Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pastor's Wives Should NOT Be Committing Suicide

When I first heard about this pastor's wife shooting herself in the parking lot of the gun shop where minutes earlier she had purchased a gun.  

Harriet Deison went to the McClelland Gun Shop in Dallas, TX, walked back to her car and shot herself twice...committing suicide.  

Why would a 65 year old grandmother, well loved and admired in the community, in her church, a pastor's wife, in a seemingly loving congregation, just up and decide she wanted to die...and do so in such a manner?

If you look at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, it seems like just another loving caring congregation that reaches out to the the surrounding community, even sends people on mission trips...who just love Jesus.  

Click here to see more videos from various other leaders at Park Cities Presbyterian Church.

They are always smiling.  They admit to not being perfect, having problems and issues....such as the above video testimony of former PCPC Pastor Skip Ryan, who resigned from the pastorate of PCPC due to a drug addiction.  

Ryan later admits to returning to the pastorate of Park Cities Presbyterian Church Staff after 'overcoming' his opiate addiction.  

I was saddened to hear about Mrs. Deison's suicide.  It left me puzzled and wondering...'what could have possibly been going on in her life so horrendous that she felt the need to kill herself?'  Especially in such a manner?

But when I came across this video of the former pastor being on drugs and having to step down, of course, the wheels started turning.

There is SOMETHING going on here!

In the testimony video above, Barbara Ryan says some very significant things; both of the Ryans do.

They addressed the whole performance anxiety issue.  

A LOT of preachers won't ever admit to this-even to themselves-but there is a very REAL competition in the ministry.  Among churches, denominations, and fellowships.  So pastors feel the pressure to perform, to OUT perform even, their fellow pastors, ministers, and church leaders in a community.  

Then there is the pressure from WITHIN a church-the bigger the church, the more pressure therein-the pressure to perform to stay relevant, to gain public approval of the well as fellow ministerial colleagues....

And that pressure can lead to driving people to 'do some things to stay on top of their game,' so to speak.

Ministry and (organized) church is big business, and its highly competitive now.  It shouldn't be...but it is.  

And the people caught up in the whirlwind of ministry find themselves going round and round....and because MOST of the time GOD did not call them, once they get out there, the enemy devours them.  

Some ministers turn to drugs.  Some to sex or porn.  Some try to manipulate others into doing their bidding.  Some get greedy for popularity, approval, fame....and money.

In the backdrop of all of that, some people simply cannot handle the pressure.  

Like Harriet Deison.

Like Skip Ryan.

I commend these people because at least they are not paying off people trying to lie and cover up what happened.  They openly confessed, repented, STEPPED DOWN for a time of healing....and now are sharing their testimonies....and didn't pay off someone to keep silent, or issue a public letter of rebuke, rebuking a major magazine for printing their stories. 


I share all of this not to put PCPC on the spot, as they have already put their business out there.

I share this to point out the PCPC represents EVERY church out here!

The fact of the matter is the religious demon is having a LITERAL FIELD DAY with folks in church now!

And he is taking out folks right and left who continue to stay in the church system.  

IT is quite sad!

If you are in the church, it is time to TERMINATOR EXIT out of there. 

The building is on fire...almost completely engulfed in JUDGMENT and she CANNOT be saved!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Steps Down, YOUR 'Bishops' Will Step Down, Too!

As you all know, on February 11, Pope Benedict XVI tendered his resignation from the papacy, the first to do so in some 600 years of the Catholic Church.

His resignation did bring about lots of speculation, rumors and questions as to why he in resigning.  The first reports from the Vatican stated it was due to his failing health.  Others eluded to some sort of scandal regarding the many cases of sexual abuse against children and the cover ups by the Catholic Church for years.  It was even reported that pretty soon, the Vatican would be forced to give up archives of files that would indeed prove that many crimes against children were covered up and some people were paid off in exchange for their silence regarding the abuse.

And whereas this resignation is momentous, maybe somewhat scandalous-depending upon how you look at it-what I want to focus on is the prophetic implications of this event.

Lots of times, people fail to understand just what's going on when historic current events take place, in particular, religious ones.

First, and foremost, I want you to understand that EVERY major denomination, as well as EVERY major 'non-denomination, is an extension-a branch-of the Catholic Church.  The word 'catholic' means 'universal.'

The dictionary defines catholic as 'of broad scope; comprehensive; including all humankind; all inclusive; broad minded.'

Having been raised in church, it was always implanted in my mind that the Protestant Church (which includes ALL churches NOT labeled catholic) was totally separate than the Catholic Church.  Oftentimes, I would hear preachers preach against the idolatry in the Catholic Church because they prayed hail mary prayers and to other dead saints, or because of their reverence for the pope.

BUT, if you look at the structure and organization of ALL Protestant churches, they are EXACTLY the same as the Catholic Church!

Why is that?

Because the Protestant Church was 'borne out of' the Roman Catholic Church!!!!!

So this is how the Catholic Church claims to be universal...and the Protestant churches-again, meaning EVERY church outside of the Roman Catholic Church-by the very nature of their practices inside of their churches (i.e., the ordination of bishops (mini-popes), the clergy wear, the hierarchical system in place in church leadership, etc.) PROVES that the Protestant Church IS a direct extension of the Catholic Church.

