Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Eat The Grass! Drink The Poison! I'M YOUR PASTOR!!!" (Lesego Daniels & Other False Prophets)


I'm sure you all have heard of the South African pastor who made his congregation eat grass to get closer to God.  

I can't lie:  when I first heard of this and read it, I laughed.  A LOT.

I mean it is quite comical for an entire group of people to RUN outside-on command of their pastor-just like a herd of sheep, lie or sit on the ground and to start grazing on the grass..just like a bunch of cows!

Who would be so idiotic to do such a thing?

But a friend of mine found the video of this occurrence...and when he posted it to his Facebook page, I was literally APPALLED at what I witnessed!

Take a look for yourselves!

It was literally like the people were in a trance or under hypnosis or something!

I have NEVER seen something like this...and to be quite's quite scary.

I immediately thought of Jonestown and Jim Jones...especially since I wrote about what happened to almost 1,000 people there back in at the command of Jones, over 900 drank poisoned kool aid and committed the largest mass suicide in history!

The same monotone voice.  The same so-called 'authority' over the people.  The same fear from the people to stand up to their authority....

These 'pastors,' these 'false prophets,' are so manipulative.  And delusional.

They really believe that God is with them and telling them to mislead people...the blind leading the blind!

As crazy as it sounds, these leaders are just as much delusional and crazy as the people are.

They are ALL under another influence.  The SPIRIT OF RELIGION!!!!

The spirit of religion is a deceptive, sneaky one.  It will lead leaders and their followers...right into a ditch.  Into the abyss.  Into deception.  Into HELL!

This is the main reason why I believe that spiritual leaders, pastors, church leadership, five fold ministry, etc. are NO LONGER necessary today!

I have seen MORE cases where the leaders lead people into a ditch than into salvation or deliverance.  Or TRUTH.

I've seen more false than TRUE prophets.  More wolves than shepherds.  More snakes in the pulpit than men and women after God's own heart.

They may GO INTO ministry with the right intentions...but somewhere down the line, they become corrupted.  Their agendas CHANGE.  Their motives CHANGE.  Their love for God dwindles.  Their love for the truth and desire to teach truth is compromised for acceptance among the religious and secular elite. Or for fame and fortune...or for MONEY!

Even for POWER!

This Lesego dude clearly is on a power trip, as I find is most often the case with african church leaders...they are power hungry over there...and when you couple that natural, disastrous desire for ambition that is already resident in them with RELIGION, that is a DANGEROUS and LETHAL cocktail of deception that WILL eventually deceive and kill MANY!

Jim Jones started out as a regular preacher in California who wanted to help poor people.  Who wanted racial equality.  But once the people gave him their power, once they allowed him to control them, he eventually led them to their demise!

I write about this TRAP of all who enter into ministry in my first ebook,

ANYBODY can get caught up in this trap in religion, the trap of so-called 'ministry.'

You can think you are hearing from God regarding 'a call' that you THINK you have...and then pretty soon that call CONSUMES YOU!

The 'call' to preach or minister, to 'go to the nations' or whatever becomes MORE important than your soul being saved.  It becomes more important than you preaching or teaching THE WHOLE TRUTH.  

Your agenda to prove 'you're called' can consume you so that you spend most of your time 'proving your call' than actually being saved, walking in the peace of God, being assured that you are ALREADY IN the WILL OF GOD!  

You get in this rat race to prove to the church community, to your family and friends, to the world that you're THE CALLED OF GOD...that you resort to acting in UNGODLY ways to somehow make that 'call' come to pass.  

And the sad part YOURSELF are not REALLY SURE if you're really 'called' to preach or not!  Heck, some of you don't even know IF YOU'RE SAVED!!!!!!

I find the ones who do the most in terms of proving they're 'called' are the ones most likely who are NOT saved....

Why do I say that?

Because those who ARE saved, they are ASSURED in their salvation.  They have the faith to believe God...NOT their actions, or their following some 'unction' to preach to the nations.  They are not consumed with the ambition to preach or minister to people...

They just live.  BE.  If an opportunity comes up to help someone, they do it.  No fanfare, no press conferences, no 'look-at-what-God-did-thru-my-hands.'  

And then they just continue BEING who God wants them to be!!!!!

I present to you if THE CALL consumes you, than GOD DOES NOT!!!

And it just very well may be that YOU ARE NOT SAVED!!!!!

My friend says it best in this video...that ambition to do ministry is a KILLER!

