Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WHY All The 'Talk' About 'Jezebel?'

I remember when Juanita Bynum came out with her teaching on 'the jezebel spirit' back in the 1990's.  It was at World Harvest Church.  

BOY!!!!  EVERYBODY was SOOO into this teaching...

I don't think anyone else had ever broached the 'topic' or 'teaching' on jezebel before Bynum.  If they did, no one ever heard of them until THIS WOMAN got in THIS pulpit in Columbus, Ohio and preached her heart out about what she believed to be the 'spirit of jezebel.'

I was on the bandwagon, too.  Hung on every word this woman hollered, proclaimed, taught, prophesied, etc.

WORE this VHS OUT!  (Thats how old this teaching IS!)

All of a sudden, different 'variations' of  the jezebel teaching started popping up throughout churchdom.  

Over 20 years later, folks STILL hollering about what they perceive to be 'the jezebel spirit.'  

Every week, someone else claims to have some sort of 'revelation' on the 'jezebel spirit.'

If you listened to these pulpiteers and pulpit PUPPETS, it would almost seem like God is saying NOTHING else about ANYTHING else ..... EXCEPT JEZEBEL!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Now...knowing God the way that I do, I do know that God WILL speak to and teach His people.  He will reveal things to those who seek Him.

But God has no need nor any desire to repeat Himself.

Now FOLKS may WANT Him to repeat Himself...b/c they have a HARD time believing what He said THE FIRST TIME.  

Folks have been mimicing and re-packaging 'the jezebel doctrine' for over 20 years....and it's REALLY sad!

Because from Bynum ALLLLLL the way down to what you read on jezebel just a FEW MINUTES AGO is TOTALLY WRONG and ERRONEOUS!

That's right!

PSA:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my ebook, '"The Fruits of Azusa,' I explained the origin of MOST doctrines that are being taught in the 'church' today.

Sad to say, the 'jezebel spirit' is one thing I did NOT cover...not in detail anyways....

But it definitely IS a FALSE TEACHING/DOCTRINE that is floating around in the church systems.

Let these puppets and pulpiteers tell you, jezebel is just so powerful and has so much 'control' over people, that now all of sudden folks have no sense of right or wrong, good or bad.  No accountability.  Can't hear from God from themselves.  Can't do NOTHING!

It's ALL jezebel's fault!!!!! LOL!

NO...ITS YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many charismatics and religious folks like to 'blame the devil' and 'a spirit' on just about everything....if they sin, the first thing they wanna cry is -Like Flip Wilson used to say - THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!'

When it was nobody but YOU!  Nobody but ME!

If a person decides to sin, it's because THEY WANTED TO!!!!!  PERIOD.

No spirit 'overtook' a person and made them do A THING!

But instead of taking RESPONSIBILITY for one's own actions, owning up to it, church people (in particular) LOVE to blame the spirit world and the devil for ERR'THANG!

Imma leave that alone for a sec...and get in the Word.  Cuz some of you religious spirits ain't gonna hear me unless I throw some chapters and verses up in there!


NOW, Go read 1 King 16...that's the first mention in the Word of God of Queen Jezebel.

Now some cultural references...

Folks like to make like jezebel was this fine, made - up sister who had all the men salivating at the mouth.  Many a religious man has made her out to be the epitome of seduction and provocativeness.  Some of the most beautiful actresses in the world have played jezebel, including Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor.


The demonization of the (beautiful) woman has been a stigma within the church system for centuries.  The very thing that made the woman attractive to the opposite sex (THE MALE) has been twisted around and turned into 'a demonic spirit' by the religious right...mostly men....who are for the most part- afraid of their own sexuality and prowess...and their attraction to the opposite sex.

Couple that with insecure, homely, frightened, thirsty females (replete within the oppressive church system) who thrive for the attention of the male...especially and in particular, any male that actually HAS (or FEIGNS to have/fakes the funk) authority in the 'spiritual/religious' realm.  For some reason, females flock to these types of men within the oppressive church culture.

When these men come across a (beautiful) female that TRULY has authority, truly is beautiful...these men will go to no lengths to have her.  They are attracted to her...they MUST have her.

