Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day!

My God!

He is so awesome! He is so amazing! He loves us so much!

I just praise God for His infinite, never ending mercies towards me.

Today is World AIDS Day.

And I am so awed by the handiwork and protection of God.

I pray for those who are being afflicted with HIV and AIDS. God is there for you and He does love you.

I don't why you have this. In all reality, I should be where you are. I gave my body out recklessly without restraint. Yes. I am admitting. Ever since my uncle took pictures of me naked at 11 and 12 years old and told me how beautiful I was, I always thought my worth was in how much I can project sexuality and sensuality.

He transmitted a strong spirit of perversion and lust in me. It is what drove me into the hotel rooms, lusting after men...and women.

It is what kept me in relationships I knew I needed to run from.

It is what had me seeking to do porn. God's Hand was in that and kept me from it.

But God kept me from diseases. I didn't do it and you know the negroes didn't care about me.

God cared.

So I don't know why I was spared, and you weren't.

I know people can live with HIV and AIDS. And I pray that those who are afflicted God will save, first and foremost, heal and deliver.

But I can tell you that even with the sores cropping up on your body. Even when you are so tired and every muscle in your body hurts.

Even when you feel like you are going to lose your mind.

Even when those around you reject you and are scared to be close or intimate with you.

Even though you are condemned by man and the church.

Know God is on your side. Even if you don't want God.

He wants YOU!!!!

He wants you to be saved, to be delivered, to be set free from homosexuality and perversion, promiscuity.

He has done it for others and He will do it for you.

God will keep you with the AIDS. With your HIV. With the sickness. With the low T-cell count.

With the pneumonia. With the cancer.

I have no answers as to why. I just know God loves you.

And I don't judge you. I apologize on the behalf of those in the church who handled you wrong, cuz they didn't know how to minister to your special needs.

I have even handled some wrong with HIV. But God is so good to me, and He has mandated on my life, to whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required.

I can't hold anyone responsible and anything over anyone when God has been so merciful to me.

And because He has been so merciful to me, I am obligated to extend that mercy to you.

To whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required!

Use your life to speak out against sexual perversion, lust, promiscuity and lack of knowledge about sexuality.

God is with you.

Be Blessed in Jesus' name