People like Lesego Daniels and Jim Jones-as well as MANY of YOUR favorite preachers in churchdom TODAY-are CONSUMED with MINISTRY!

The desire to be famous in ministry is what has driven them to where they are right NOW!

And because the people are so in love with them, you can't even SEE IT!

EVEN IN THE FACEBOOK WORLD, there are MANY folks there who are CONSUMED with being 'somebody' in ministry.  

And they THINK that it is GOD that is leading them...when it is THE ENEMY!!!!

Take heed...WHO CALLED YOU??????

You could be leading your people to DRINK THE KOOL AID!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

When You Just Can't Get "Church" Out Of Your System

I have noticed some things about church people and people who just cannot get church OUT OF THEIR SYSTEMS.

What do I mean???

I have come across many different types of church people...and I do admittedly 'study' them.  I watch them.  I observe them....(well, not so much NOW than as I used to!)

I have found that there are people who really have a difficult time detoxing from the system of church.  The culture of church.

I have found that there can be 'church people' IN as well as OUT of the church system.

I'm not talking about spiritual people, or people who are aware of their own spirituality.  Or New Agers.

I'm talking about people who can't get church OUT of their systems!

This is why it is so difficult for some people to leave church...and STAY OUT of church!

If they leave church, they either

1) Go BACK to church
2) Hang around a bunch of church people to 'fellowship' with
3) Look for groups and entities to be a part of b/c they are SO afraid of being alone
4) Start their OWN brand of 'churchanity'

When I created my pic for Detoxed From Churchanity, I really had no idea how true it really IS that some folks are literally ADDICTED to church!

Karl Marx was not telling a lie when he said 'Religion Is The Opiate of The Masses!'

What IS an opiate?

Opiate:  ANY drug that induces sleep or sedation; that causes dullness or apathy; deadening.

Examples of opiates are morphine, heroin, codeine, methadone, oxycontin, dilaudid...

I had Dilaudid on a few ER visits, and I tell you what:  When they put that in the IV, you are OUT!  You are sleepy, you are NOT aware of what's going on around you.  It's a painkiller.  It puts you in another realm...I had Morphine given to me when I gave birth to my last child....we slept like BABIES for a LONG time after he got here!


Because we were under sedation!

Religion, churchanity puts the masses to sleep!  It deadens their sense of reality.  It is a drug MANY take to escape the painful realities they live.  They are in SO much pain, SO miserable, SO unhappy with life-and have been made to believe that they ARE that way b/c they somehow did something (wrong) to make themselves that way...

And TRUE...some of the things folks go through ARE self-induced-meaning they brought it on THEMSELVES...

But in spite of the crazy things folks do, I still believe that God is FOR you.  He is FOR me.  And He LOVES us.  Now, He WILL He sees fit....

The problem is that there are a LOT of folks trying to 'self-medicate' through their 'chastisement' by clinging on to churchanity!

There are a lot of OTHER people who are 'self-medicating' through life because they have yet to realize that they are just mentally and emotionally unstable...and have not sought the professional help that they need to get well.

They find it much more comforting to blame others for their misery, or blame the devil, or blame 'the man,'  lol...or blame a woman...or blame the government....


They have yet to take responsibility, accountability and to take ACTION to change their lives!

So they run to 'church' to try and get God to do it for them.

When God said faith without WORKS is DEAD!

Church folks are some DEAD people!  Zombies!  Dead men walking!

They think they can liven themselves up by shouting, dancing, speaking in tongues, running the aisles, falling all out in the floor, running after miracles, signs, wonders, etc...smh

And the more of that they are exposed to, the more miserable they TRULY are!

So....WHAT happens, what should you do if you simply are STUCK in church mode?

You continuously find yourself trying to find yourself within a church system.

You run to this church and that church, trying to 'fit in.'  And you fit in for a little while...but its only a matter of time before something goes down and the 'love,' the 'fellowship,' the camaderie you felt is gone...and then you're BACK to square one.

I've been there...going from this church to that church.  Letting those people label me this and that.  Allowing them to lay hands on me and 'tell me my destiny...'  The 'will of God' for my life changed so much within their ranks....they made it seem like God was schizo or something!  Like He was saying something different EVERY TIME the hour changed!

What a MASS ball of CONFUSION!


You surround yourself with 'church-like' people.  They talk that church lingo.  They love to quote scriptures.  They amen you, flatter you, tell you what a great 'man or woman of God' you are....

And you act like you don't care, but YOU DO!

