Saturday, March 30, 2013

You've GOT To Read Centino Kemp's "First Lady"

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to read Centino Kemp's first book, 'First Lady.'  It is his story of his relationship with Bishop Eddie Long.

You would have had to have lived in a cave for the past few years to not know who Centino or Eddie are.  Or not hear of the scandal that arose after it was revealed that Bishop Eddie Long had inappropriate relations with minors who came to his church, New Birth M.B.C., for mentoring and spiritual direction.

I have to say that this was one of the most moving stories I have EVER read!

You know, the way this story was portrayed in the media much was left out of the story.  So we all were left to our own imaginations and devices as to what we thought happened between Eddie Long and Centino Kemp, as well as the others who came forward with their stories.

There was SOO much more to this story that was untold....until NOW!

I know we are living in a time where more and more church scandal is surfacing.  And those who are still part of the whole church culture probably will choose to keep their heads in the sand and ignore not only this powerful rendition of what REALLY happened...but will choose to ignore the VERY real reality of child sexual abuse and exploitation...IN OUR CHURCHES!!!!!!

The media failed to tell, for instance, that Centino was raped by Long.  That that sexual assault was Kemp's very first sexual experience.  He was 16...some say that's a man...but legally, that is not.  He was still a MINOR!  And we all see the bulging muscles Eddie sports from his pulpit every week.  He was MUCH stronger than the teenage Centino...and it is my wholehearted belief that something as traumatic as rape and assault can MOST definitely 'convert' an already struggling teenage boy from a kid who merely questioned his a full-fledged, openly gay man.

I have known other homosexual men who I know were assaulted as kids or teens by other men.  They have confided in me that before the assault, they only questioned their sexuality, but did NOT act on it.  It wasn't until someone TOOK their innocence, TOOK their virginity, TOOK their manhood from them that they just went ahead and say 'Ok...yeah.  I'm gay....'  And walked on in that lifestyle.

Having been in ministry myself...I have also heard of stories of the most revered of 'bishops' who would 'tear the house down,' preaching 'holiness,' heaven or hell messages....and they were the VERY ONES taking boys' virginities, introducing them to the lifestyle, pornography...and some even to HIV and AIDS!!!!!

I recall getting an email from a church prayer group of a 'bishop' who I actually went to school with.  I knew this guy in high school.  He never looked like he ever 'struggled' with his sexuality.  He later went on to pastor a church, get married, have kids...the whole nine.  Holiness preacher.  One of the BEST preachers and singers I have ever heard!

They sent me an email asking for us to pray for 'bishop' because it turned out that this 'man of God' was being taken to court...seems like he was having sexual relationships with other young men in the church we once all went to!!!!!!

I was literally SICKENED to my stomach!

How can this 'man of God,' one I went to school with, to boot, been living two different lifestyles?????  He sure had me fooled!

This saddens me SOOO much....and ANGERS ME!

It's easy for a lot of people to laugh, joke, make fun and just look at the average homosexual man and say 'Hmmmph!'

And I admit...sometimes even I come a little hard on them...

But I CAN say I can relate to being sexually abused in the leadership.  I CAN say I can relate to the struggles.

And it turns my stomach that so many who claim to love God would continue to allow GROWN MEN to take away the manhood and innocence of our most vulnerable population within the church system....of our kids!

I want to talk to all those church people who wanna point the finger and make gay men and lesbian women out to be such horrible people....

NO...I don't condone or support the lifestyle.  I KNOW deliverance and restoration IS possible.

BUT...YOU church people are the REASON why these young men and women are the way they are!!!!

How can I say that?

You sit back and let these nasty preachers turn these kids out.....TIME and TIME again...and say nothing.  And do NOTHING.  You let them stay in your pulpits and preach you happy...while they go home and turn out someone else's child!

Then when they grow up and be whatever and do whatever, you want to say 'EWWWWW?'


From the mothers of yesteryear that knew that the young men singing in their choirs were turned out by the pastors (gay men sang with Mahalia Jackson, Albertina Walker, Inez Andrews...and many other gospel greats) and no one did A THING!

Centino, keep sharing your story.  Don't be ashamed of what you have been thru...your story is going to help so many....You are a brave young man who has been to hell and back!  I do believe God IS with you.  God WILL perfect that which concerns you....don't you worry!  May God keep protecting you....

You all who no longer wish to keep your heads in the sand on what kind of stuff is going on behind the scenes of the church-who wish to hear a REAL story of not just child abuse in the church...and a story of SURVIVAL-YOU NEED TO GET THIS BOOK!

I can tell you that it is somewhat graphic...but if you're not too religious to really see what's going on in these churches...I DARE you to get a copy of this book TODAY!

(I promise you..if you're REALLY saved, you won't lose your salvation reading it!  lol)

This book had me in tears....


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's Wrong With 'Church Swag' Anyways?


My kids accuse me of being 'old' all the time because I don't 'get' the new slang terms that they use all the time.  

This is the case with the term 'SWAG' as well.

So I went on my Google hunt trying to get a clear cut definition of exactly WHAT is swag anyways.  Moreso because I hear more and more young people 'in the church' use the term 'church swag.'

Here's what I found:

According to Adrien Chen in 'The Old Person's Guide to Swag,'  swag is:

"Swag just isn't the new cool.  Swag is a noun, an adjective, a verb, an all-around expression of endorsement or agreement..."

According to some kids on Twitter quoted in the article, Swag is:

'The way you are like how you walk, talk, and present yourself...its a good thing.'
'Sexy with a bit gangster.'
'It means cool.'

Chen goes on to tell the readers that the term 'Swag' comes from hip hop.  "Swag, meaning superlative style, has, of course, been around forever...." 

And this kids' 'forever' is back from the 90s...and he goes on to quote some examples of rappers from that era (who I have NEVER heard of, by the way) who first introduced the term 'SWAG' in their rap songs.

(I guess I am old!)


He brings up a very good point.  

The fact of the matter is-from what I can tell-'SWAG' started out in rap music.  I was into rap in the era when rap was intelligent, informative, empowering and helped young people know their history....NOT the era (the 90s) when it sort of morphed into this hyped up, it's all about me, no one is better than me, rap music that hijacked one of the most expressive, informative and empowering original music forms ever....I feel even more impactful than what is termed 'gospel' music.

(Another blog for another day....)

I bring all this up to try and understand HOW in the world a rap term from hip hop rap music ended up in a setting where the people are supposed to be worshipping God?????