Just look at the similarities of the entire hierarchical systems of the catholic and the protestant church!

Organizational Chart from a Major NON Denominational Church
(Notice that the 'members' are not even listed on this chart!)

With that being said, we need to pay very close attention to the Vatican and what's taking place there.

I posted the above interview with Dr. Gina Messina-Dysert, a Catholic (feminist) theologian and activist who teaches at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and Tavis Smiley.

Here is the other half of that interview:

I want you all to pay VERY close attention to what Dr. Messina-Dysert is saying - her observations of the pope stepping down.  Also, listen to what she says about change in the change and the 'catholic' church having to repent.

I found it very interesting that Smiley and Messina-Dysert spoke on THE MASS EXODUS from the church as well.

Plainly put, the observations made here regarding the Catholic Church can be directly applied to the ENTIRE organized church system as well.


They are all one and the same!

The pope stepping down-whether it be amidst alleged scandal or due to his inability to provide quality leadership-as well as the obvious consensus that the church MUST change...a revolution must take well...

All of this are signs (if you will) of a definite change to come....however the tide turns after the pope steps down does indicate to me that it is VERY possible that the next pope to take the papacy could indeed be the last...

The next pope could very well be 'him.'

(Not saying that assuredly, its just an observation...)

And no matter what your religious beliefs, your religion, your need to understand that whatever happens at the Vatican will have a ripple effect on the ENTIRE organized church system.


How does this affect the church in the Western world?  Here in the U.S.?

Well, we should also understand that when the Catholic Church was emerging after the Early Church fathers were martyred that terms 'bishop' and 'pope' were used interchangeably.

They meant the EXACT same thing!

DO you know what that means?

That means that every person with the title 'bishop' is-in essence-a 'pope' of that church.  Or denomination.

Now, if THE Pope of the ENTIRE church system steps down...what do you think will start to happen universally to all the other 'mini-popes' - all the idols - that have been allowed to step up as 'the voice of God' for the people???

People, pay close attention to the Vatican.  The Catholic Church and YOUR church is not that far removed or not connected....

What happens there, happens HERE.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Aren't You TIRED Of Recycled Prophecies?

We all have heard them, that is, if you have went to any church service, any prophetic conference, etc. where a so-called prophet is in the house.

Most of us would be in the audience with sweaty palms, in heavy anticipation, praying that the 'man of God' or the 'woman of God' would call on us to 'give us a word' in season.

Then they would 'call us to the front,' or maybe they will walk over to give us 'a word!'

"There is a paradigm shift going on in your life!"

"You're Next In Line..."

"Dance for Your Miracle!"

"Step Into Your Destiny!"

"I See A Wedding Gown..."

"You Are Called Into The Ministry!"

Then we would get all hype and emotional.  Some may cry.  Some may run.  Some may dance.  Some may literally holler.  

Some may even fall 'slain in the spirit.'

We all had our way of 'receiving' a word from the Lord.

If we are HONEST, most of the prophecies that are going forth in the church TODAY are the SAME exact prophecies that were being peddled around in the church TEN YEARS or MORE ago!

Smh (for those of you who don't know...that means Shake My Head).

Now...I don't claim to be an expert in the prophetic or anything, but in the Word of God, God would send His prophets with a word, and then that was that.  And right now, I'm in the Old Testament.  

God didn't send 10 prophets to tell ONE person the SAME WORD, to 'give confirmation,' or to remind folks of what He said years before.

Folks WITHOUT the HOLY GHOST remembered what God said.  They just chose to accept it, believe it....or reject it.

(I can say that because the Holy Ghost was not given until the Book of Acts.)

So how is it that IN THIS DISPENSATION, AFTER God has poured out the Holy Ghost in the Book of Acts, with all this holy ghost floating around, that folks TODAY need 50 prophets (and I say that VERY loosely) to come to them with THE SAME WORD?????


THAT is NOT the Spirit of the Lord that is sending 100 prophets to you with the same 'word' confirming what you THOUGHT you heard God said 5 years ago.

And let's play devil's advocate and say it WAS God...where is YOUR faith????

Why is it that YOU don't believe the Word of the Lord?

Why do you need 'confirmation' of what He told YOU?

I wrote two blogs entitled I Need Confirmation, Part 1 and I Need Confirmation, Part 2 that sheds some light on the whole 'practice' in the church of folks 'needing confirmation.'  That whole practice actually can open you up to serious spiritual danger and error.

You see, the enemy knows you seek after a sign, much like Gideon needed God to 'send confirmation' of what God told him.  So the enemy WILL send 'confirmation,' over and over the form of 50 'prophets' who all say the exact same thing you thought you heard way back when!

You cannot be duped into believing a word is from God just because more than one person came at you with that word, or you got a sign, or you dreamed of it.  

Folks are so desperate for 'a word' that they will receive anything, thinking it's a word 'from the Lord.'  I touch on that in I Need A Word From God, too.  (Can you tell I am very passionate about this topic?)

I have to be!

I have seen way too many cases where even well-meaning folks gave off prophecies-recycled prophecies-in efforts of trying to 'encourage' believers.  People, you CANNOT just say any old thing and try to play it off as a word from God, even if you meant well!