Then after they marry her, get her, then they tire of her, discard her...and then DEMONIZE her!

When the real demon is in the MEN that perpetuate this stereotype of the woman (whether it be Eve, Jezebel, Rahab, etc.) is the reason the man continues to fall.

Time really prevents me from citing all the examples in the bible where a woman was demonized by the religious system, ostracized, cast out....

But the very ones that religious men went to great lengths to demonize and ostracize were the VERY ONES Jesus Christ of Nazareth ACCEPTED.  REVEALED HIMSELF TO FIRST.  USED THEM TO BRING THE WORD TO THE 'MEN.'  (Remember Mary Magdalene?  Who had all kinds of demons...?  Til God got ahold of her...then she was the first one who saw Jesus Christ RESURRECTED!  And then she went and TOLD the scary apostles the good news...while they were sitting around sulking and crying ....thinking that Jesus had left them!)

Yall remembered the woman at the well?

When Jesus Christ of Nazareth revealed himself to HER (first), SHE went and told THE MEN in the city about JESUS!!!!

It would seem to me that God has a tendency to speak to women MUCH more than He does the men.  

Not saying He does not....all I'm saying is that God indeed uses the foolish things of the world to confound THE WISE.

For all the insecure religious men (and some women) out there, let me reassure you.

God DOES use the foolish to confound the (religiously) wise!

God uses beautiful women, as well as homely ones.  Married women, as well as single ones.  Fat women and skinny women.  Women who go to church...and women who don't.  Women WITH a reputation...and women who HIDE their sins!  (You caught that, uh?  LOL)

But anyway...so as to keep the attention of the chapter and verse seekers, I will go into the word even more....to show you that there is NO such thing as a SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL!



There is only one time in the Word of God where the spirit of someone who lived before is actually referred to as something that is 'transferred' (for lack of a better term) to the people.

The Spirit of Elijah 

BOTH times the Spirit of Elijah was mentioned was in the Old Testament.

Do you know what that means?

Ever heard of necromancy?  Consulting the spirits of dead folks for 'revelation, spiritual insight, wisdom, info on the future?'  

ALL of that was strictly forbidden in the Word of God.  

Yet they got folks that have developed major church doctrines on consulting with, relating to, transferring spirits of, the whole mantles' doctrine....of dead saints!!!!!

HMMMM, let's see...what other religion/church does that?

Could it be the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH?????  St Mary, St Peter, St Paul....etc?

We protestants love to stone catholics on how they consult to and pray to dead saints...but charismatics and pentecostals been worshiping jezebel for over 20 years now!!!!!

How so????

Juanita Bynum made up a doctrine about the spirit of jezebel...based very loosely upon several OT scriptures and Revelations 2:20....and while YES, God mentions jezebel having SOME influence over A church-the church SPECIFICALLY AT THYATIRA- not a group of churches...

Nowhere in the Word of God do I see this 'spirit of jezebel' having so much power over the church as most make it out today!!!!!

The Word of God does not EVER elude to or even mentions a 'spirit of jezebel' having such massive influence over the 'entire body of christ' as some would elude to.

So what's with all this teaching on jezebel???????

I wholeheartedly believe that (I still believe in the existence of the devil, btw) that the enemy is trying to scare a WHOLE lot of folks into believing that a woman...or the spirit of a DEAD woman at that, is somehow the cause of the 'overthrow and downfall of the church.'


The jezebel that is mentioned in Rev. 2:20 only affected that ONE church.  The church at Thyatira ...which is now modern day Akhisar, Turkey.

Not Christianity!  Or the western church!

Now I understand that the seven churches God spoke to in the Book of Revelations...some seem to think that He was somehow speaking to seven types of churches.  

Again, let's look at the Queen Jezebel...all these things described in Rev. 2:20 were things Jezebel actually did during her reign.  BUT the reason why her influence (and I DO want to emphasize the word INFLUENCE, NOT spirit!)

 The reason why jezebel's influence somehow seeped down from generation to generation was NOT b/c the so-called 'spirit of jezebel' was so powerful and what not.