I guess it was the efforts of church folks to try to be relevant to 'the world,' to try and evangelize 'the world.'

Well, let's just look at how 'the world' responds to 'church swag:'

Now, 'Q Deezy' brings up some good points in this vid as well.  The main one I want to focus on is his observations on the hierarchical system that is more than obvious to him.

Just the fact that it exists is a complete TURN OFF to him wanting to even go to church, or come back anyways....

And I imagine once he heard 'the word,' he would probably run for the hills!

The fact of the matter is the words 'church' and 'swag' don't go together.  The TRUE church (not this microcosm that represents church where people go to show off their 'swag') does not have 'swag.'

The Ekklesia doesn't operate that way.

Church Swag represents another form of pride and vanity....a conspicuous form of idolatry and ambition....that has permeated every church system.  One doesn't have to hear the praise and worship or choir sing, or hear a sermon or witness an altar call or a shouting session to know that there is something inherently wrong with 'church' or 'church swag.'

Church Swag is just another ploy to try to make an institution that God is NOT a part of relevant in a society that, at best, laughs at most churches.

All the 'church swag' in the world-with all of its bishops, apostles, and elevated positions, and folks lifted up on pedestals/pulpits to be seen, with all of its 'kiss my ring because I'm better than you are,' with all of its just plain old demonic worship and idolatry...not to mention all the sinning going on behind the scenes-is not going to draw REAL believers to your church.

Young people are not drawn by 'swag.'

The Word of God says men are drawn to God BY HIS SPIRIT.

SWAG is a work of the flesh.  Period.

And that which is flesh cannot yield results in the spirit.

No matter how impressive....
No matter how well dressed
No matter how talented
No matter how anointed
No matter how glitzy and glamorous it all appears
No matter how much rank you pull
No matter how much theatrics and entertainment you put in the mix
No matter how many signs, wonders and miracles appears (David Copperfield can do the same thing)
No matter how beautiful


I know someone else who had 'SWAG,' too.  The Bible talks about him....

Ezekiel 28: 12-19

"You were full of wisdom and beauty, the image of perfection.  You were in Eden, God's garden.  You were covered with gold and every precious stone:  carnelian, topaz, and moonstone; beryl, onyx and jasper; lapis lazuli, turquiose and emerald.  On the day that you were created, finely crafted pendants and engravings were prepared.  You, a winged creature, were installed as a guardian.  I placed you in God's holy mountain where you walked among the stones of fire.  From the day you were created until iniquity was found in you, your ways were assured.  But because of your trade, (the KJV says 'merchandise'), you became impure."

(MAN!  if I was still preachin, that would PREACH!  Merchandise?  Prosperity?  Hmmmm!)

"So I expelled you from God's mountain.  I removed you, winged creature, exalted YOURSELF because of your beauty and corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor!"  

"I will cast you down to the earth ... and I will make a spectacle of made sanctuaries impure."

"Everyone among the peoples who knows you will be appalled because of will become a terror....from that time on, you will be nothing..."

Allow me to set the tone here...

The Prophet Ezekiel was sent to prophesy to to the prince of Tyre, Ithobal, a wicked king, a wise king/leader, who thought he earned 'divine honors' equal to God because he believed he and he alone was 'the protector' of the Israelites.

God may have tried to use him to help the Israelites...but where he went wrong was in 'believing his own press,' so to speak, and taking the honor and the glory for what GOD had done upon himself.

The prophecy starts out addressing Ithobal directly, then the Spirit of the Lord leads Ezekiel to address THE SPIRIT that is operating in the haughty king, that of LUCIFER.

So, you see, SWAG began before man was ever created.  The first being to have SWAG was LUCIFER.

And you see where it got him!

I would leave that swag thing ALONE.

Pride and ambition is a dangerous thing, y'all!  Also, the incessant need for public approval and acceptance.  Affirmation and confirmation....

Look at this picture of a bishops' ordination.

It leads to pride and ambition....

Many a leader started out humble, wanting to serve the people and please God, but developed SWAG....WHY?

To please the PEOPLE...and THEIR FLESH!

I want to point out one more thing....

Did y'all catch that in the scriptures where God told Ithabol/Lucifer that his WISDOM was CORRUPTED by his beauty????????


You see, we all can appreciate beauty.  We all love to see things pleasant to the eyes.

BUT, according to what I read here, WISDOM (which is supposed to be the PRINCIPAL thing anyways) can be CORRUPTED by beauty!

There is a little vain person in EVERY last person on this earth; it is part of the fallen nature.

There is a little portion of us all who loves attention.  We love to be accepted.  We love the pre-eminence and power over people.  If you give the seemingly most humble of persons a little power of something or someone, they WILL abuse their authority!

NO one can resist the temptation to LORD over another!

Also, people, in general, are always looking for someone to worship.  To emulate.  To look up to.

The enemy knows I do believe that (especially in the organized church setting AND in the music industries) the enemy KEEPS sending BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, ANOINTED creatures to get the people to worship!!!!

In AND out of the church settings!!!!!!

Now don't get me wrong.  I am not saying that all beautiful people are sent from the enemy.  Nor are all talented or anointed.

But we need to be VERY careful today.

We can NO longer judge people AFTER THE FLESH!

It is TIME to judge RIGHTEOUS judgment!

And THAT is based upon SOLELY the spirit and NOTHING in the natural realm.

Definitely, not by SWAG.

SO, What's wrong with 'church swag?'

It's sent from the devil!  HE developed it!!!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Chicago Pastors, Where Are You?

If you have paid any attention to the news lately, you can't help but notice that Chicago has been in 'the limelight,' so to speak, for a minute.

('A minute' is slang for a long while...)

Every time we look up, we hear of another shooting in Chicago.  More recently-and most popularly-15 year old Hadiyah Pendleton was gunned down just a couple of weeks after she performed for events being held in Chicago celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama in February.

And last week, we were all heartbroken to hear the story of 6 month old Jonylah Watkins, who was shot to death in a gang style ambush meant for her father, Jonathan Watkins.

Whenever we hear stories of our children being murdered, it is heartbreaking.  A child should never have to be shot down like a cold blooded criminal....

Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country, 535 homicides in 2012, 43 in January of this year, and 14 last month.  Chicago has approximately one-third of the population of NYC, but more homicides.  (NYC had 419 homicides in 2012)

Clearly, there is a problem.

What really gets to me is the fact that even though New York City has three times the population and less than half of the whole church congregations within its limits (684 ministries are listed on a religious directory - the rest of the listings at are independent ministers who may or may not operate within an organized church setting or building)....