You MISS the accolades church people pour on to their pulpit puppets.  You MISS the women google-eyeing you from the pews.  You MISS the crowds amening you during your sermons...or telling you how 'anointed' you are.

There is SOMETHING in you that longs for that...

And I am here to tell you...


And as with ALL addictions, you WILL hit the wall at some point...and reality will come crashing down HARD on you....

The reality of the frailties and inconsistencies of the church system.

THIS insistence on staying in church, of wanting to somehow be accepted amongst their ranks, your strong desire to 'fit in,' is what KEEPS you in the REAL 'church hurt' mode!

I had some religious folks try to tell me I was 'church hurt' whenever I would speak out on the ills of the church.


I did address it in a very popular post of mine in this very blog entitled, Everybody's Not Suffering From Church Hurt!

Just like the title says, I simply pointed out that EVERYBODY'S who is hip to the 'game' of church and have made a conscious decision to COME OUT of church ...they are NOT suffering from 'church hurt.'

They just got tired of the BULL!

The scales came off their eyes!

God showed them a BETTER way!

They became enlightened...and empowered!

Now, true, there may have been some events-or series of events-that ultimately led to their decision to leave church.  And it may have been event(s) that were painful.

But it used to be my belief that no one stays in a CONSTANT state of 'church hurt.'

But I am beginning to see a NEW phenomena:  there ARE a population of people who just LOVE church.  And if they leave, they have NOTHING.  They do NOT know God.  NO ability to TRULY hear from God for themselves.

So the ONLY way they 'feel' saved is by going to church.

So they go...and if they stop going, they will shrivel up and DIE!

THOSE are the people who STAY in CONSTANT 'church hurt' mode!

They stay in 'church hurt' mode because they REFUSE to leave that which is harming them or vicitimizing them.

Church Hurt Mode:

1) Constantly whining about being 'in warfare'
2) Feels a temporary sense of relief when they are 'accepted' among church people
3) Constantly goes back to church.  Go to the altar.  'Rededicate their lives' back to God.
4) Stay fearful (not in a reverential sort of way, but actual terror)
5) Paranoid.  Always 'sensing' something in their 'spirits'
6) GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO have a pulpit!
7) GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO have a following
8) Rejection, always claiming how rejected they are b/c they are so 'anointed'
9) Always gets shocked when church people hurt them, even though you tried to warn them beforehand and
    they wouldn't take heed...

There are other characteristics of folks who are prone to or who are in fact in REAL 'church hurt' mode.

But here's my thing:


Meaning, it makes sense (to me anyways) that if you are in a culture, a setting, an environment, an institution, that consistently harms you and NOT help you in ANY way, then you need to at least CONSIDER NOT being a part of that institution anymore.

If a woman is in an abusive relationship, escapes the may take a little while.  But sooner or later, she will move on with her life.  And LIVE!

BUT, if she decides to GO BACK for ANY reason, and the abuser CONTINUES to abuse her, so much so until she is killed....

THEN WHOSE fault is it that this woman is gone?


Especially if she was given ALL the tools and resources she needed to stay away from her abuser...and she placed herself BACK in harm's way, then she is at least PARTLY to blame for her own demise.

And when she WENT BACK to her abuser, would it be a good analogy to call the state that she found herself in yet again was 'HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND HURT' mode?

She was in a state where she could be hurt again...and she was being hurt....AGAIN...

Probably OVER and OVER and OVER again...til the end came.

THIS is what is happening with a LOT of church and out of the church.

They STAY in this perpetual state of 'church hurt' because they are, well, IN CHURCH!!!!!!

The ONLY cure for CHURCH hurt is to COME OUT...get healed.  Let God speak to you.

There IS no cure for church hurt for those who cling to churchanity.  Period.

So it does no good to feel sorry for those folks in church who won't come out.  They are in there because that's where they choose to be.

They are grown.

BUT...if you are TRULY tired of church and churchanity, and have a real desire to COME OUT and get the church OUT of your system...FOR GOOD...

Then you ARE in the right place!


DON'T long for church, or the services, or the games, or the titles, or their pulpits. Or their cliches.  Or their 'worship.'



If you do, then it's time to step out ...BY FAITH!!!

If you can't (leave church), you are addicted...TO CHURCH!

Saturday, January 04, 2014



noun \ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən\

 the usually violent attempt by many people to end the rule of one government and start a new one

 a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

 the action of moving around something in a path that is similar to a circle.


A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, "a turn around") is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Aristotle described two types of political revolution:

Complete change from one constitution to another
Modification of an existing constitution.