It was because the RELIGIOUS culture of Judaizers and the religious people kept her influence ALIVE within the religious culture!!!!!!

Those entrapped within the religious systems of men LOVE to iconize and idolize people who they deem powerful -whether that be powerful in a good way, or powerful in a bad way.

Then they deitize them and make them out to be gods...or spirits.  Somehow to keep the spirits of those who they admire, emulate, and worship alive...forever.

Which is really sad...because the ONLY one whose 'spirit' we should ALL seek to emulate and worship is the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!!!!!

Now, my saying these things does not mean I don't believe in the reality of the enemy or the demonic...I DO.

BUT, calling everything a 'spirit of this' and a 'spirit of that' where the Word of God is absolutely SILENT....?  That is EXTRA BIBLICAL nonsense!!!!!

It is ERROR.
It is leading millions ASTRAY!

The enemy LOVES to blame others for his foolishness....he loves it that millions of church folks are blaming the spirit of a dead woman for the 'demise' of the modern day church as it is known.

How CRAZY does THAT sound???

And let's take it a STEP further:  if 'the spirit of jezebel' has THAT much control over YOUR churches, WHERE IS THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD??????

Could it possibly mean that the church as YOU know that YOU were born into, that YOU were baptized into, that you became a MEMBER OF, has been under the CONTROL of ANOTHER SPIRIT....

ALL ALONG???????????

That NEVER crossed your minds...has it??????

Maybe THAT'S why you are so fascinated with 'jezebel?'

That's why you KEEP raising up teachers that teach yall this GARBAGE...?

It feeds into your sense of religiosity and superstition.

The enemy has been in charge of your churches since their inception....and HE has set up gods ....

Get your attention NOT on Jesus Christ of Nazareth...but on jezebel, and ahab, and leviathian (and I mean...what the HECK is a leviathian, anyways/?????  A DRAGON????)

On a python?  I have heard SOOO many teachings on the spirit of this and the spirit of that....giving spirits to animals and the such.  When animals DO NOT even have SOULS..OR SPIRITS!!!!

So WHERE are these teachings coming from?

Go read your old testament...the religious there LOVED to deitize animals and give spiritual significance and power to animals...I guess b/c they were the ones being sacrificed at the altars for the sins of the people...who knows!

But GOD is NOT pleased with this practice!

Worshiping the creature MORE than the CREATOR ....WHO IS blessed forever!!!!

Worship is not just singing Isreal Haughton or Fred Hammond...

Yall worship jezebel by putting these idiots in the pulpit that keep feeding you this JUNK on how powerful jezebel is...and running to conferences based solely upon exposing the spirit...of a DEAD woman???!!!

Listen to how crazy that sounds!!!!

And one more thing...

HOW is it that most of you cannot even STAND Juanita Bynum...talk about her like a DOG....

But you STILL upholding teachings she gave 20 yrs ago????

Yall call her crazy, delusional, a witch, a jezebel...everything but a child of God....but YOU STILL recycling her teachings...??

Repackaging it and making it sound it came from YOU???????



Monday, December 23, 2013

When GOD Is Giving A Whooping, You BEST Move Out the Way!!!!!

Do y'all remember when coming up-those of us who had siblings-and how when they would misbehave?  And then mama or daddy would get the switch or the belt and start tearing their butts UP?

And -especially if you're an older sibling, and you KNOW the pain their feeling as they are getting their butts beat-you feel SO bad for them?

But as bad as you felt for them, you KNEW better than to intervene in that whipping?  

You knew NOT to go to mama or daddy and say a THING while they are getting whipped!

Because you KNEW if you did - heck, even if you were in the same ROOM as them while they are getting whipped - you KNEW you were gonna be NEXT?

You didn't quite understand it coming up.  You thought mama or daddy was being extra mean or something when they'd tear your hide, too...

Maybe it was for covering for the sibling when you KNOW they did wrong....
Maybe it was because you had the audacity to try and STOP the beating!
Maybe you lied about YOUR PART in the wrong doing...

Whatever the reason was, you BOTH got your tails beat.  GOOD!