I have seen folks go off and get married because they got off, recycled prophecies...those marriages ended in divorce and mayhem....EVERY last one of them!

Read this 'recycled' prophecy I saw someone post on Facebook this week:

I'm hearing WEDDING BELLS and my heart is leaping for joy!

Ladies, some of you I already know personally that God has sent someone good and favorable your way, but more shall have that testimony soon the Lord is saying.  He is saying some of you will not have time to wipe the tears as that counterfeit exits your life before the real thing shows up.  Your mind will tell you, "It's too soon!'  But your spirit will pose the question, 'What are you waiting for?'  Get ready!"

You will see God is not finished with you, but there is some 'growing together' stuff that must take place.  So he's sending that man to enhance your life as you compliment his and learn and grow in oneness.  This is the season.

Get rid of the grudge, the bitterness, the attitude or else you won't even recognize him when he arrives.  Today the Lord is saying is your day. It is written in the heavens that if you delight in Me you shall have the desires of your heart.  Take delight and await the manifestation of the promise!
Wow.  Ok.  Where can I begin?

First of all, I heard this EXACT same prophecy-almost verbatim-back in 2004 when the enemy was trying to get me to marry this gay preacher/pastor.  SMH!

From MORE than one person!!!!!

Let's just suffice it to say, that was NOT God!!!!

Second of all, let me dissect this a bit, if I can.

This 'prophet' said (b/c GOD DID NOT SAY THIS!), that your 'mind will say it's too soon, but your 'spirit' will say 'what are you waiting for?'

This prophet spoke of the spirit saying that when in actuality, it is the SOUL that would undoubtedly say that.  How can I say that?  Because when one is born again, our minds are to be renewed.  We are NOT to ignore the promptings that influence our minds...because our minds ought to be renewed; we are to have the mind of Christ.

The soul is the seat of our will and our emotions...and it would be the SOUL that would 'tell us' to 'go for it' as it pertains to participating in a premature marriage.  We know that it takes time to discern a person, to know a person...and it is utter foolishness to up and marry someone when you hardly KNOW them!

Yet, this person is claiming that God is putting His stamp of approval on folks marrying all willy nilly, using NO wisdom.

I tell you....I have seen folks get this prophecy, then they went off and married Blow Joe who they knew for like 2 weeks.  Or they married the DL preacher.  Or the pastor who was struggling with drugs.  

And NOT ONE of those marriages that were prompted, if you will, by a 'recycled prophecy' have made it....

NOT ONE!!!!!

Another one of the recycled prophecies is this 'paradigm shift' I have heard over and over again...

Essentially, a 'paradigm shift' is 'a radical change in underlying beliefs or systems.'  A change in one's thinking.

Paradigm Shift is a scientific phrase introduced to by a scientist named Thomas Kuhn back in 1962.  Before 1962, no one was using this phrase in the church.  Oral Roberts wasn't 'healing' folks in the old tent meetings, telling them there is a paradigm shift.  A.A. Allen wasn't selling his book on prosperity in the 50s, saying there is a paradigm shift.  

Now, I can understand the whole evolution of things, the element of change.  Change is inevitable.  It's how we all grow.  

But what charismatics have done was taken a SCIENTIFIC term and tried to apply it to the spiritual.  

So now turn on any 'christian tv channel' and the preacher is talking about 'paradigm shift.'

Some people who I even respect still uses this term.  

But here's the's just like when Obama came on the scene talking of change.  It won him not one, but TWO presidential elections.  

But if the people don't make moves toward change, embrace change, flow with change, then there will be no change!

Same thing has happened in the so-called church:  folks been screaming all decade about a paradigm shift...but they still embrace organized religion, an antiquated church system in which God is no longer a part, and IGNORE the call to COME OUT of the harlot church....

So that's why the enemy got to keep sending folks to pump them up telling 'a change, a paradigm shift, is gonna come...'  But then those same folks resist change.  

Just like in politics, the people may WANT change, but the 'powers that be' keep stopping real change from going forth.  (But that's another blog for another day!)

Which brings me to my point.  

WHY are recycled prophecies needed anyways?????

Aren't you TIRED of the recycled prophecies??????

When folks reject TRUTH, then they are by default embracing a LIE.  DECEPTION.  And the enemy will help you dig yourself DEEPER into the grave of deception and error.  

When folks consistently reject something because it is not what they want to hear, then God will leave them to their own devices...

The enemy keeps sending recycled prophecies to folks who have rejected TRUTH-THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH.  God has given folks over to STRONG they cannot receive the truth.

This is the danger of recycled prophecies, people.  And also, of making major life decisions off of 'recycled prophecies.'

I could go on, dissecting other 'recycled prophecies' we have ALL heard, but I don't have that kind of time.  

Next time someone comes at you with a prophecy that has been recycled, don't listen to your soul.  Or your heart.  Or the next 43 people who give you the same word...

Take that thing to GOD HIMSELF and WAIT ON IT...see if its God.  Examine it.  Just like I did above.  God is not gonna get mad if you do....HE WANTS YOU TO!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Living Your Best Life NOW!