Chicago has over 2,000 ministries listed online - not independent ministers who minister alone to different segments of the population (i.e., nursing homes, prison, the homeless, prostitution, etc.) .... with less than a THIRD of the population of New York City!

Yet and all, Chicago has a much higher crime rate than N.Y.C.

Something is desperately wrong here!

Its been a few years since I have been to church...but when I was 'in' church, I knew of a lot of the big wigs in ministry.  I almost forgot that within the city limits of Chicago are such well-known, popular preachers, such as Bishop Larry Trotter (Pastor, Sweet Holy Spirit, Bishop Horace Smith (Presiding Prelate of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and Pastor of Apostolic Faith Church), Pastor Dan Willis (formerly from the famous community choir Pentecostals of Chicago (United Pentecostal Church affiliated) and now Pastor of The Lighthouse Church of all Nations, Rev. and Senator James Meeks (Pastor, Salem Baptist Church), Apostle Clifford Turner (Pastor and Founder, Liberty Temple Full Gospel, Rev. Clay Evans (Founder of Fellowship Baptist Church and Gospel Recording Artist), Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ--and the infamous, controversial pastor of the POTUS) and Corey Brooks (Pastor, New Beginnings Church and currently family spokesman for the parents and family of little Jonylah Watkins to the press as of late)

What's even more disturbing is that Jonylah's murder took place a few blocks from New Beginnings, where Pastor Corey Brooks is known as 'The Gangbanger Pastor.'  Brooks has been trying to gear his ministry more towards outreach instead of staying within the four walls of the church building.  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and he recently slept on a roof of a building as a form of outreach to the troubled South Side of Chicago, as reported in an article in the New York Times here.

For all the histrionics, the street marches, the rallies...even for all the unknown, independent ministers (one of which I know of personally who goes into the streets and blows a 'shofar' in the streets of a means of announcing 'war' on the enemy that is rampant in the streets.  He does this as a means of spiritual warfare.  Undoubtedly, he got this practice from charismatics that believe not only in spiritual warfare, but such things as 'territorial spirits' and 'taking over the region' spiritually speaking.)

With all of this 'churchin' going on (and all the anointed big wigs) and even some intervention by independent, more smaller ministries and ministers in the Chicago area, one would think that Chicago would not be plagued with such a high crime rate.  I mean with more than one church on every corner, it would seem that each church could at least handle 'their block.'

With all this 'anointing' floating around in the 630 and the 773 (area codes), Chicago should be one of the safest places in the country.

But we all know that is NOT the case.

I have one question for all these preachers....


Why is it that babies are being gunned down in their parents arms?
Why are children from good homes being shot in the back like common criminals?
Are your prayers, your 'ministering,' your outreach, your inreach, whatever it is that you do....are they working?

No, it is not.

I had to ask myself WHY is this the case?  WHY is it that in one of the most churched cities in this nation-one replete with VERY popular, well known, so called 'anointed' preachers-the murder rate is SO high?

Among OUR children, to boot?

I can only surmise that the only conclusion I can come up that I have been saying for a few years now...

GOD IS NOT IN YOUR CHURCHES.  GOD IS NOT IN YOUR MINISTRY.  And the more you go out into the streets of Chicago with your religious spirits trying to 'save the lost,' you are going to make matters worse.

I mean, even the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton couldn't help curb the tide.

It's going to take THE PEOPLE OF CHICAGO to turn the tide there.

  • It means ratting some folks (criminals) out.
  • It means parenting your kids.
  • It means STOP trusting the preacher with your kids (I mean, come on.  Larry Trotter's in the tub with his grandbaby! WHAT is he gonna tell you about raising kids?)
  • It means, brothers, you're gonna have to step up and be the men in that community.  It DOES take a village.

As much as I hate guns, I don't think gun control is going to solve the problem here.  I also don't think trying to hold this city's woes over the POTUS is going to help anything either.  He is the POTUS, NOT just Chicago.

No, this is a job for the people of Chicago.

Look, I grew up in New Orleans.  At one point the murder rate in N.O. was almost 400.  It's now less than half that today.  With LESS of a police force than what was present PRE-Katrina.

AND less churches.

Less money.  Less jobs.  Less outreach ministries.

I think what Katrina did for N.O. is it brought people together.  More people down there look out for one another now.  We have some great people in office now (like my former boss, Senator Wesley T. Bishop and a family friend the Honorable Benedict E. Willard) who not only offers mentoring and community help when needed, but then they buckle down and do a great job in their respective offices.

From what I can tell, politics in Chicago is, at best, shady.  Hopefully, it won't take a natural disaster wiping out 1000s to get that community to work together.

But I can suggest....STRONGLY suggest...that Chicago STOP depending upon the local pastors and churches.  They are not helping.

If you have to get connected to a ministry that is really helping the community in Chicago, try The Night Ministry (offering assistance to the homeless), Emmaus Ministries (helps men get out of the prostitution game), or Breakthrough (another homeless intervention program and youth services).

These ministries seems to be developing and could use all the help they can get.

Ministry that is geared more towards providing the practical needs of the community are much more effective than most denominational and non-denominational churches and ministries.


It's time to INTERVENE..outside of your traditional boundaries.  Shut down your ceiled palaces, put your egos down, pull together and STOP THIS MADNESS that is going on in your streets.  RIGHT in your backyards!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So They Called You A Witch, Uh? Where The REAL Witches In The Church Are!

I find it really really funny when people accuse ME of being a witch. Lol...

I was talking about this phenomena with a friend of mine a few weeks ago.  She, too, has been accused of being a witch.  She operates in the word of knowledge and wisdom...and I guess because the preachers in these churches are NOT teaching the people...most people in this generation haven't a CLUE what the spiritual gifts are.

Also, I have another friend who was in the occult who has been delivered and is SAVED now, who gets that quip often from folks...

'Girl, I'm not going to so and so.  She is probably still doing witchcraft!'

As Chuck D proclaims,  "Ignorance is indeed at an ALL-TIME HIGH!"

Ignorance within the ranks of the organized church, that is.

You know, you would think because all these great preachers and authors such as George Bloomer, Mike Haggard, Rick Godwin, and even Jonas Clark (yes, I went there!) all have written entire books on the subject of "Witchcraft In The Church," (and they ALL use the SAME title, btw) that more folks would be knowledgeable about HOW witchcraft TRULY manifests within the pews.