Ever wonder WHY that happened????

Hebrews 12:10-12

Our human parents disciplined us for a little while, as it seemed best to them, but God does it for our benefit so that we can share his holiness.

No discipline is fun while it lasts, but it seems painful at the time. Later, however, it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness for those who have been trained by it.

So strengthen your drooping hands and weak knees!


Some folks who know folks who are 'going through' are feeling sorry for those folks....the folks who are going 'through' present their problems as 'an attack from the enemy.'

And, of course, in the church arena and realm, all you got to do is use certain lingo and catch phrases, and the whole gang of 'prayer warriors' flock and think its their 'job' to 'tear down strongholds' and 'wage warfare' against 'the enemy.'

And then they 'go in...'  thinking that they are doing 'God's bidding and service' by praying for a person who is going through.

And THEN they start to catch ALL kinds of hell and what some call 'backlash in the spirit,' thinking that its the enemy....

WHEN REALLY, IT'S GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD HIMSELF will whip the very ones who call themselves 'waging warfare' on the behalf of someone(s) that is going through....

Let me share some thing with you....

Some folks DO go through as the result of a REAL enemy...the devil.  

In THOSE cases, YES.  By ALL means, PRAY.  PRAY.  PRAY.  The Word tells us to pray!

And SOME folks are going through because THEY BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES!!!!


Their 'going through' is the chastisement of THE LORD!

And here you are (with your prayin, warring self!) are just like that older sibling who feels bad for the younger sibling getting their TAILS whipped...so you make the MISTAKE of trying to STOP the whipping!!!!!!!!


I repeat...

YOU ...Prayer Warrior...Intercessor....WOG....MOG....CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT INTERVENE WHEN SOMEONE IS UNDER THE CHASTISEMENT (or even worse) THE JUDGMENT OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may fool around and catch a beating YOURSELF!

You can pray that they ENDURE their chastening like a big boy or a big girl...
You can pray that their strength fail not....
You can pray that God will have MERCY on them....

But don't think you're so big and bad and bold 'in the spirit' that you can STOP what GOD is doing in a person's life....EVEN if what GOD is doing is (temporarily) bad!

Just step back...and let GOD BE GOD!!!!!

Because YOUR hands are TOO short to box with GOD.

That person NEEDS the chastisement of the Lord.  That person needs judgment to be administered to their life so that the peaceable fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS can prevail and manifest in their lives.

That person's VERY soul being SAVED depends on if they accept-AND endure-the chastening of THE LORD!

I don't care HOW God uses them.  I don't care HOW anointed some think they are.  I don't care WHO they are...

NO ONE is exempt from the chastisement of the Lord....

EXCEPT, of course, those who BELONG to the DEVIL!

Hebrews 12:6-8

Because the Lord disciplines whomever he loves, and he punishes every son or daughter whom he accepts.
Bear hardship for the sake of discipline. God is treating you like sons and daughters! What child isn’t disciplined by his or her father? 

But if you don’t experience discipline, which happens to all children, then you are illegitimate and not real sons and daughters.

If they don't 'take their whipping,' ENDURE IT, then God says they are NOT Sons (of God!)

Some folks you know TODAY are enduring hardships.  

They are suffering consistent, unending depression.  They are burying folks right and left.  They are experiencing all kinds of loss.  They are literally tormented in their minds...with no relief.  They are suffering in their bodies.  

And the MORE you pray for them, THE WORSE THEY GET!

Now, HOLD UP....


Isn't that what the Word of God SAYS????

Ok, then...if that is true (and we all know the Word is TRUE), then if your praying, PRAYER WARRIOR, for these people is NOT making things BETTER in their lives....but worse, then that means that what they are going through MUST BE ORDAINED BY GOD!!!!


If GOD allows it, and your prayers, your intervention, doesn't bring about any change to the situation, you need to step back and ask GOD, 'GOD, is this YOU?  Are YOU doing this in this person's life????'

And if He says YES, then BACK OFF!

Do not try to manipulate God with your prayers b/c you feel bad for what a person's going through.  You can feel bad for them, pray, but WATCH HOW you pray!