No...this is not a blog bashing Joel Osteen or his teachings (even though they are at best questionable).  

I am writing this in light of the resurgence of teachings on prosperity, or, as Osteen so succinctly puts it, 'living your best life now!'

The prosperity message first gained popularity as far as back as the 1940s and 1950s, just when this country was struggling economically, and trying to find itself again after being so divided on issues such as classism, racism, politics and religion.  I share more about exactly who is responsible for sowing the prosperity tare in the church in my blog, Who Introduced The Prosperity Gospel?

The prosperity movement, if you will, gained momentum in the 1960s and 1970s, after a series of other movements were already set into motion, most notably, the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the movement against the Vietnam War.

In the midst of all this turmoil, here arose a message out of the organized church system that tried to give people 'hope;' a hope that in the midst of what seems as an uncertain future, chaos, and an uprising and challenging of everything moral and ethical...that YOU can start living your best life NOW!

This gave people a false hope.  But it grew...until a series of church scandals arose in the 1980s that slowed the prosperity message down a bit.

Now, in the aftermath of the recent recession, in addition to all the racial, economic, religious and political upheaval of the past few years, the prosperity gospel is 'back.' say.

What is wrong with wanting to live your best life NOW?  

What is wrong with wanting to 'be all you can be?'

What is wrong with ambition?

What is wrong with wanting to take care of your family?  With 'leaving an inheritance for my childrens' children?'

What glory is there in poverty?  Really?

Glad you asked!

What is wrong with focusing on NEED, rather than TRUSTING IN GOD totally to SUPPLY the need, you have made that need AN IDOL in your life.

Now, instead of seeing GOD as Jehovah Jireh...and casting your cares upon HIM, and not trying to 'make a miracle,' or 'make something happen' so that you can all of a sudden 'get prosperous,' now all you see is THE NEED.  The need consumes you.

And let me tell you something; once the need consumes you, it is only a matter of time before GREED consumes you!

When you worship at the altar of need long enough, another 'god' will appear call GREED.

You become desperate to supply your own needs, and go about seeking ways to do just that.  Even if it means doing something criminal, unethical, immoral, OR unbiblical, you will do it.

I have known people who turned their backs on God and served the god of mammon...who started out LOVING GOD.  But because they couldn't handle a little struggle THE RIGHT WAY, because they lost faith that GOD WILL SUPPLY EVERY NEED according to HIS riches, because they let these wolves tickle their ears with false hope and teaching them the tricks to the trade of getting prosperous...of 'living their best life NOW,' of getting what they want....

They are now enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!!!

In another blog I wrote previously, And You Thought It Was The Presence Of God?, I explain how this spirit has crept into the churches.

The way that the prosperity message has entered-and keep re-entering-the religious realm is because when you are religious, you are NOT spiritual.  And only spiritual people understand that even though they may hit hard times, that hard times are only for a season.

They learn day to day to trust God for their daily needs, and those of their kids.

Now some people who teach prosperity want to claim 'I'm doing it for my kids...and my grandkids...I don't want them to struggle the way I did...'

And that SOUNDS noble and everything...but that mindset is another form of idolatry and shows a lack of faith on their parts as well!


In the Baby Boomer generation, it is said that there are more parents who have inheritances, money, prosperity, so to speak...who are NOT leaving their wealth behind for their kids!

And to some that seems a bit harsh....But I understand it actually.

Yes, it does say a good man leaves an inheritance for his grandkids in Proverbs 13:22 (go see for yourself!)   But it also says in verse 8 that 'Wealth can ransom a person's life, but the poor doesn't even receive threats...'

And in general, the entire book of Proverbs, which is commonly called the 'book of wisdom,' being rich is NOT glorified.  Most of the scriptures in the Book of Proverbs that talks about riches talks about riches in a unfavorable, almost disdainful manner!

The Book of Proverbs was written by one of the richest men who ever lived on the earth, King Solomon.  King Solomon...NOW THERE was a man who HAD IT ALL!  He lived his BEST life while he lived on earth, didn't he?


What these prosperity preachers don't tell you when they go quoting Proverbs 13:22 is that Solomon, even though he was one of the richest men who ever walked the face of the earth, was also ONE OF THE MOST MISERABLE!

He had EVERYTHING he wanted.  He had the bling, the women, A 'kingdom,' people who followed him and traveled earth, land and sea to partake of his wisdom (Queen Sheba).

Yet in all, he was a man most miserable.

We have to begin to read the Word and RIGHTLY divide the Word, understanding ALL historical and cultural contexts in which it was written....THAT is part of RIGHTLY dividing the scriptures!


Prosperity 'pushers' grab a scripture here, a verse there, here a little error, there a little error...and 'spoils the whole lump' with ONE portion of GROSS error.

There IS a danger in seeking 'things,' people!

The only thing we should be seeking at THIS POINT in the game IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

If you seek THAT and THAT ONLY, God promises that He will supply your needs and all other things will be added unto you.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HOPE For The LGBT...

In the first five books of the bible-commonly known as the Pentateuch-there were sin offerings, trespass offerings, peace offerings, burnt offerings, heave offerings- all offered as a form of atonement for different types of sins...

Why would God command different types of offerings if there was no distinction between different types of sin?

