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So YOU Don’t Believe They Were ‘DELIVERT?’ (The Controversy of Deliverance)

Many of you are aware of Andrew Caldwell’s fervent testimony of how God has delivered him from homosexuality.  I, too, share a similar story of deliverance – as I shared in my open letter to Dr. Earl Carter.  (See

The ensuing controversy that has surrounded Caldwell’s testimony – whether you realize it or not – is nothing new to church-dom. 

As you all know, many have taunted Caldwell, doubted that his testimony is true.  Many have resorted to name-calling, mocking him, threatening him in public and via cyberspace.  Sad to say, most of the ‘hate’ has come from so-called ‘christians’ who are supposedly ‘holding up the blood-stained banner.’ 

Many look at Caldwell and conclude because he still displays certain behaviors, and some dig up his past to see if they can discredit him…and even others try at every hand to discredit him by the very things he post on social media, the places he chooses to go, the clothes he chooses to wear, etc. 

All outward criteria…judging after the FLESH to determine if something SPIRITUAL has indeed taken place in Caldwell’s life.

(I thought the Word says to judge RIGHTEOUS judgment?  To not look at the outward appearance of man?)


Ever since biblical times, controversy, unbelief, lack of faith, mockery, persecution and mayhem has always surrounded those who dare to believe GOD HIMSELF for deliverance &  salvation.

The most popular story of deliverance in the bible occurred in John 9.

This is the story of the blind man being healed by Jesus Christ on the Sabbath.  Go read the account of the healing and what happened immediately after.

In a nutshell, this man is born blind.  Jesus was passing by him and noticed his condition.  The disciples asked ‘WHO sinned that would cause this man to be born blind?’  Jesus told him ‘no one has sinned…but that this man was born blind to ‘show the works of God.’ 

Sometimes, God will allow things in our lives that we don’t understand.  Those things may seem unfair.  Horrendous.  Especially to others on the outside looking in…so much so that (if they’re RELIGIOUS) they will begin to question, ‘What did they DO to deserve that?  They MUST HAVE been sinners…’

But that is NOT the case, according to Jesus!

Then Jesus goes on to deliver this man in a most unusual way – you all know the story:  He spits on the ground, made some mud and put MUD on the man’s eyes! 

Religious people think that God has only one way to deliver folks.  They’ve got this down to a formula almost! ‘If God doesn’t do it JUST LIKE THIS, IN THIS SETTING, thru the hands of THIS person, in THIS denomination, on THIS day, then it MUST NOT be God!’ 

But if you read this story, you will see Jesus was NEVER married to religious dogmas and formulas.  He did things HIS way…out the norm.  Things that normally would NOT take place, He allowed them- enabled them even- to take place.

The first folks that had something to say were the people.  People started shoosh-shooshing, gossiping, questioning and interrogating the man.  Then they brought him before the Pharisees, which represents modern-day leaders in the church.  Once they couldn’t find anything on him or present viable arguments, they were hoping the priests would.

Then, of course, the priests – being well-versed in religious protocol and by-laws- had to point out that the blind man who can now SEE was healed on the Sabbath, which is a BIG no-no in the religious circles.  Then they tried to find something wrong with the one who administered said deliverance:  they went ahead and called Jesus Christ a ‘sinner!’

Can you imagine that?

He who was SINLESS?  Perfect?  The Savior of the world…and the church leaders, the Pharisees¸ had not properly DISCERNED who He was…(nor do they NOW properly discern who He IS, for that matter!)

ANYTHING they could find, they found it.  They accused the Healer AS WELL AS the healed.  The blind man who now could see called Him a PROPHET…but they called him Beelzebub! 

They just couldn’t believe that God had done ANYTHING.  So they went digging in the man’s past.  They went to HIS FAMILY, trying to get some background on ol’ dude.  What did THEY do?  They punked out..and instead of attesting to the FACT that their son was, in fact, HEALED, they said ‘Hey, he’s grown.  YES, he was BORN blind.  But what’s going on with him NOW?  We don’t know…ask him…’ 

Relatives threw ol’ boy under the bus! 

Then they went back to the man to try and get him to confess that Jesus did NOT heal him.  Instead they played the ‘God’ card:  they told him to ‘give glory to God and NOT man.’  And CERTAINLY not THIS sinner! 