Because you COULD be praying AMISS, operating in the realm of witchcraft, AND SUFFER THE SAME DISCIPLINE/CHASTENING of the Lord that the person you're praying for is!

I know what I'm speaking of.  I used to be a 'prayer warrior' in church.  Head of intercessory teams.  Stayed 'on my face' praying for folks...and turns out those folks were under judgment or being chastened by God...and then all of a sudden, I found myself going through craziness, too.

I had to step back and go to God and seek direction...

And that's when HE gave it to me!

So its best you MOVE OUT OF THE WAY when God's judging folks or whipping their tail!

They may lose their life...but they WILL gain salvation!


Many doctrines have been erroneously taught in the church system.  If you want to learn WHERE these doctrines-such as prayer warriors and warfare praying-get a copy of

Friday, December 20, 2013

What Will You Do When the Cock Crows?

Mark 14:72

"At that very moment, a rooster crowed a second time. Peter remembered what Jesus told him,“Before a rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.” And he broke down, sobbing...."

You know...its been about 4 years or so now since I've been in church....

It was scary at first-leaving the church.  I really didn't know where I was going or what I would do next.

I just took it one day at a time.  Day in.  Day out.

You see, when you are used to not being in the know, or in the clique, the fellowship thing really doesn't get to you.  There are some (people) who literally shrivel up and DIE because they don't see so-and-so and they can't sing in the choir or the praise team.

Or they can't hear Apostle So-And-So preach...

I personally began to really enjoy the quieting of my spirit that occurred after I left the church.

It was like I could hear from God BETTER.  It wasn't 'Pastor said this...' or 'Prophet said that...'

It was more like 'GOD SAID THIS...' and 'GOD SAID THAT..'

And for someone like me to hear from GOD?  FOR MYSELF?????

That STILL blows me away.

I have a past.  Lol...I have a present...AND a future.

I wrote about it in my ebook 'Down Low Deliverance: BE SET FREE!'

I share about my struggles with same sex attraction.  And lust.  Fornication.  Sex addiction.  I'm very blunt and candid-some may consider it graphic even.

Because I don't share my present day struggles that I may go through in this area, some seem to think that I don't still deal with my flesh.  That simply is NOT true.

I just choose not to dwell on them ....

I still mess up.  I still need to repent.  I just don't get on FB or Blog Talk Radio and whine about it all day long.

Because quite frankly, I believe that that is between ME and God.

One thing you can say about me is that I won't lie to you.  I am real.  I will tell you how it is.  Even if it angers you.  I don't do it to anger you; I have to share the truth.  Even if it hurts you.  Or me.

But to get back to my topic....

WHAT do you do when the cock crows and you realize that you messed up?  That the very thing GOD said He was expecting you to do - mess up - and the very thing you said you would NEVER do....YOU DO????

And that reality hits you right in the face????

Peter was faced with some reality about his humanity.

Peter loved God.  Peter would go to bat for God.  But he was a bit religious....and presumptiuous.

He presumed that if given the opportunity, he would die for Christ.....when it was Christ who came to die FOR US!!!

But Peter trusted so much in HIMSELF to be righteous and earn a right hand seat with Christ Jesus that he stopped relying on the power of and faith IN GOD.

I think that's why God allows the cock to crow in our lives sometimes...you know?

When faced with our own sin and shortcomings, we have two choices.

We could do a Judas and off ourselves...never repenting.  Never going to the mercy seat to obtain favor from God.

We could be so hard on ourselves and never forgive OURSELVES...that no matter WHAT GOD has said or done about the situation....we will beat ourselves up til we die.


We can run BOLDLY to the mercy seat and get favor and mercy from God.  We can simply ask God to forgive us.  AND KEEP IT MOVING!!!!!

I have learned in this walk to not be so hard on myself.  There was a time when I fell into fornication ....and I was SO distraught that 'I' had fallen that I just couldn't get over it.  So I took some pills, turned on the gas and waited to die.