Now, true, God did label many sins an abomination.  

We commonly say that homosexuality and lesbianism is an abomination....but in the Old Testament, ALL sin was an abomination unto the Lord.

What IS an abomination anyways?

Abomination - tow'ebah

A disgusting thing; in a ritual sense (unclean food, idols, mixed marriages -those between believers and non believers); in an ethical sense (of wickedness)

What are Abominations to God????

  • Mingling with unbelievers - Ezra 9:1
  • Idolatry/worshiping other gods - 2 Kings 23;24
  • Eating shellfish  - Lev. 11:10-12
  • Eating unclean birds (vultures, buzzards, black eagles) - Lev. 11: 13
  • Eating animals that have four legs -Lev. 11:20-23
  • Homosexuality -Lev. 20:13
  • Sacrificing children to idols - 2 Kings 16:3
  • Wearing jewelry that was sacrificed to idols - Deuteronomy 7:25
  • Eating anything that crawls on the belly (such as snakes) - Lev. 11:42
  • Offering money in the temple earned from prostitution or selling dogs - Deut 23:18
  • Offering graven images and idols unto the Lord - Deut 27:15
  • Remarrying the same wife (after she has been with another) - Deut. 24:4
  • Seven deadly sins [they are not really deadly, just labeled 'an abomination,' 1) lying; 2) arrogance; 3) a false witness; 4)  hands that shed innocent blood; 5)  a heart that devises wicked imaginations; 6) feet swift to do mischief; 7)  sowers of discord among the brethren] -Proverbs 6: 16-19
  • Unjust laws -Proverbs 11:1
  • The thoughts (devices, plans) of the wicked - Prov. 15:26
  • The ways (manner or character) of the wicked - Prov. 15:9
  • The sacrifice (to idols) of the wicked - Prov. 15:8
  • Polluting the temple with evil, wicked things (idol worship, temple prostitution, money changers, etc. ) - Ezekiel 44:7
  • Having and keeping wicked leadership in the temple - Ezekiel 44:6-14

 Revelation 17:4-5
Talks of the Great Harlot that is full of abominations....what abominations?  All of the above!

Luke 16:15
And He said unto them, 'Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knows your hearts:  for that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.

In Romans 1, Paul goes on to share that those under the homosexual/lesbian 'influence' and who practice that lifestyle are prone to be following:

  • FILLED with Fornication - illicit sexual intercourse outside of marriage
  • Covetous - Greedy desire to have more
  • Wicked - Evil purposes; desires
  • Malicious - Desire to injure; ill will
  • Full of Envy, Murder, the desire to Debate, to being Deceitful
  • Backbiters - Evil speaker
  • Haters of God
  • Inventor of evil things
  • Disobedient to parents
  • Unmerciful
  • Without Natural Affection

Galatians 5:19-20 further categorizes sin for us, labeling them as WORKS OF THE FLESH.  And they are:

  • Adultery - Sex with anyone or anything except spouse
  • Uncleanness - Impure motives
  • Lasciviousness - Unbridled lust, Excess, Shamelessness
  • Witchcraft - The use or administering of drugs, sorcery, magical arts, the deceptions/seductions of idolatry
  • Idolatry - the worship of false gods
  • Hatred - Intense hostility or animosity
  • Variance - Contention, strife
  • Emulations - Zeal/worship over admiration of a PERSON or thing excitement of the mind defending anything
  • Fornication - Illicit sexual intercourse, oral, anal sex
  • Wrath - Passion or anger
  • Strife - a desire for putting oneself forward (as in jockeying for positions in the church)
  • Seditions - Dissension or division
  • Heresies - Dissension that arises form differences of opinions; the act of taking it by force


If GOD HIMSELF took the time to categorize sin, to name it, then who are WE say otherwise?

True, God does call all sin abominations, BUT under the label of ABOMINATIONS, God Himself Took the time to categorize/name sins.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 takes the time to 'categorize' sexual points out that 'the unrighteous' shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.  And the unrighteous include:

  • Fornicators - a male prostitute, a man who indulges in illegal sexual behavior
  • Effeminate - a boy kept for homosexual purposes, soft to the touch, a catamite (boy sex slave for man)
  • Those who indulge in idolatry of any kind - worshipper of false gods
  • Adulterers - one who commits adultery or who is faithless to God
  • Abusers of Themselves with Mankind - Homosexual

(I do want to emphasize here that the woman is NOT mentioned here as it pertains to sexual sins.  I believe this means that in the eyes of God, the male is totally responsible and held accountable BY GOD for the sin of fornication, prostitution, sex slavery, adultery ... even in lesbianism.  Even females are obviously involved in sexual sins-some of them-God looks at the man and will come down much more than on the female....just like God did with Adam and Eve.)

Then that passage of scripture mentions others in the 'unrighteous' bunch:

Thieves - Embezzler, those who purposely teach the wrong thing for gain (in ministry)
Drunkards - Drunks, whinos
Revilers - People who use abusive language; curse you out
Covetous - Those who want what others have; greedy
Extortioners - Robbers; illegal use of power or authority for gain


I can use other scriptures to further emphasize that (YES) God DOES categorize sin.  He took the time to name EVERY sin.