Not realizing that God was healing the man THROUGH Jesus Christ.  And that there is salvation, there is deliverance, there is healing in NO OTHER NAME other than the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH! 

So to try and bypass Jesus is almost like refuting and renouncing the healing…which he refused to do.  He KNEW from whence came HIS help!  And he wasn’t afraid to TELL IT!

So after he wouldn’t renounce his testimony OR Jesus, they went ahead and called him a sinner, too, and then proceeded to kick him OUT of the synagogue.  I mean, after all, who was HE to tell them ANYTHING, right?  What ministry school he went to?  WHO was his covering?  WHO released him? 

But it was not until they CAST HIM OUT that Jesus revealed Himself to ol’ boy! 

It was when he was CAST OUT that he RETAINED his testimony…and sup with Jesus.  Fellowship with Him.  Jesus knew him and He knew Jesus….

Many may wonder how all this time I’ve still been able to hold on to my testimony.  How after all these years, I STILL no longer desire women? 

That’s because when they CAST ME OUT, put my name out there for evil, THAT’S when I got to know JESUS CHRIST in a REAL way!  And THAT’S when HE sealed the SUSTAINED deliverance for me!  It wasn’t at the altar that that happened! A seed was planted…..true. 

 It was ‘as I went,’ walking away from all religion, Phariseeism, religious dogma and persecution.  It was when I burned my ministerial papers, renounced my membership and participation in the Potter’s House School of Ministry and all other churches…it was when I let go of religion and embraced JESUS BY myself….

THAT’S what caused me to grow in faith and in the KNOWLEDGE OF HIM!!!!!

And then NO RELIGIOUS DEVIL could take my testimony!

I encourage you if you are seeking deliverance, GO TO JESUS CHRIST.  Not your church, or your pastor.  Don’t seek affirmation from your apostle or some pimp preacher…or run here or there trying to get their stamp of approval for what Jesus did FOR YOU…it will NEVER COME!

Simply receive it IN FAITH…knowing THIS:

Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now that you say, ‘We see,’ your sin remains.”

An Open Letter to Dr. Earl Carter: From A Woman Who Was Delivered The Right Way!

An Open Letter To Dr. Earl Carter ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Do YOU Want A Man of God?

This is a question every 'christian' woman has to ask herself at one time or another.

It seems like 'Men of God' are in high demand these days among church women.  It's even worse now than when I was in church 5 years or so ago.

I'm not sure what the attraction or appeal is.

But I do know that feening for a Man of God can be a dangerous thing.

I have made this video to express that; take heed or ignore the warnings....

It's on you!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I recently spoke with Cheron Griffin of CheMedia Group, the producers of the highly controversial, upcoming reality show the "Preachers' Exes."

I have to say it was a pleasure getting to hear from Ms. Griffin on this highly-talked-about show. Cheron Griffin is a very pleasant, caring woman who has a heart for women and their healing.  It is truly a shame that the church world has grossly misinterpreted what this show is all about....but the persecution and attack on these women does not surprise me.  

I myself have been there and done that...and that's what led me to speak with Ms. Griffin.  The world needs to hear what's REALLY up....and NOT through religious filters either!

I asked some questions of her that would help bring some insight and perspective into what inspired this show.  

You all know where I stand as far as the show airing is concerned:  I am 500% in support of this show and feel it is LONG overdue.  For way too long, the church has sought to mute the voices of its women and children.  

Me:   "WHO is Cheron Griffin?  Tell the world about the creator and producer of 'The Preachers' Exes.'  What events led you to this place in your went from being a first lady - TWO times - to here....HOW?" 

Cheron:  "Cheron K. Griffin, first, is a woman who loves God contrary to popular belief.  She's a spiritual woman that is led by God and by her faith in God.  She is NOT RELIGIOUS."

"Cheron has always been considered a maverick and a rebel even in her youth.  She's passionate about the things she believes in and she's compassionate to mankind.  She loves hard and her loyalty is real.  She's the life of the party and her confidence is unusual."

"The events that led up to the upcoming reality TV show Preachers' Exes is not only her book "3PM: The Preacher. The Power. The Penis & Me," but the fact that her ex-husband is not following through in his legal obligations regarding their divorce decree.  In the time of distress, one will either sink or swim.  Cheron swims very well.  Preachers' Exes is her lifeboat."

