Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why do I love Jesus?

I guess you are wondering 'Why do she love Jesus so?'

The Word of God says to whom much is given much is required.

Much grace and mercy God has given me. Much forgiveness and much of that blood Jesus shed at Calvary had to be used to wash me and purge me from sin and iniquity in my life.

So because Jesus paid so dear a price for me, I must repay Him by giving Him my ALL.

When you think about it, when you really love Jesus, you cannot help but give your ALL to Him.

ALL can mean your will, your desires, your emotions, your ambitions, your dreams, your will, your talents, your body, your home, your car, your job, your whatever!

Are you willing to give God your ALL today?

So many of us, I was there, are content on giving God a portion of themselves.

"I will come to church on Sunday, but I work hard. So I gotta play hard. I gotta hang out at the clubs and get my dance on."

"I believe in God. I am a good person. I do good things. But it doesn't take all that to love God. She is fanatical."

"I have been in church for decades. After awhile that passion dies, that zeal dries up. Just she wait and see. I wanna see what kinda worship she is gonna give God at 80!"

Well, in Psalms 71, the Word talks of an old person whom everyone else had pretty much given up on. Folks were saying David was washed up and wrinkled. He had nothing else to give to the work of God.

Time, age, and sin had taken a lot out of David. But the one thing that was in tact was that heart after God. See, David, the little shepard boy who was promoted to Kingship because he loved God as a boy was now an old man. He had seen a lot in his time. He had failed God a few times. He had some mighty victories as well.

But he could say, 'I have been young, and now I am old. I have never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging bread.'

He could also say that God was for him. Many thought him to be a prodigy, a wonder. All those battles, all those failures, all that family dysfunction (son raping daughter, son killing other son, adultery, putting the minstry before his family, murder, deception and abuse of authority, etc.).

Yes, God still loved David. Honored His Word and Promise by David, and left him a legacy to be godly proud of.

I know that once a new convert is born again, there is a fire, a zeal, that is fiery and passionate.

But somewhere down the line, the cares of life, the flesh, this world, the trials and tribulations takes it tolls and the fire , the passion goes out of the most important relationship we have, that with the Lord Jesus Christ.

But just as a marriage is to be kept alive by maintenance and work, so must we work at our communion with God.

There is nothing that brings passion and fire like praying through!!!!!!

It is my desire to start prayer meeting at church early in the morning...perhaps when I get a vehicle and of course, if the Pastor agrees!

I know the key to the lock on the souls and the harvest in these last days is prayer!

WE must pray!

I must pray!

It is in prayer that I long to worship Him. And I fall in love with Jesus all over again. His Presence is so sweet! So intoxicating!!!!!

As much as I love to smell a man with Polo cologne, even that doesn't compare to the fragrance of the Holy Ghost when is His Presence enters a room!

Ever been in His Presence and it was so powerful and thick until you can smell the glory cloud coming, like you smell the rain cloud before it gets to you??????

My God!!!!! What a glorious aroma!!!!!

I am addicted to that smell, much like the kids get high on liquid paper or aerosol!

Much like the rockstar will do anything for a rock...

Just as the alcoholic can't get the crust outta his eyes good and he runs to the corner store to buy a swig of whiskey...

I am hooked on the Presence of God!!!!!!

And I love Him SOOOOO much!


Because He first loved me!!!!!!!!!

Love, His Baby Girl, Wenona
How I love You...

This following song was birthed out of my spirit man tonite as I was contemplating and meditating on God. There is no one walking the face of God's green earth that makes me sing like that but JESUS!!!!!!

All my life I had been looking for that Perfect Love, that One True Love that will love me for me. That will desire me for me. Stretch marks and all. Baggage and all. Slightly overweight and all. Gravity setting in and all. the midst of my maturing, God has put a YES down in my soul. An assurance that I cannot leave Him. He loves me TOO much!!!!

And I love Jesus because He first loved me!!!!!!!!!!

So as I sat at the computer posting, the Lord dropped that song in my spirit. I hope one day to share it on a stage in front of thousands as God promised.

But I already feel like the world is my audience...I am in the Presence of a King!!!!!!

And HE is the whole world to ME!!!!!!!!!

I Love you, Jesus!!!!!!

Love, Your Baby Girl.....