According to the scriptures, God DOES categorize sin.  The next question is is there any one sin that is more abominable unto God than another?????

I know that in society and in religion, that there is.  Sins involving murder and sex generally are looked upon as much worse than say lying or stealing.

But when I went through this study, I couldn't help but notice that ALL sin is called an ABOMINATION unto God.  ALL SIN GOD HATES!!!!

If you read the entire chapters 3 and 4 of Romans, you will see how God views sin.  He says ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

But we shouldn't use that scripture as a trump card to play when we are convicted or found out about sin in our lives.

If the Spirit of God chastises you regarding sin of ANY kind in your life, take it as an act of love, allow Holy Ghost conviction to set in, and REPENT.

And just a note for homosexual, lesbian, LGBT readers...

This levels the forgiveness ground for you.  Religion wants to keep you in this prison with your sin, by making it seem SO hard to get delivered from, that you won't have the faith YOU will need to turn away from your lifestyle.

YOU need to know that DELIVERANCE IS available to YOU, too!

There is NOTHING TOO HARD for God!

BUT...understand....SIN is an abomination unto God.  Yes, He hates sin.  But He LOVES YOU!  He loves you enough to bring the truth to you, so that you can be free!

So know, yes, there are categories of sin...but ALL sin is washable...BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

In Search of My 'Soul Mate' .... Online!


I reluctantly broach this topic, only because it has really become a really OLD one.

BUT....I am doing it once more because there are SO many (christians/churchgoers) who are so hot in the pants, who cannot control their fleshly desires, that they get more on the prowl for a 'mate.'  They beg more than Keith Sweat!

When I speak out against christian 'dating sites' or meeting potential 'mates' online, many accuse me of 'hating.'  Or being bitter.  When nothing could be further from the truth!

I post most of what I post to WARN people of impending danger.  To educate.  To inform.  To share knowledge I have way of experience.

Unfortunately, I will admit....I met my ex husband through a 'christian dating site.'  One similar to Christian Mingle.  It was owned by 'apostolics,' so I really thought that it would be safe.  Apostolics are really strict and believe in 'holiness,' so I kind of let my guard down.

He claimed to be an associate pastor who was up for the pastorate of his church in the south.  He made grandiose promises of being a father to my kids, praised me as a beautiful woman of God, seemingly celebrated me and it looked like he was a GO!

So I moved 5 states over and eloped with this man after only 3 months!  He had GAME y'all!  He sent me preaching tapes of him.  Pictures of him and his children from a previous marriage.

My family was not very happy about kids were not happy about moving and having a brand new 'dad' who they never met.

Let's just say I did NOT practice wisdom in this decision.  I acted prematurely, foolishly, dismissed all the warning signs that things were not right...why?

I understand what it is like for christians who are lonely and want a mate SO BAD, that they would do just about ANTYTHANG for one!  I was one of them! 'I would do anything for 'love,' as the song proclaims.

That marriage lasted ONE year....

To make a long story short, we were somewhat mislead into what to expect when we arrived at our new 'home.'  It was a significant downgrade to the home and job we left.  I made more money than this 'associate pastor.'  The church had like 15 people in it.  We moved to a very depressed part of the country.  HE was depressed, and had EXTREME baby mama's drama (I would later overhear a conversation he had with his ex-wife/babies mama that he was still in love with her!)

Then one day he just says, 'I apologize for marrying you...I only married you because I wanted to have sex with you.  We should have remained friends.  I repent to you and to God...'

Then he kicked me and my kids OUT of his house!

I won't get into what happened next because it DID involve cops and me reporting him to the local ministerial alliance.  They in turn helped me and my kids return home (because hubby didn't have money to send us home, not even money to put us up in a hotel).

It is kind of embarrassing, but I share this with you to say this to YOU.

Do NOT be so consumed with finding a mate that you lose your COMMON SENSE!

Especially in the so called 'christian' community, christians lose all common sense to be a part of the church community, even if being a part of the church community is dangerous to them.  They will continue 'being faithful' to their church.  They will endure abuse and injustices of all kinds, just so they can say 'I have a church home...'

Well, they tend to do the SAME thing in relationships/marriages.

Christians will dumb down to get into a relationship.  Then they won't be 'alone.'

I find the most common reason for this is that most christians simply do NOT know how to ABSTAIN from sex.  They really look at sex as a necessary a function as eating or drinking.  So called 'born again' believers are SO nasty, SO hot in the pants, SO driven by lust that they seek marriage NOT because it is the best thing for them at that time, but to quench their thirst for sex.

They figure if they go out and find a husband, find a wife, that they will be legal to have as much and as freaky of sex as they like.

I want to tell you that there are a crop of 'men of God' out there in the online community who are closet homosexuals, down low brothers, freaks, who have EXTENSIVE sex histories and some criminal backgrounds.

In an online setting, it is possible for someone to present only the best of who they are, and not the worst.  Which is an incomplete picture of who a person is.  They can only present half of the picture, when you need to see the WHOLE picture before making any commitments.

I have a SERIOUS problem with 'christian dating sites' as well as folks meeting up via Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or online at all.