When you find someone like that who would rather rely on THEIR strength, mull around in self loathing and pity, who will go around for weeks beating themselves on the chest in remorse, who run to the altar week after week for the same issue, who will continuously ask OTHERS to pray for them b/c they just can't 'snap out of it....,' then you have run into a religious spirit who just may kill themselves.


NOT because the mercy and blood of Christ is not able to cleanse from all unrighteousness...nor b/c God didn't forgive.

But simply b/c they refuse to ACCEPT the mercy and forgiveness of GOD.

Religion has caused so many folks (preachers, pastors, members alike) to be so daggone hard on themselves!

The church system is such an abusive and cannibalistic one.  There is hardly any room for one to repent or to ask for mercy....

The way this thing is supposed to work is that if one falls, they should NOT have to go before a church, or Facebook, or Twitter, or a board or a council, or a priest to repent of their sins.

The Word of God says to go directly to GOD and obtain mercy!

The church and all her constituents set up idols and icons within her, and then when those icons and idols fall, they publicly stone and condemn them...some of them to DEATH!

Is it any wonder that these preachers are offing themselves more frequently?

I just read an article by TD Jakes where he went into his reasonings as to why the increase in pastoral suicide.

He made some valid points:  but I got it in one sentence.

The reason why the pastors are committing suicide is because these men and women were not and should not be pastoring in the first place.  The system in church is one that takes advantage of leaders AND the people.  They feed off one another....and NO ONE is relying on the power of God but the systems of MEN to redeem man.  And the systems of man will save NO ONE.

The pastors are set up as demigods....folks go around amening them and worshiping them all year long, giving them all their money, etc. And slowly but surely, these pastors start believing their own hype.  They start to thinking they ARE gods.  They start believing their own press - and forgetting their own humanity.

This is why I got out of the ministry:  ministry is such a dangerous game.

And it takes its toll on you....it really does.

And many, MANY people who believe they are 'called' into the ministry are SO being lied to by the enemy of their souls....its only a trap to get you to be among the growing number of pastors who are becoming increasingly depressed, mental and suicidal.

Godly sorrow is a part of repentance.  If one falls, they should feel it.  But NOT forever!

Remember in these churches where they would have you tarrying, snotting, crying, hollering, fall all in the floor, all under the pew...talking about you are repenting?  Or 'being purged?'


It does NOT take God all day to pardon your sins or forgive them.  The moment you ask for forgiveness, YOU ARE FORGIVEN!!!!!!

Get up from there and ACCEPT His forgiveness!

Now, folks' forgiveness?

Especially CHURCH FOLKS?  You may NEVER get their forgiveness or mercy.

But as long as you got what YOU need from GOD, ur GOOD!

An important part of repentance is not just the godly sorrow part.

The Word of God says NO CHASTISEMENT seems pleasant ....for the MOMENT.

Meaning, even GOD is not gonna beat you up forever.  There IS no never-ending, continual season of chastisement.  There IS a season...but it is short.

God's mercies are new WHEN?  EVERY MORNING!!!!!

That means that when you get up in the morning, God has given you ANOTHER CHANCE!

Breathe in that oxygen and exhale that CO2 and LIVE!!!!!!

Peter could have done a Judas and just offed himself...I mean COME ON!

He had denied the very Savior who he vowed to die FOR!
Not only that, but dude was cursing up a STORM while doing it!
He wasn't EVEN behaving like an apostle/disciple SHOULD!

But when Jesus LOOKED HIM IN THE EYES, Peter realized what he had done, YES, HE WEPT!

If you gotta cry, go ahead and CRY.

But don't sit there and cry me a river...for weeks!

Get you one good cry in and then go ahead and REPENT!

Go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, guess what will be waiting for you even BEFORE you get out of bed?????

A BRAND NEW MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT ONLY THAT...NEW MERCIES (plural) God will give!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLENTEOUS MERCIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT'S how I can get up every day....with a smile on my face.  Knowing that no matter what, GOD'S GOT ME!

When the cock crows in your life, go ahead and look to Jesus.

Cry if you must.  His beauty, His mercies, His love, His longsuffering towards us is absolutely AMAZING!!!!

But then wipe your tears and GET TO MOVING!!!!!!