Revolutions have occurred through human history and vary widely in terms of methods, duration, and motivating ideology. Their results include major changes in culture, economy, and socio-political institutions.


I have always been something of a history buff, a fan.  While others in class would yawn and whine their way through history class, I would always pay attention.  I have always believed that history places an invaluable role in the present and future of a culture, a race, a nation, a group of people.

That hunger for history did not change when I began to go to church.  I immediately started reading the Word, PLUS reading up on different events in church history....first, from the standpoint of what the church leaders taught (or didn't teach) about church history.  

But when the Spirit of God began to show me inconsistencies in what was generally being taught and accepted as truth within the church system, I began to do my OWN research.  My OWN studies.  Even after being led out of the church system, God led me to people-Pam Sheppard being one of them-who helped me tremendously in my journey towards TRUTH.  

You see, when you are on a journey of TRUTH-and not vindication-it becomes so important to find out truth that you are willing to lay it all down to find out what TRUTH really is.  

I understand the 'process' of detoxing from church.  I've been there, done that.

First, you go through depression.  You think that there is something wrong with you because God is showing you all these things...and yet the people who you love are still very much in deception mode.  And you can't make them see it.  Plus, there is the lack of fellowship that ensues as a result of your ultimately being ostracized and rejected when you share your revelations with others still in church mode.

Then you get angry.  You feel like you have to 'do something' to rescue folks from deception.  You go through the whole 'I'm-gonna-start-a-revolution' stage/God's called me to undeceive the masses/I'm-going-in-these-churches-and-clean-them-up.' 

It's a strong stance.  

And-at first glance-it seems like an admirable one as well.  

But when the 'thing' that is driving folks to 'free the masses' is ANGER-and NOT the Holy Ghost-it can actually not bear fruit...or do anything in the way of liberating the very masses under the deception of RELIGION.

You could go into these churches and prophesy til the cows come home.  You could pump your fist and yell 'REVOLUTION' every day.  You could expose leader after leader on a constant basis.

But NONE of that is going to effect CHANGE/REVOLUTION within the church system!

We like to throw around the word CHANGE a seems like since Obama became president and started us with the whole CHANGE mantra, at first, everyone was pumped, psyched, excited about the IDEA of change.  

But when it actually came time to IMPLEMENT change, to PUT IT INTO ACTION, now a LOT of folks are not so excited about CHANGE anymore.

As a matter of fact, the very folks who were pumping the fists at the Acceptance Speech back in 2008 are now some of Obama's worse enemies!

HOW is that possible?  

How can folks be so fickle to support someone who was/is for change...but then when he actually tries to implement change, they RESIST change?????

You see--whenever someone comes on the scene and tries to 'revolutionize' a culture, a government, a country, a system...and CHANGE does NOT occur from WITHIN the hearts of the people, that change will NOT be embraced.  Or permanent!

Also, a wide-scale agenda will began to try and assassinate the character of the 'revolutionary.'  

I've seen it happen it happen time and time again.

In an attempt to discredit the one who is blowing the whistle, coming in trying to 'change' things-even if at first the people EMBRACED and said they wanted CHANGE...

Folks generally resist change.  Even the very folks who see the NEED for CHANGE, who will jump on the CHANGE bandwagon unabashedly, who pump the fists and chant 'CHANGE!  CHANGE!' the loudest....


Revolutionaries have a heart for the people.  They see the suffering of the people.  They are usually smart, visionaries, go against the grain.  Courageous...

And because there are a lack of QUALITY leaders in this country-in EVERY arena-folks generally gravitate towards strong leaders.  

That IS until those strong leaders rock the boat, try to implement change, and change the status quo, so to speak.

Martin Luther King was a strong leader ...and look what happened to him?

If they cannot assassinate you, they will attempt to assassinate your character.

NOW, if you're the type of person who could care less about character assassination 'attempts,' then I say GO FOR IT.  

But do keep in mind that those groups of people who are inclined to believe the worst about you....WILL!

And the general population of the people who SAID they wanted change....DIDN'T!

Meaning, don't get excited b/c somebody AMENS you, LIKES your posts on Facebook, buys (or asks for free copies) of your books, votes you into a position or publicly applauds you for the 'truth' you present.

Because - again - folks are fickle.  

They will hail your praises today and tomorrow they WILL stone you!

I find a LOT of folks are CURIOUS about change.  A lot of folks TALK about change.  A lot of folks LOVE to hear the latest revelations on CHANGE.  