BUT....sad to say, that is not the case!

*****First, let me say in BIG BOLD LETTERS that I in NO way, shape or form endorse ANY of the books written on the subject of witchcraft in the church by ANY preacher who is STILL in the church!

The fact of the matter is that - at best - all any of these coveted, YOUR favorite preachers, can offer in the way of THEIR opinions of how witchcraft manifests in your church (YES, YOUR CHURCH, TOO!) is gross, rampant error and religious superstitions.  Twisting of scriptures totally taken out of context...and undoubtedly what they themselves learned at the 'school of the prophets,' 'school of the apostles,' and their respective denominational ministerial training institutes.*****

As an author myself, I understand the struggle many a 'christian' author has...the fact of the matter is that there is STILL a population of so called 'saved' folks out there who are TOO CHEAP and TOO LAZY to read.  They won't invest $5 into a book with any truth in it...but will invest $20 into some garbage that supposedly tells them how to find their next mate or how to get rich.

But that's another blog, for another day!

I'm gonna tell you right here in this FREE blog post just how to recognize THE REAL WITCH among your congregations.

The witch is NOT someone who may have dabbled in it PRE-salvation, or the one from New Orleans where it is stereotypically presumed that EVERYONE from that region practices hoo-doo.

The witch is NOT the person who wears all black all the time, and listens to strange music.

The witch is NOT someone who is spiritual, who operates in the gifts of the spirit (NOT tongues).

The witch is NOT someone that burns incense, or lights folks just love the way that stuff smells!

All of that type of thinking is nothing more than superstitious, mumbo jumbo perpetuated by ignorant, scary church folks who DON'T know God...or the REAL power of God!

(And remember:  SUPERSTITION is a belief or practice resulting from IGNORANCE, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, according to the Merriam's Free Online Dictionary)

The REAL WITCH is the one who has secret prayer meetings, hoop and holler in tongues all day long, who seek to control and manipulate the people (whether it be by telling you who to marry, where to live, what job to get, etc.).  

The REAL WITCH is your pastor(s) who hoop and holler at you on Sunday, then text you on Sunday night and tell you to meet him (or her) at the hotel.

The REAL WITCH is the leader in your church that INSISTS you need to get 'their permission' to leave 'their church.'  (I thought the church, the TRUE church, the Bride of Christ, belongs to GOD?)

The REAL WITCH is the prayer warrior who keeps praying for THEIR wills to be done, and NOT God's will!  The prayer could be offered up for anything....healing for a terminally ill one, marriage, job, ministry, just may be God's will that you have NONE of that.

The REAL WITCH is the 'prophetess' who tells you what you want to hear...

The REAL WITCH is the african preacher, prophetess, 'powerhouse' who sends you all these 'prophetic prayer powerpoints 'to shoot arrows 'at the enemy,' all in the guise of conducting 'spiritual warfare...'

The REAL WITCH is the preacher who KEEPS pushing prosperity, your 'best life now' doctrine...

The REAL WITCH is that person who KNOWS God has been dealing with them about speaking in tongues, but because of the 'power surge' you supposedly get when you continue to do what God said NOT TO DO, you keep on ....

The REAL WITCH is your wife (or husband) who uses sex as a means of barter and control.  They give it to you when you do what they want, and withhold it as a means of control.  To punish you when you don't comply with their wishes.

The REAL WITCH is the pastors who refuse to teach you THE TRUTH.  And keep you in bondage to a LIE.

The REAL WITCH is that person who may believe in coming out the church and be all gung ho about it, but then they keep their religious ways and try to boss you into 'staying in their group or clique...'

The REAL WITCH is the apostle, the prophet, the bishop who you KEEP allowing to lead you...and they fell into sin...and NEVER repented!

The REAL WITCH is the one who refuses to live for God, goes to church and makes excuses for flare ups of the flesh...

The REAL WITCH is the leader who hangs on to charismania, religious traditions, dogmas and false doctrines they learned in their past within religious institutions.  They refuse to count it ALL as dung, so they hang on to that one little thing, that one thing that dilutes the truth of the message they are trying to convey.  (They refuse to lay it ALL down at the feet of Jesus and ask the all-important question..."God, is this truth or error?")

The REAL WITCH is that bishop who y'all keep 'ordaining' back into office....

The REAL WITCH is the praise and worship leader who tries to strangle-arm you into worshipping 'the unknown god.'  (If you really knew Him, NO ONE would have to force you to do anything!)

The REAL WITCH is that favorite mega preacher you keep throwing your money on the altars to....YES!  You are NOT giving it as unto God....Remember, God is NOT in the buildings; meaning He is not at the altar to 'accept' your offerings!

The REAL WITCH is the bishop who y'all keep covering for...whether it's for embezzling money from the church funds, or poking kids in the butt....


The REAL WITCH is that nice, sweet, kind, fresh-faced sweetie pie in the church, the first lady type, the ones who seemingly display all the 'fruits of the spirit...'  But they do so NOT by the Spirit of GOD, but from a RELIGIOUS SPIRIT!

The REAL WITCH(es) are the 'fan clubs' who manipulate and control you THROUGH FLATTERIES!  They are always so astounded by 'the word' that comes through your mouth.  They are always 'jockin' you in the spirit.  The cheerleaders in the church that say 'PREACH, BLACK MAN!'  It's a sick, twisted, manipulative game of cat and mouse that they play with each other...

The witch in the pulpit manipulates the crowd with their (false) words, doctrines and teachings...and the witch in the pews manipulates by saying 'AMEN!'  ALL THE TIME....EVEN TO NONSENSE AND ERROR!!!!!!!

There is a specific reason WHY witchcraft (seems) to be so prevalent within the church systems...

WHEREVER there is a VOID of the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD in a place, you can expect for OTHER demonic activity to prevail in that place!

When the Spirit of the Living God is not in control, the enemy WILL rush in to seize control of that place....its just like in the Word of GOD that talks in Matt 12:43-45...when an unclean spirit leaves a man...but the man is left void of the Spirit of GOD to fill those dark places...the unclean spirit RETURNS and brings 7 worse spirits than itself....

THAT'S what's happening in these churches:  the spirit of God BEEN left the buildings...but folks are still flocking TO the buildings...looking for GOD...and instead of finding GOD, they are finding RELIGIOUS DEMONS fronting and masquerading AS GOD...operating just as if they were God...

