Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cooking a Gynormous Meal Doesn't Prove I LOVE U!


There are some that may misconstrue this post as a rant, per se, against Thanksgiving Day.

And I guess, it kinda is.

As I get ready to log into work (yes!  I'm gonna go make that paper today!), I began to think on the whole concept and misconception on which this day is allegedly 'celebrated.'

Family members that don't talk to one another all year long scramble to get funds together to travel so that all the family can gather around a table, offer God thanks for all He has given them.

Most of these family members can't stand one another.  And some people invite folks who can't be around family to come to their house for din the whole concept that's behind thanksgiving is lost because you're spending it with a bunch of strangers who mean absolutely NOTHING to you.

So folks gorge themselves with food to the point of making themselves physically ill....and the folks who spent possibly all week preparing this illustrious meal are too tired to even enjoy the company ....OR the meal....

It made me think about the foolishness of it all.

Folks spending money they don't have, to cook TOO much food that usually ends up in the trash anyways does NOT prove that the folks who prepared the food 'love' the people they are feeding.

As a whole, I think that folks in this country are WAY too obsessed with food.

When folks go to church, afterwards, what do they do?

They go to the nearest Golden Corral, or Chinese Buffet and gorge themselves with food.

Or they gather in the 'fellowship hall' and pack on the pounds.

People in this country eat entirely TOO Much food.  All year long!

The way you prove you love people is in how you treat them ALL YEAR LONG.

They way you prove you love GOD is in how obedient you are to Him, ALL YEAR LONG.

Not in setting aside ONE DAY of the year where you decide to 'give God thanks' for all He has done.

How would YOU feel if you worked hard all year long for someone you love, but they only decided to say 'thank you' and 'I love you' only ONCE per year????????

You would be peeved, wouldn't you?

That relationship would not last too long, would it?

But that's just what so called christians do ..... they decide to thank God once per year...and God's been good to them ALL YEAR LONG.  Faithful.  Longsuffering.  Forgiving.  Merciful....

As a matter of fact, God grants us NEW mercies .... HOW often?

EVERY DAY!!!!!!!

Yet we only say thanks.  We only DO thanks...we only take the time to be grateful for what He's done....Once per YEAR???????

HOW is that right?????

HOW is it right to only give a meal to the HOMEless....ONE day per year...when they need to eat the other 364 days per year....and then they STILL need a place to stay....ALL YEAR LONG?

I've been homeless before, and I can tell you.  My son and I appreciated the one meal, maybe the gifts that was lavished on us....but the people who did it did it to make THEMSELVES feel better.

NOT because they 'loved us,' per se!

NOT because they even CARED about where my son and I were gonna stay after they did their 'good deed' or two for the year!

The holiday season is so really is.  I just can't get with it.  Folks who spit at you all year long, folks who could care LESS about your plight or how you get along ....all year long, ALL OF A SUDDEN, get a heart, get some compassion from somewhere.  And decide that they want to feed you and maybe get you some gifts.


That's just CRAZY to me!

So I'm chillin today.  I'm going make that double time.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that come tomorrow, come next week, come next month, I will prove my love my loved doing what's RIGHT by them....ALL YEAR LONG!

Come tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, FOREVER, I WILL give God thanks.  I WILL live a grateful and thankful LIFE....ALL YEAR LONG.

God WILL know I love Him...not by what I profess on some designated holiday....but in how I do what He says....

ALL YEAR LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!