Some will even get gung ho and over zealous regarding CHANGE.


I'm SURE President Obama is finding that out NOW...

As I am sure many 'revolutionaries' regarding the church system are finding out as well...

You just need to know and understand that your attempts to 'revolutionize' a system GOD was NEVER in to begin with are futile....UNLESS THE PEOPLE CHANGE!!!!!


I have a very dear friend who asked me a question on why leaders allow 'sheep' to defend them, when it should be the other way around?

Well, I think its because the (so-called) sheep are not truly sheep, but goats.  Goats feed on ANYTHING.  Garbage.  Scraps.  They dig through the garbage to find ANYTHING to eat.  

They are SO hungry for a Word, for a doctrine, for a revelation, for a teaching, that they will 'dig thru the garbage,' so to speak, to get it.

They are NOT discerning AT ALL about what they 'eat.'  

This is why wolves, playboys, pedophiles, criminals. and all kinds of deviants can start ministries-online or physically-and garner a LARGE following.


Now, it goes without saying that if the leaders gaining the largest followings are WOLVES, that speaks A LOT to WHO is following them!!!!

Goats are very protective, too.  Possessive even, of their 'turf.'  

And whenever you encroach upon 'their turf,' or leaders on 'their turf,' they WILL start revolting and kicking ...against the pricks!!!!

Goats do NOT like change.  They need to stay in familiar surroundings.  They resist change...vehemently!

(Sounds like anybody YOU know?)

They are STUBBORN creatures...goats are.  

Lots of church folks are stubborn, greedy, undiscerning, and protective of their environments....and leaders....


You don't have any responsibility whatsoever to try and 'rescue' GOATS!!!!

You really don't even have a responsibility, per se, to rescue SHEEP.
The sheep belong to GOD!!!  They are HIS responsibility, NOT YOURS!  NOT OURS!


We have to trust the THE GREAT SHEPHERD OF THE SHEEP, JESUS CHRIST, to save HIS OWN!!!!!

If they don't hear your voice, then they are GOATS and NOT sheep.

No use in crying over goats.  Risking your lives over goats.  Stubborn, mule-headed nasty creatures that do not want truth!

Matthew 25


Revolution is an event that occurs WITHIN THE HEARTS and MINDS of the PEOPLE....and has very little to do with the revolutionaries God chooses to use.  

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

How To Cure A Church/Watch Nite Service Hangover!

I'm sure by now you have awaken out of your sleep from last nite's 'powerful' Watch Nite Service by now...

You can barely remember what was preached.  Or who sang what.  

All you remember is you had one HELLUVA time (excuse my french!)

There was dancing.  Laughing.  Falling all under the pews.  Shouting.  Running down the aisles.  Screaming.  Hollering.  Crying.  

There was that religious elation and high you seem to always get (at church).  

And now it's over...

And you got one HELLUVA headache.  You can't remember JACK.  If someone ask you what the preacher preached, if you didn't get the free CD message at the end of service, all you can reply is 'I don't know...but it was POWERFUL!'

Last nite, you were on TOP of the world as the clock struck midnight....'HALLELUJAH!  You made it through another year!'

You even remember kids dancing the aisles...IT WAS 'GLORIOUS!'

But now 'the glory' that was so free-flowing, the Word that was so powerful, the POWER you THOUGHT you gained when the prophet laid hands on you, you were all 'drunk in the so-called holy seems to ALL be GONE now!

WHY IS THAT??? feel like you are 'under attack' yet again.  In spiritual warfare.....(DANG!  Just that quick?  What happened to all that POWER you got last nite?) are depressed b/c that high, that glory is has seemed to escape you once again....and now you are back to the drawing board.

NOW...reality has yet again kicked in...(it really NEVER left...YOU just temporarily ESCAPED from YOUR reality, entered into an altered state of consciousness, another 'realm,' another world....NOT b/c GOD called you there.  But so that you could ESCAPE your circumstances!!!)

So now that REALITY has 'seeped back in,' you are wondering...


1)  SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!

Realize that you are NOT 'under attack.'  Nor are you in 'spiritual warfare.'  You are simply living LIFE.  Life has its ups and its downs.  And it's all in HOW you choose to cope with the 'vicissitudes of life' (since yall are in love with TD Jakes' $20 word!)

You are NOT that important to the devil that he is riding your coattail ERR'DAY!!!!  STOP THAT TYPE OF THINKING!!!