And the wildest part is that these 'witches' all in the church will point fingers and tell you the witch is the one who practices Wicca, Santeria, VooDoo...they will try to focus your attention and say the resistance, the attack is from withOUT...but the attack is REALLY from WITHIN!!!!!!!!!!

I told y'all in previous posts that the enemy loves to do his dirt and then point the finger and say, 'Look at the enemy....OVER THERE!'  The enemy loves to deflect attention from himself...and make the other parties seem to be the enemy...when the enemy is the very one who is flattering you, who is throwing positions and titles at you, who is inviting you to preach at their church(es)...

But you just CANNOT see it!!!!

And how better can the very ones doling out titles and positions within the church system to control and manipulate you (which is really ALL that witchcraft really is!) than by giving you a title and position....and then telling you and dictating to you what you can and cannot preach in their pulpits?

How better for them to control and manipulate you than by them telling you who to marry, where to work, where to live, who to be friends with, who to associate with, all under the guise of 'being in the will of God?'

The witches LOVE to put you on a pedestal (in these churches) knowing you will fail once there...and that failure will be such a blow to your ego and spirit that you will want to give up on God altogether, being super hard on yourselves...this is why the pastors are committing suicide...

They have been set up from the enemy to fail from the start....and the failure is NOT resident in them.  IT IS THE SYSTEM!!!  THE CHURCH SYSTEM CORRUPTS!!!!

The fact of the matter is when you try to operate in something you are not supposed to, or were not called to, and then try to put on this big front like you belong there-and you really DON'T-it can be a pretty big blow to your ego when you realize you've been toiling 'in the spirit' for years in a church God NEVER called you to!

It can be pretty depressing when you've sacrificed family, friends, loved ones, relationships, etc., all in the guise 'for the sake of the kingdom,' and then 10, 20 years later find out it was all for nothing.

MANY a preacher has had his/her day of reckoning when they realized LONG after 'the call' that God never really called them AT ALL to the 'ministry' and that they were bamboozled, hoodwinked, deceived into believing that they were!

I address this issue and why it happens in my eBook, The Makings Of False Prophet, where many preachers start out on the right track, but get corrupted in the church system when they try to be successful, accepted, approved of by man's/religion's standards....

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS...when you find yourself having to or trying to be accepted by man, you have already been rejected BY GOD!

Even the ones who call themselves trying to 'change the church system from within...'

There was a time when God was sending HIS prophets to the church system to gather the remnant ones in....but that time has passed.  The church system as it is popularly known is currently UNDER JUDGMENT!

And everybody who clings to her WILL Suffer of her of them being mass suicide WITHIN THE CHURCH SYSTEM!

(Speaking of mass suicide, I did address the story of Jim Jones ...what a horrible story of mass suicide!  But it is one of the best examples yet of what can happen when you do all this religious grandstanding, ministry, seemingly good acts...and all of that NOT be the will of God for YOUR life!  None of those people, not even Jim Jones, started out wrong...they meant well.  They loved God in their own respects.  But look where they ended up?)

Plainly put, the REAL WITCHES (in YOUR churches) are the ones that are in rebellion to GOD.  The Word says rebellion is as the SIN of witchcraft.  

Many mistake rebels of religion as rebels of God...and they couldn't be MORE wrong!

MOST of the time its the rebels of religion that ARE CLOSEST to God!  

Religion is nothing more than another manifestation of the flesh, and the Word says that the flesh is an enemy of God!

I wrote a few days ago that the church is full of people who want to be eagles, and I found out that eagles are a part of the vulture family.  Take away all the so called regalia, the strength, the beauty of the eagle and all you got is an over-glorified VULTURE.  

And a vulture, by its VERY nature, is a beast that feeds off of DEAD CARCASSES.  OFF OF FLESH!

The church is FULL of CARCASSES....and the vultures, the eagles, THE WITCHES YOU enable and feed.

They feed off your ignorance.  They feed off your fear.  They feed off your refusal to dig in and find out the Kingdom of God FOR YOURSELF.

They are banking on your continued cooperation and compliance with religion....then they will turn around and share their 'revelations' with you, trying to sound all deep....

And accuse you of being a witch....when THEY THEMSELVES are the very ones practicing witchcraft!

And don't even realize it!

So the next time someone accuses you of being a witch, remember what I said here.

Just keep it locked away in the recesses of your mind.....

Once you start seeing for YOURSELF the 'witches' in YOUR church, THEN you will COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM!!!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Emerging Gay Church: Churchanity-Enabled

When dealing with this topic, I had to be very careful, not because I fear in speaking out, but because I want to speak on it to help shed some light as to WHY 'the Emerging Gay Church' is, well, emerging.

Having grown up in church all my life, I was constantly exposed to a culture and an environment that involved sexual perversion, and the covering up of said sexual perversion.

Oh, we had CHURCH now!  

We sang.  We shouted.  We cried.  We danced.  When I grew up and wanted 'more of God,' I went to the pentecostal/apostolic church (and later many others)...and that's when I REALLY began to see sexual perversion, homosexuality, lesbianism -IN MINISTRY.  

As a matter of fact, I can share with you my story of how I got into ministry...under the 'tutellage' of a struggling gay pastor!

I didn't notice it right away, the pastor's effeminate behavior.  I was more enamored with his gifts.  He was very charismatic, very pleasing to look upon, like David.  He had 'a prophetic gift.'  He could hypnotize an audience with the way he preached and delivered the word.

This church experience was totally different than anything I had ever encountered...and since I was looking for a change, I joined.  Pretty soon, I found myself being licensed to preach at this church.  It still didn't dawn on me that he was struggling with his sexuality until he pretty much told the congregation of his 'testimony.'  

He claimed he had been delivered...and b/c I, too, had my own struggles with SSA-AND HAD BEEN DELIVERED YEARS EARLIER-this, of course, struck a chord with me.  I can relate to the struggle.  But NOT in a sense of STILL struggling in that area; but having HAD the struggle.  

So I thought God called me there to help him-and others-OUT of their struggle.  

Then fast forward...the pastor expressed a romantic interest in me.  What woman would NOT be enamored by such attention.  

So we courted...but it was then that I began to realize that he hadn't been fully delivered.  That reality and other things led me to call off our 'engagement.'

I hear of a lot of women who marry men who they KNOW are gay....and seemingly have no problem with it.  I just wasn't one of them.  

The following video shares the story of Bishop Jim Swilley, who pastors charismatic church The Church In the Now, who three years ago came out to his congregation after divorcing his wife of over 20 years....who KNEW he was gay BEFORE they got married!  She stayed married to him, gave birth to kids with him and they now have grandchildren.  