The online setting...even such famous christian sites as Christian or eHarmony...are very misleading.  And the best of con men can beat the systems in place to present themselves as this wonderful person to the reps at the dating sites....

NO amount of testing, videos, emails, online exchanges, phone calls, Skyping, etc. can replace actually seeing a person face-to-face.  It is in those encounters you get to know who a person REALLY is, not who they present themselves to be.

And in the world we live in, there are a lot of predators...and they DEFINITELY DO exist within the so called 'christian community.  Many pimps, drug dealers, men fleeing the police and criminals will pretend to 'get saved' (jailhouse salvation) and then seek out nice 'christian' women who they KNOW will do whatever they say and comply with whatever bullcrap they lay down...because generally speaking, christian women are naive, nurturing, caring and are known to put up with a LOT of nonsense in order to keep their man/husband.

So who do YOU think they are going to seek out?

Let me share something with you...

The religious demon will work through these con artists who make grandiose claims of marrying you, putting you in ministry, helping you with ministry, being your covering, helping you launch a music career, or whatever it is you desire.

It will seem that the man you are with is an answer to prayer.  But you must understand something...there is such a thing as praying amiss.  Meaning you pray for what YOU DESIRE instead of what GOD wills for your life.

And you get what you pray for...thinking GOD answered your prayer, because you prayed for a man who is 6'2, 250, dark, handsome, anointed, funny, caring, responsible.  You even 'got specific' with God and told Him you wanted someone who live in such and such state, made this amount of money, had no kids, and was in ministry...

But THE DEVIL heard you pray that, too!

And the devil WILL send you a husband.  A wife.  IT IS TRUE!!!!!

And the sad thing is you won't know it until AFTER the wedding!

AFTER the honeymoon!

AFTER you had your first baby with him...

I thank God that it was revealed pretty quick into my marriage what I was dealing with, and that ultimately, GOD MADE A WAY OF ESCAPE.

I balk when I see folks on Facebook and Twitter whining about 'finding their soul mate.'  I shake my head because I understand that just by them announcing that the devil has ALREADY sent someone their way that fits the bill to a tee!

I know that the enemy has set up an intricate trap for them...and that they just MAY get what they pray for...MUCH TO THEIR DETRIMENT!!!!

We look online and see pictures posted of seemingly happy couples who met online.  Or relationship status updates that changed from single to in a relationship.  And the countenance of these people changes....they now all of a sudden get 'more holy' and God starts using them more...AFTER they got what they want!



You see, the devil is a slickster.  He will use your desires against you.

I think it is the worst thing you can do is to advertise online you are looking for a soul mate.

All kinds of devils come out the woodwork.  The devil can transform himself into an angel of light, remember?

Sounds like God, looks like God, so you fall for it.

Again, I reiterate...this is not about me 'hating' on anyone.  This is a WARNING.

I care enough to WARN folks when I see danger.

The following is a story of a guy who frequented Christian

Serial Rapist Sought Potential Rape Victims on Christian Mingle

And if you are looking for someone, DON'T advertise it!!!

Even if you are not online, stop walking around at work, at the store, in the mall, at school all needy like, got that look on your face and carry yourself like 'Oh, Please! I'm so lonely.  I so desperately need a man, a woman...'  STOP IT!

IF God has someone for you, they won't play games.  They will be honest and real.  And you won't have to advertise a thing.  Even you men, you say 'Well, how will I find my good thing if I dont let it be known I'm looking?'

You won't have to.  You will be going about your business as usual and BAM!  She will appear.

Looking needy and desperate makes you vulnerable.  And people WILL use vulnerability against you.





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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


When I went to church, I remember the term 'church hopper.'

Preachers in pentecostalism coined this term to describe people who leave one church, only to 'join' another church.  I will admit...I was definitely 'a church hopper.'  I would readily-in a heartbeat-leave one church and go to another.  If I liked what I heard, if I agreed with what was being taught, then I would eventually 'join' that church.

I can honestly tell you that I 'became a member/joined' a total of 15 churches!  And I visited probably twice that number in search of 'the church.'  The place where I belonged.  The place where I felt God was leading me, where my 'destiny' awaited me.

I never allowed preachers who preached on me, labeled me a 'church hopper' to deter me from my journey.  The only 'agenda' I had was to 'hear a word from God' and to be where I thought God wanted me to be.

What would invariably happen is that I would go to a church, feel 'a presence' at that church, conclude it was the presence of God, and would be compelled to join.  That there was something that God had for me to do in said church.

There would always be a 'honeymoon' period, where everything would be peachy clean, copastetic, peaceful, just right.  Then reality would set in.  Invariably, the Spirit of God would begin to show me some type of problem in the church.  Or some secret sin in the leadership.  Or some corruption behind the scenes.  Or I just would outgrow the place.

I share my story of being a church hopper to tell the church hopper that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.

Religious people will try to make you feel like you are in some type of sin because you cannot 'commit' to a ministry or church organization.  They liken your membership, your covenant, with the 'man of God' or the 'woman of God' to one with a spouse, or even the parent/child relationship (hence, where they got the term 'spiritual parents' from).

CHURCH HOPPER, listen to me.