I know your favorite preacher done told y'all that forever and a day...but you are nothing to the enemy except some dust.  A vessel.  He can use you up, kill your body and then go to another willing vessel.  Just like THAT!  So don't think that you are so mighty, so powerful, so anointed, so wonderful that ALL the enemy got to do ALL day long is fight YOU!  LOL!

SNAP OUT OF IT!  Pride comes before a fall.  ( me...I KNOW!)

You ain't NOTHING to the devil...and God don't need you, either!  The moment you start thinking like that, you're already a done deal!


Listen...all of us are dealing with something.  Life is not perfect.  But the key to surviving is to find healthy, balanced ways to COPE with circumstances that life throws your way.  STOP looking for the magic cure, the anointing oil, someone to lay hands on you, someone to breath on you or prophesy to you to make your life better!


You know, one of my favorite verses in the bible is FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD!

Yall should know what that means...but just in case you don't...listen up!

You can say you have faith ALL DAY LONG.

But the BIBLE says that ALIVE, ACTIVE, VITAL faith that WORKS???  That is a faith that is going to MOVE YOU to DO something!!!!!


If your health's not the greatest, start eating right and exercise.  If your money's kinda funny, go get another harder.  Open up a business.  LOL...go write some books....DO SOMETHING!  If you're in a relationship that is eating away at you, GET RID OF THAT JOKER!!!!  If you are wanting someone to be with, GO GET THEM!!!

If your church is hounding and harrassing you...and causing you mad pain, GET OUT OF THAT JOINT!

Stop sitting there whining about your circumstances and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!!!

Folks quick to say 'PRAY FOR ME.  PRAY FOR ME.'  But then sit on their do-nothings...and DO NOTHING.  It's time to change that....for real


This may be the hardest thing to do of all.  So many people are so religiously indoctrinated...have been taught ERRONEOUSLY that this is God and that's not...that God wants us to do this and not to do that...and not enough people have ventured to STUDY THE WORD FOR THEMSELVES, that they really do NOT know TRUTH from ERROR.

The skill of TRUE DISCERNMENT (which IS JUDGING, btw) has truly been lost.

The religious system/churches have taught the people how NOT to discern, society has bashed into the skulls of at least this generation of people to NOT judge...that now folks can see a wolf and be like 'Uh, I'm not gonna judge them...If they're a wolf, God will deal with them...'

YEAH!  And in the meantime, that wolf has attacked you, shorn you, and left you for dead...and GOD HIMSELF gave you EYES to SEE, and EARS to properly discern the wolf.  But you ignored God's leadings...

And now the wolf GOT YOU!

And sure, GOD WILL deal with the wolves.  But you must remember God's time is not ours.  And you sat there and allowed a wolf to devour you...and God opened your eyes trying to WARN you to BEWARE!!!!

The issue isn't if God's gonna deal with them; God commanded us to be WISE as SERPENTS, yet harmless as sheep.  NOT DUMB AS SHEEP!!!!

NOW, if I were a sheep, and was lost, no shepherd to be found, and I happen to look up from my grazing and see a wolf, is that NOT judging that that is, in fact, A WOLF????

But religious/churchy people would have you to believe that doing that very thing-judging that that is a wolf-is wrong....

So I'm supposed to just put my head back down-as that sheep-and ACT LIKE I didn't see what I saw????


I KNOW what I saw!!!!  A FREAKIN WOLF!!!!! LOL!!!

I am afraid that what most religious activity has done is to dull the senses and the spirituality of most much so to the point where they truly cannot recognize error ...even when it slaps them in the FACE.

THIS is why I say the cure - probably the most powerful cure of all - of a religious hangover is to STOP ALL RELIGIOUS ACTIVITY!!!!

Now some church addicts will start going mad batty and having religious withdrawal symptoms if they don't get their 'fix' of church attendance, bible reading/studying, fasting, praying, LOL...listening to preachers/teachers on YouTube, etc.

But you need to TRUST that GOD by His Holy Ghost will lead you into ALL truth and understanding!

And it won't necessarily be by way of the religious activity that you have learned within the church system.

AM I saying these religious practices are wrong?  NO.

I am saying when they are done out of an attempt of YOUR FLESH to REMAIN 'in the Spirit,' holy, or keepin your mind 'stayed on God,' then they are ALL done IN VAIN...and OUT OF A RELIGIOUS SPIRIT!

And becoming drunk on religious spirits is the way to become religiously HUNGOVER!!!

Tired of the church/watch nite hangovers????