Now, I say all of that to say this one thing...

The condition of the organized church system as it stands today is a very ENABLING place for sexual perversion.  In other words, it is my conviction that as long as someone stays in a church setting, and are struggling with any kind of sexual perversion, addiction, homosexuality, lesbianism, porn, and the is my belief that that person has little to no chance of GETTING and REMAINING free from their vices!

Why do I say that?

Well, let's look at the HISTORY of the leaders in the church.  

If we go back to the 1970s, we can find many stories of homosexuality in the lives of those who we have most revered in the gospel music industry....such as James Cleveland, Josephine Howard of the Caravans (that's right, the Shirley Caesar's Caravans), and other gospel artists who we revere as the 'Princes and Queens of Gospel.'

Even decades before then, you can find stories of gospel artists who led double lifestyles, and enabling church folk who allowed sexual perversion to go unchecked.  The pastors would NOT preach on it, most of the time because they themselves were guilty of the exact same thing!

I read a story of how a nun called Sister Charlotte was sexually abused while studying in the convent to become a nun in the 1930s.  She shares a story of how she witnessed other nuns-to-be being abused and being impregnated by the priests, who would, in turn, kill the very babies they gave to these nuns....and now this same catholic church is now so staunchly 'against' abortion...

But their priests were the most horrendous of aborters.

And while it would be very easy for us 'protestants' to point the finger at the catholics and their woes...we fail to realize just closely related protestantism and catholicism really are.  

The protestant church has skeletons in her closet as well....stories of countless numbers of children who were molested and turned out while we danced the aisles, speaking in tongues.  Preachers who carried on affairs with children and teens...all while married to the first lady.  How many times have we heard of pastors having 20 kids in one congregation?

We cannot point the finger at homosexuals in the pulpit or the seemingly increasing number of folks coming out of the closet in the church.

The fact of the matter is the whole church culture is such that it enables sexual perversion.  In a culture of abuse, and subsequent silence and cover up of said abuse, the perversion is bound to only grow and continue.  

No, I do not condone the lifestyle at all...BUT I can say I KNOW for a fact that MOST if not ALL of these people were turned out by someone in authority over them at their church when they were younger.  

I can almost guarantee it.

There is something about religion that breeds perversion.  It goes hand in hand.  It starts with the perverting of scriptures to substantiate false doctrine.  

Then that twisting flows down to every other aspect of religious culture.  Once you can twist the scriptures to mean whatever you want it to mean, than it becomes easy to justify being a homosexual pastor....

I guess next it will be ok to be a pedophile who is a pastor.  You can have sex with a 10 year old and come to church and prophesy!  And NO ONE will say a word to you...

Besides, what else is new?  They've been allowing that to happen for decades.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Gentleman, First Lady & Other Foolishness In the Church

Rev. A. Jones-Wade & 'His 1st Gentleman' J.D. Jones-Wade


The above picture is a wedding picture of 'Reverend' Aaron Jones-Wade and his '1st Gentleman' Job D. Jones-Wade.

Together, in unholy matrimony, they 'pastor' The Community Church of Washington D.C., in business/ministry since 2011....shortly after they exchanged vows (to whom?) in 2011.

I first learned of this ministry 'couple' when I saw a flyer announcing their 3rd Pastoral Anniversary celebration this past Sunday.

Here is a video of the service:

Ok...a lot of people have a problem with me saying that this is just plain ol' wrong...that I'm not supposed to judge....

But I want to point out some things here...

Has anyone else noticed how in 'the church,' how popular it is to create extra-biblical titles and positions that cannot in ANY way, shape or form be substantiated or supported in the Word of God?

First of all, we need to realize that even the position of 'First Lady'-that which most church people have stomached and tolerated forever-even THAT position cannot be found in the Word of God!

In my post Confessions of An Almost First Lady, I point out the frivolity of the whole concept of a first ANYONE in the church.....

I know that flies in the face of what we have been taught a 'first lady' should be.  Why, even Karen Clark Sheard has a lot to say about what a first lady should be:

Now anyone of us with a lick of sense can see the DYSFUNCTION, the total depravity and the utter DECEPTION behind these extra biblical titles and positions that church people create and support.  

I am so glad the two guys in D.C. did only proves the point that has been made time and time again...the UTTER DECEPTION and SILLINESS of RELIGION!

In one video, you see two guys who believe they love one another and are looking for all the church world to approve of what they they open up a church...and because people are so wimpish and cowardly, they would rather go to a church where the TWO pastors are NOT ONLY gay, but are married to one another..and try and put God's name on it!

This is "The Makings Of A False Prophet."  In this book, I explain how someone in ministry can start out with the right intentions, but later on down the line, they falter off the path God has for them.  These two guys are definitely false prophets!

Then to the other extreme you see a lady who has grown up in religion all her life and even though she has a gift, she, too, is very much deceived into believing she is doing God's will, too.

You see a woman who is STILL part of a congregation that has a rampant epidemic of homosexuality and DL in their pulpits.  Even incest and molestation.  

I love the Clark Sisters SINGING, but their stand for holiness -as it pertains to HOMOSEXUALITY and LESBIANISM is an utter joke.

The Clark Sisters will uphold and support the gospel music careers of many a gay man or lesbian woman...and they will NEVER speak on it.

So since I know that they are guilty by not speaking out on it, WHY would I-and why SHOULD YOU-listen to these women?  Because they can sing?

You can find a good singer on the street corner.  

But I won't get into that here...

I just posted about this epidemic in the church to bring it to YOUR attention.

It's up to you WHAT you do with the info....


Oh, and just in case you thought it was just for homosexuals...its going down BOTH ways, y'all!  Check it out!

Meet Pastor C. Denise and Lady Angelica, pastors of The Gathering International Worship Center in Maryland.  


If you're struggling with your own sexuality, I want to share with you MY OWN PERSONAL STORY of deliverance and TRUE sexual healing.

"Down Low Deliverance: BE SET FREE!" is my own story of how sexual abuse in the church led to my own struggle with my sexuality...and how GOD set me free from sexual bondage and confusion.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

EVERYBODY Is NOT Suffering From Church Hurt!

Ok.  Just a short note on what many people (mostly church people) call 'church hurt.'


Yes, I'm sighing b/c in the over 20 years I went to church, I cannot begin to count how many times I heard folks use this phrase to 'diagnose' everything and everyone.  From the convalescing elderly lady who just stopped trying to get to church.  To the former elder who just was tired of ministering and crazy folks in the he/she gave up their eldership and went on their spiritual journey....

