Sunday, March 09, 2008

I don’t blame you, Gina and Andrea...(for the Hunt and Yarrell families)

I don't blame you on what happened to you. I look at the pictures of who you and your babies were and as you lie in your caskets and I know you cannot hear me.

But if you do, I, Wenona, don't blame you for what happened to you.

Society does. They don't understand your plight, your desparation. When you would look in your babies eyes and knew they were hungry, you had to feed your babies.

When you saw their feet and saw holes in their shoes, your heart would wrench and you determined to get them shoes.

When you almost evicted and had to come up with rent, you grew desperate. You wouldn't bring your babies to live in a shelter, Andrea. You working as a clerk in DCS saw what happened to mothers who couldn't properly house their babies; they'd lost them to the system. Undoubtedly, working for the state you didn't make a lot of money. I have worked for the state, too. The wages are laughable.

Yet, rent, utilities, gas, food, diapers, living expenses continue to rise. Your man is in jail and you gotta do what you gotta do. We don't choose who we fall in love with. You didn't know about his shady dealings until you had already given him your heart and your body...

Now, you gotta baby.

You had family that tried to look out for you. But they aren't rich; and you want to be independent. You see the strain it was on your family to keep helping you.

So your girl, Gina, came into your life. She was fun, down, cool. Like a sister. You guys look alike in the caskets as a matter of fact.

You both connect because you both were going through the same stages of life, with the same struggles.

Gina reassured you that no one would do anything because there were babies in the house. And she was smooth. Or so she thought....

Her only mistake was trusting that snake, Ronald. The one who pulled the trigger.

You guys underestimated this jigga.

You thought since he was ordained to preach in prison and fooled the judges and the system into letting him out, that he could be played.

Yes, you thought 'Surely, he used be a preacher. He won't hurt us. He won't miss this little stuff. He is forgiving. He is harmless.'

But you failed to realize that anyone is capable of anything. He had demons tormenting him, plaguing his mind, body and soul. They came back after he renounced his faith in God.

One thing is for sure....renounce your faith in the church. Renounce your faith in religion. They are both shaky and faulty, true that.


That was Ron's mistake. He renounced his faith in God, so God had to give him up to a reprobate mind. He had to let the demons torment him.

Torment him so until all lines between right and wrong were gone. Til he no longer has a conscious. Til he is driven by pure hatred and evil.....

Girls, you didn't know. You went to church as little girls. I believe one of you went to an Apostolic Church at one time. But life circumstances overtook you and you lost your faith. Got hooked up with the wrong jiggas...

Then left with those beautiful babies!

I understand. Trust me I do. I am a single mom out here in Post Katrina N.O. trying to make it.

I'm a be real. I had opportunity to deal like that. Of course, I was blind to what was going on around me. But when God shone the light, I couldn't.

I just couldn't promote a business that is in the business of doing things like what was done to you.

I want to provide for my kids, and I do believe God is Jehovan Jireh! He is a Provider!

But I see you and your precious babies in those caskets with tears in my eyes.

I hate what was done to you. To those babies. Ronald will be tormented longer, forever, if he does not repent.

But I suspect he wants to die. He cannot believe he has sunk so low.

Ladies, thank q!

Because you are speaking to thousands of young (and middle aged) poor women in this country....even from your graves!!!!!

To the families of these precious, I cannot imagine your pain. Your grief. Your anguish at this moment.

But I do hear their blood crying. I do know they are happy. TO that Dad, Andrea's dad, Andrea was a good girl. She didn't want to bother you anymore. She was so grateful you helped her and that angel. She just wanted to try to make it on her on.

To the family of Gina. I suspect you are Apostolic. I know you all had a homegoing service for her and that handsome prince she had. You all know what happens after death.

I pray you use their deaths to minister to the young people in your community.

Let's not forget Gina, Andrea, and little Jordan and Charlii.

To the govenment. Shame on you. You pay workers slave wages and expect them to be able to take care of their families! And act shocked that some of your employees have to resort to criminal activity to feed their families!

Then you claim to be an agency that looks out for children! For shame!

To the dealers. I know some of you just cold hearted and don't give a damn. Life means nothing to you, no matter the age. It is all about the benjamins, the high and the power.

There is a hell awaiting you after you live hell on earth...

But to those of you who deal because you feel like you have no other alterative....

You do!

Look?! That could be a picture of you and your loved ones being buried! Trust God to supply your needs. I address this in particular to single mothers!!!!!

To the churches. I am not impressed at who can shout the house down. I am not impressed at who can riff and run folks down the aisles. I am not impressed at the grand cathedrals that houses thousands every Sunday. I am not impressed at how many you baptize, get to speak in tongues, or ordain to preach. Ronald (the alleged killer) was ordained, too.

I AM impressed when I see you out in the community stopping senseless bull like this! No doubt within a five mile radius of this senseless tragedy there is megachurch, or at the very least a church, nearby.

Why have church and the church does not impact or affect the community?????????

Jesus left out of the synagogues to minister to the masses. This is a shame. We got all this power. When are we going to use it to help out people?

To the police in Indy. Thank you for being SO vigilant about bringing these folks to justice. I pray the justice system will be swift and harsh with their punishment to these young men.

Gina, Andrea, Jordan, and Charlii, I won't forget you. I will never forget the above pictures as long as I live.

Your living truly was not in vain!!!!!

God Bless!

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