You are NOT crazy!  That restlessness, that uneasiness, that revelation that God keeps showing you about your pastors, church leaders, and the such, your growing weary and tired of 'church,' your desire to leave .... these are ALL legitimate.  These are not coming from the devil, as your leaders have traditionally taught you. You are NOT rebellious, unteachable or scared of commitment or submission.

That prompting to LEAVE THAT CHURCH is FROM GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!  That is correct!

It is the Spirit of God that is showing you the gross error of THE church, not just YOUR church.

Take it from someone who 'church hopped' for years....


You saw right!  Yes, you DID see a demon running around in that church!

God has showed you the sin of the pastor NOT so you can correct him.  God is showing you the errors of the church NOT so you can stay, and try to intercede on the behalf of the rebellious church and its members.

Remember when the pastor(s) used to say, 'If you go to every church and encounter the same problem, it's not the church.  It's you?'

Well, those pastors LIED!

YES!  It IS THE church.  Not just THAT church!  But EVERY church!!!!!

YES....every church in the religious system was borne out of a gross spirit of error.  And if the seed of a thing was corrupt, then whatever grows forth OUT of that seed is corrupt as WELL!

The organized church system as it is practiced today was borne out of religious and spiritual error.  God NEVER ordained for us to congregate in a building made with man's hands.  WE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD, OF THE HOLY GHOST!

I encourage you to read the ENTIRE chapter of 1 Corinthians 3.  Read it in as many versions as possible.  Break open the Strong's Concordance.  You will get a whole new insight and revelation on WHO is the church.  WHO is the temple of God!

The fact of the matter is, according to 1 Corinthians 3:1-4, carnal people need buildings to worship God.  Carnal people flock to their favorite denominations (and even their favorite non-denominations) on a weekly basis.  Carnal people need to follow a man (I am of Apollos, I am of Paul/I am of Jakes, I am of Dollar) in order to 'feel saved,' and will do so religiously, 'faithfully,' even when that man is found to be in sin!

Carnal people forget the fact that 1 Corinthians 3:9 explicitly tells us that WE ARE GOD'S BUILDING!

1 Corinthians 3:9
"...Ye are God's husbandry; ye are God's building..."

1 Corinthians 3:16
"Know ye not the ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in YOU?"

Carnal people use Hebrews 10:25 with little to no understanding of that scripture.

Hebrews 10:25
"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together...but exhorting one ye see the day approaching..."

The Greek word for assembling is 'episynagoge' which means 'a gathering together in one place.'  Carnal people believe that 'fellowship' is relegated to watching the preacher, the singers, the praise dancers, and the back of 'your brother or sister's' head for two hours on Sunday mornings.  When if we are honest, what takes place in these controlled environments is anything BUT real fellowship!!!

This is why after going to a church for a few months, maybe even a year, these same people who spout off Hebrews 10:25 readily as justification for them wasting their gas, their money, their time, and other valuable resources to go and sit in a building with demons for two hours...these same people will 'church hop.'

And I don't condemn church hoppers.  I understand them.

I write a newsletter every week regarding issues pertinent to 'church hoppers,' or people who are fed up with church.  They love God, but cannot tolerate church as usual.

Here is a link to my most recent newsletter, entitled "There Are No More Good Churches!"

There is a VALID reason for your unrest...and for your desire to walk away.


And once God tells you to GO, He will NOT (and I repeat, WILL NOT) send you to another church!


YES.  That's right, church hopper.

All these years, you thought it was YOU who was going crazy.  You thought there was something wrong with YOU (and these preachers told you this constantly, almost made you believe it!)  Your 'faithfulness' to your church waned, tapered off.  You began to see a whole lot of foolishness that NO ONE should see...and you thought you should stay and intercede....

Let me tell you something....

God has ONE intercessor...and He is JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!!!

We can pray for people.  But HE is the only one qualified to intercede on our behalves!


What will start to happen if you stay and God has told you its time to go is YOU will start to turn...INTO THEM!  You won't change them; they will change YOU.

And YOU will be in direct disobedience and rebellion to GOD...out of religious obligation and duty.

Do NOT disobey GOD because some carnal people made you believe going to church  made you holy, faithful and loving to GOD.

God never required us to assemble in a building.  Assembling together happens in MANY ways, one of them being online.

The phone.  By letter.  In the mall.  At the store.  In a car.  In a community room.

And you don't have to slap a church name on it either!

If WE are the temples of the Holy Ghost, and God NO LONGER dwells in temples made by man's hands (Acts 7:48, Acts 17:24), then WHY are millions of people flocking to temples, synagogues, church buildings, fellowships, and ministries....MADE WITH MAN'S HANDS?????

If, in fact, Ichabod is written across EVERY doorpost of a church building, if the Spirit of God TRULY is NOT in the buildings, then what spirit is being worshipped?????

The Spirit of Antichrist!

Church hopper, what you need to understand is that it IS the Spirit of GOD dealing with you about your church.  But He is NOT calling you to change your church, nor is He calling you to change your pastor....

He is calling you completely OUT of the church system!!!!!!!

Revelations 18:4

"Come Out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not her plagues."

So, church hopper, if you are feeling that pull to leave the church, LEAVE.  BUT don't 'hop' to another church.  Wait on God for further direction...your steps are TRULY ordered by the LORD!