OUTSIDE of the walls of the institutional church!

You would be surprised at the number of people who really believe that if you don't go to church anymore it is because of 'church hurt.'

Or if you say anything wrong (BUT TRUE) that was going on while you were in church...'Oh, they were hurt in church.  They are bitter.  They haven't forgiven.  Poor babies...'

Laugh Out Loud (I decided to actually spell it out!)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WRONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe there are some people out there who are still licking their wounds, crying about what passa and first lady did to them.  They were so hurt that they were UNABLE to spiritually grow as a result of whatever happened to church.

Maybe there are some people who actually were suicidal once they found out their passa was gay.

Maybe there are some people who picked up some demons (religious ones) in their church and are literally tormented by them to this day.

Maybe there are some people who wahhh wahhh wahhh on the phone 24/7 about crazy church folks and their drama.


If you know me, you will know I am a person that is very adaptable to my surroundings.  I am a SURVIVOR.  Some say I am patient.  Others claim I am strong.

I'm just me.  And God has made me who HE has made me to be...FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

I speak so harshly (and mind you, now....its ALL the TRUTH I be sharing!) NOT because I am bitter.  NOT because I am still 'wounded.'  NOT because I'm still bleeding from the daggers that were plunged in my back time and time again in the church.

Now, when it happened, did it hurt?

HE_ _ YEAH it hurt!

But I AM over it.  REALLY.

Every now and then, I get well meaning folks who come at me with that. And most of these people STILL go to church.  So I have to remind myself that they are under the intoxicating influence of religion.  They are taught and indoctrinated to say that.  That is like religious folks 'auto-response' to someone like

They fail to judge RIGHTEOUS judgment and discern who I REALLY am.  They fail to go to God and let HIM tell them if what I say is so or not.  The religious demon in them immediately defaults them to the 'Oh, don't listen to her.  She's just wounded.  Bitter, suffering from church hurt...'

You know what I liken that to....religious folks' logic of proving to them and the entire church world that you are no longer bitter or wounded or suffering from church hurt by returning to church?

I liken that to a woman who has been in an abusive relationship.  She was hurt...over and over and over again.  Then she finally musters up enough courage to leave.

She knows she has been damaged and needs healing, so she goes out and finds a therapist to talk to....and that therapist is a very good one.

But then after she is 'all better,' ready to move on with her life, healed...the therapist ups and says...

'Now, to prove to your abuser, his family, your family and yourself that you have TRULY forgiven him, I want you to go BACK to your abuser.  If you don't go BACK to your abuser, then you are suffering from 'relationship hurt.'

WHAT THE WHAT?????????????????????

Do you see how utterly stupid and asinine that sounds?
How many of us would run out of that therapist's office and NEVER look back?
WHAT therapist in their right mind would EVER tell their client to RETURN TO THEIR ABUSER???????

But that is exactly the same ASININE and STUPID advice and counsel MOST church folks give folks who have left church...

"Oh. honey, its ok now.  GO ahead and return to church...prove to us you have really forgiven us for being religious zombies influenced by a the fake jesus and fallen angels...."

"We promise.  We won't do it again..."


WHAT THE WHAT??????????????????

Yall know that's a LIE if you ever heard one.

The religious demon IS a liar.  It eminates from the father of lies, the devil himself.  And we all know that the devil is insidious and will love to torment you...over and over and over again.

He is much like that abuser...he knows how to 'woo' you, faking like he is the holy ghost, wooing you back to 'church.'  It's a seducing spirit!

No, baby, I AIN'T suffering from church hurt.  I got a dose of wisdom...and GOD TOLD ME TO COME OUT!!!!!


Friday, March 08, 2013

Why Is There Ministerial/Pastoral Burnout In the Church?

You know, I was sitting here this morning after praying and meditating on God and all that He has done in my life...and remembering what it was like for me when I went to church and served in ministry.

I was what others called 'faithful.'  That is the term churchgoers use to describe someone who is always at church, always involved in church activities and seems to juggle all their churchy obligations very well.  

Well, that was me. 

I was the minister who preached, did praise and worship, held classes and headed new members/convert's class, picked up and dropped off those who didn't have a ride to church.  

And did it all with a smile...

I can relate to the guy running in circles in the above picture....because that was me.  

I put many, many miles on my minivans running after 'church activities.'  I spent MUCH money on gas, changing tires, car repair and maintenance and the such....I put a LOT of miles on a vehicle God blessed me with to transport me and my babies I would not have to depend upon anyone else to run us around.

But I allowed a religious demon to make me believe that this was ALL the will of GOD that I give ALL my time, money, tear my vehicles apart, spend every waking moment in church, serving the people of God.  

THIS is the crux of the error of why so many people who love God 'burnout' in church or in ministry.

I touched on this in my blog, 'The Church Rat Race.'  Basically, once someone goes to church and 'joins,' the clock starts ticking for the leadership to decide when they will be allowed to 'work' in the church.  It is expected that new converts 'work' right away...even if it is nothing but to clean the church or the bathrooms, to conduct childrens' church.

Some the pastor may see a call on their lives, or some leadership qualities, at very best.  So after a period of time and a series of tests, the pastor may approach a lay member and tell them it's time to do the work of ministry, or to study for it....

So the lay member is honored, and goes for it.  

Pretty soon, after they have 'worked' in the church, they get tired.

Countless numbers of people give mini-fortunes, all their free time, all their energy, their talents, their resources that God blessed THEM with to bless THEIR OWN FAMILIES...and just hand all of that over to the church.  All because they believe GOD told them to!

Often, it is not until YEARS later that the light begins to come on and an 'aha' moment occurs for these 'faithful' people.

Some of them have been 'promoted' to ministerial positions, maybe even assistant and associate pastor.

They will 'faithfully' serve for many years.  And many will say it seems they love it and are good at it.  But we never know what goes on behind the scenes.  As I wrote in my blog post,  "Pastor's Wives Should NOT Be Committing Suicide," I highlighted one church's example of how the organized church system overtaxes its leaders, so much so to the point that they will commit suicide, get addicted to drugs....

Or simply put....just BURNOUT.

While most in the church world look at pastoral and ministerial burnout -and the concurrent leaving of the church or position - as a bad thing, almost as if they had turned their backs on God Himself.

