, March 14, 2014

Assignments Are For Kids! Are You In Still In School?

I Don't Wanna Grow Up!  I'm On Assignment!

I know many of you have heard the phrase 'I'm On Assignment' from some over-zealous church person.

I remember that used to sound so spiritual and all.  

Being on 'assignment' in the church world means that a person is designated or purposed somehow to do an assignment, whether that was to marry someone or be in ministry at a church, these people would come to some sort of conclusion that 'GOD' told them to do thus and so, this and that.

They were on 'assignment.'

Somehow, being on 'assignment'-and proudly declaring and accepting it-was somehow deemed so holy, so powerful, so righteous, so 'in the will of God' that no one ever dared question the whole dynamic of being 'on assignment.'  (Or questioning if in fact they were even SUPPOSED to be 'on assignment!)


Of course, you all know that's what I do now-question EVERYTHING.  So here goes my assessment of the ASSIGNMENT question.  

Do you understand that being 'on assignment' denotes that you are still IN CLASS?

The group of people who are are assigned anything are students.  Students that are in class.  Children.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself 'WHAT AM I DOING?'  

'Why am I doing what I'm doing?  Has God REALLY told me to do this?'

I know so many folks who are either still in church or who have left the buildings physically-but NOT spiritually-and are religiously-inclined in their mindsets and belief systems.

So even though they don't physically flock to the buildings anymore, they still feel the incessant need to 'minister' to folks.

They are obsessed with the idea that somehow they are so 'needed' in the kingdom that they have concluded that their 'assignments' are to tell folks about the church.

Or to help so and so in the church see some things.
Or they have specialized their 'ministry' and zoned in on their specific 'assignment.'

WHERE does this craziness come from?


I know...many believe that it is their job to 'evangelize' the lost.

I will agree there are lost folks-in church or out of church.  

But salvation is NOT our business.  Salvation IS of THE LORD!

Whom God will, HE will save.
HE will deliver.
HE will have mercy.
HE will heal.

Whom GOD will, HE will save.  And whom HE won't, HE won't.

And no amount of what we do is going to change that.  Many follow that belief system of how they must evangelize the world for Jesus...but fail to realize one thing.

If you do ANYTHING 'for God'- and God REALLY didn't tell you to do it - then it is done IN VAIN!

It IS possible to preach, to teach, to prophesy, to evangelize, to go to church, to start a ministry, to start a gospel recording career, to write books, to broadcast christian tv or air a christian radio show, to start and teach seminars...and it ALL be in vain!


Because God did NOT tell you to do that!

You need to understand that there is a religious spirit out here whose whole agenda is to DECEIVE.

That religious spirit will have you believing all that you do is of God.  And sometimes it takes folks years before they realize that what they're doing was not 'of God.'

If you're 'on assignment,' you still a kid.  PERIOD.

You still haven't gotten 'IT' yet.  You still are looking for purpose.

Most folks going around looking 'for purpose' simply have not allowed LOVE to enter into their lives yet.  

When TRUE love enters into your life, and you are no longer afraid to share that love with others, then your purpose IS FULFILLED!

Your 'purpose' is not to go into ministry, go to the nations, to open up a church, to save the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, etc.

Your purpose is simply TO LOVE!

Love is a very simple purpose to fulfill.

Go to your local homeless shelter.  Feed the homeless.  Put some clothes on someone who needs them.  Give to the needy.  Go visit the nursing home; check on the sick and elderly.  Help someone out.  There are ALL kinds of need in this world.  

When you help someone out, you have fulfilled your 'purpose.'

Don't put religious stipulations on that help either.  Give with simplicity.  Don't make folks go to church just so you can help them.  That ain't right!  

I give to causes that help folks without all the religious stipulations attached to it.  You don't have to acquiesce to my belief systems in order for me to help.  NO, I'm not rich.  But I know what it is to need.  

You can't imagine the sense of fulfillment that comes from simply HELPING FOLKS OUT!

You looking for your next 'assignment?'




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