I contend that becoming 'burned out' on church is NOT a bad thing.  A fall is NOT a bad thing...if those things lead you at the feet of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to seek for direction and clarity as to what HE would have you to do.

You see, most of the people in leadership positions in the church were not truly called to those positions...within THAT organized church structure.

I can say that burnout is not only likely but also inevitable within a church setting!



Ichabod has been written across EVERY temple, EVERY synagogue, EVERY church, EVERY ministry that has a door to be opened.  God said in HIS Word that He dwells in temples made NOT with man's hands.  He says WE are the temple of the Holy Ghost.  WE are LIVING EPISTLES, read of all men.  

Therefore, when we try to contain what GOD HIMSELF says is to be disbursed, scattered, we are much like the people who built the Tower of Babel....

And will see the same results as they did.

Just look at this chart on pastoral burnout:

I cannot lie:  when I think about all the time, funds, resources, energy, time away from family, friends, cars, etc. that I have literally WASTED on the organized church system, I get a little annoyed.  But more than that annoyance, I am THANKFUL to be OUT!

I have been OUT of the church for the pastor 4 years almost and I can tell you.  I have not suffered 'burnout.'  I have grown stronger in my walk with Christ.  I know more Word and THE WORD, the KINGDOM OF GOD, more NOW than I did when I mounted the pulpits.  

I can actually take the money GOD has blessed me with to take care of my family and TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY!  NOT the church buildings, or passa...or fund a variety of unnecessary church events such as  church & pastoral anniversaries, conferences, convocations, and the such!

How can I call them unnecessary?

Well, you are reading the words of a person who has been to PLENTY of them all.  And I can tell you of a SURETY that NOT ONE of those gatherings I sacrificed my light bill, or rent, or car insurance payment to attend and 'sow into' (yes, I was that stupid!) had ANY eternal value.  

NONE of them taught me what I know now.  

As a matter of fact, I had to take ALL THAT ERROR I was indoctrinated with in these fake conferences, events, anniversaries and the such and place them ALL ON THE ALTAR and BURN THEM.  

I had to forsake ALL ERROR I learned in church....


Could it be that pastors, ministers and the such are burning out at an alarming rate now more than ever because too many of them are trying to maintain something GOD is NOT a part of????

I know this is the fake Jesus, btw. but you get the point!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth (the REAL one) says HIS yoke is EASY, HIS burden is LIGHT.  

If this is true, and I know it is, then why are folks killing themselves, burning out, getting on drugs, addicted to sex, porn, religion, and all kinds of other vices?  IN CHURCH LEADERSHIP????

God's not in the buildings, y'all.


Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Watchmen In the House

One day in reading my word, God led me to Ezekiel 3.  It is not an unfamiliar passage of scripture...but as I read I was reminded of some things God had shared with me long ago.

Ezekiel 3:1-11

"...Eat what you find in this book; eat the scroll.  Then go and speak to the house of Israel.  So I opened by mouth, and He caused me to eat the scroll.  And He said to me, Son of man, eat this scroll that I give you and fill your stomach with it.  Then I ate it, and it was a s sweet as honey in my mouth.  

"....You are not sent to a people of a foreign speech and a difficult language, whose words you can't understand.  Surely, had I sent you to such people, they would have listened to you and heeded My words.  

"..the House of Israel will not listen to you and obey you since they will not listen to Me and obey Me, for all the house of Israel are impudent and stubborn of heart.  

"Behold, I have made your face strong and hard against their faces and your forehead strong and hard against their foreheads.  Like an adamant harder than flint or a diamond point have I made your forehead; fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, for they are a REBELLIOUS house.

"...ALL My words that I shall speak to you, receive in your heart and hear with your ears...'Thus says the Lord God,' whether they will hear or refuse to hear..."

The clincher is in verse 17-19

"..I have made you a watchman to the house of Israel; therefore hear the word at My mouth and give them warning from Me.  If I say to the wicked, You shall surely die, and you do not give him warning or speak to warn the wicked to turn from his wicked way, to save his life, the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at your hand.

"Yet if you warn the wicked and he turn not from his wickedness or from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity, but you have delivered yourself..."

This passage, even though it is old testament, reminded me of the brevity and the weight of my responsibility to warn the wicked as God instructs.  No, not to take the place of the Holy Ghost, because I could never do that.  But when God tells me to say something, to write something, to post something....I HAVE to do it!

I do NOT want ANYONE'S blood on MY hands or to act out in rebellion because I refused to say what God said!

I decided to look up the word WATCHMAN.  I was amazed at what it meant...

WATCHMAN:  (tsaphah) to spy, to watch, to keep watch, to watch closely.  To espy, or to catch sight of perceive (from a distance); to detect.


As I saw this, I began to ask God:

"You mean to tell me all these years when the Spirit of GOD would show me the evil going on behind the scenes (in ministry), when I perceived things in my spirit, when God said, 'they are so and so...' and it later on was proven TO BE so, all these years as God would specifically tell me to WATCH this one, or that one, or this church or that ministerial alliance.....

And all those religious spirits, leaders, bullies, perverts and the such...they all tried to convince me and others I was a troublemaker, a Judas, wounded, bitter, even been called a witch (lol!)...

Even when the enemy himself tried to make me think I was crazy because of the things I perceived, heard, saw...only to see those very things come to pass...


Now, understand.  This is not the rantings of someone who didn't already know what she is called to do.  I KNOW what I'm called to do.  But, every now and then, it is good to get a reminder-straight from GOD HIMSELF-no confirmations, no prophecies, no word of encouragement from others....(I passed up needing those affirmations a LONG time ago)....

It's just good to know that God meant what He said almost 20 years ago!!!!

I share this because I know I'm not the only one out here who God has set as watchmen.  You may still be in church, or God may have called you out of the harlot church already.

But you are watchmen nonetheless.

Yes, you are a spy.  God has you on a mission.  A mission to help souls enter into the Kingdom of God.  NOT into a denomination, a fellowship, a church or a ministry.  NOT into a group or a clique or a club.

Ours IS a very lonely job, a very misunderstood one.  Many say you are judgmental, critical, unloving....but it is out of a PURE, UNADULTERATED LOVE FOR GOD and a STRONG DESIRE TO PLEASE HIM  and the love HE puts in you for people that drives you to just -at times-put it out there.

Not caring about feelings, emotions, relationships, ambitions, destiny, careers, family....all of that means nothing to you.

You just want to please THE FATHER!

I want to encourage you to CONTINUE.

You are NOT alone!