"As far as being married to two preachers, Cheron married the men, not the title.  And as far as being in this position called divorce, it was sanctioned by God.  God says that we should have the abundant life, not one full of abuse and misery.  The "church" has it wrong.  How can we be victorious, if there is no victory.  How can we live when we are dying?  It's impossible.  How can a man say he loves his wife when he abuses his wife?   Maybe I have it wrong, but I'll take the risk so that others can live."

Me:    "I wrote another article on your show, entitled 'Leave the Preachers' Exes Alone:  God is Using them!'  In it, basically, I said that God is judging the organized church system as we all know it...and one of the ways judgment is being administered is by means of EXPOSURE.  So many people have a negative perspective of EXPOSURE, in particular, when it comes to the exposure of THEIR pastors and churches. When someone has a wound, unless its broken or a fracture, a doctor usually will encourage a patient to NOT bandage up the wound.  Our grandmothers used to say, 'Let the air and sun hit that scab; that's the only way it will heal properly!'  Yet, many in the church are AFRAID of exposure!  They think that the light of the truth, the exposing of mistreatment of the women and/or children of the church, will somehow be of detriment to the institution of the church.  But no one is concerned about the well-being of the ones being HURT in the system.  Exposure is the ONLY way that these women and children will be healed of the many wounds inflicted upon them within the church....what is your take on this?  Was this the driving force behind creating the show?"

Cheron:    "I believe that judgment starts at the house of God first.  I think that it's about time that women take a stance and tell their truth as opposed to being quiet like many of us are taught.  A baby has more sense to scream out if pain is inflicted, but somehow, we (women and children) have been muzzled by sayings like, "What goes on in the house stays in the house."  That saying alone has caused so many to be depressed, oppressed, mistreated, abused, etc.  I say, "MAKE SOME NOISE AND SCREAM OUT LOUD!"  We no longer have to suffer in silence."

"My driving force is always exposing the injustices of mankind.  I want women to share their stories so that healing can begin to take place and those old wounds can become scars.  Scars are the representation of healing, but open wounds become infected.  We have many infected individuals in the pulpit and in the pews."

Me:   "That's a mouthful right there! 

"There is obviously a lot of controversy surrounding this show-a lot of concern from churchgoers that the church would be made to look 'bad' in the public.  Some have accused the ladies of being 'carnal, bitter and having an agenda to retaliate against the church.'  I, personally, understand what you're doing...and commend/applaud it.  But let the readers know... Is that really the case?  Are you trying to 'malign' the church?  If not, what was the inspiration behind your creating this show?"

Cheron:   "Any time there is exposure, people will come against it; however, the premise of the show is empowerment through our testimonies.  Personally, I am not bitter and if I was, I have a right to be.  It's really not about the preachers we were married to, but it's about a camaraderie of women experiencing their healing together and stepping out into their own.  It's about learning to love ourselves and walking into destiny.  It's about showing the world that we are not afraid to launch out into the deep.  It's about LIVING.  How many people do we know that really have the chance to LIVE,  not many."

"As far as the church, it's already maligned.  I don't have to do that.   If it was not maligned, God would not have said that judgment is going to start at the house of God first.  I must add, we are the church and the building is simply a place of corporate worship.  Again, the inspiration behind creating the show is so that many can be healed.  It's really that simple."

Me:   "I see that you are into women's empowerment, holding seminars that help build the confidence of girls and women.  Having been a minister in the church myself, I know the lack of QUALITY mentoring and ministry to girls and women.  All that the girls and women are taught is how to be a first lady.  How to snag them a preacher.  How to be 'a woman of God.'  Do you believe that the church culture - particularly in the African American community - oppresses women and fosters an environment where women are consistently exploited, abused, persecuted and mistreated?"

Cheron:   "I believe that the church is an entity that oppresses women.  I cannot say all churches, but I am going to say many.  I don't believe in religion, but I do believe in having a relationship with Christ and I believe that that relationship is personal.  I believe that in the urban church world, many women are taught to serve their men and to be submissive.  I love the culture of the agnostic and the atheist that simply believe that men and women are equal partners.  Actually, atheist and agnostics have less divorces than the Christian community.  I believe in the liberated woman who is experiencing her freedom with or without a man.  I believe in the wholeness of a woman who is experiencing God's best for her whether she's married or single. I believe that the urban church has put God in a box and many women in a square.  I want women to experience the freedom I have and to LIVE OUT LOUD.  It's a great place to be."

Me:   "What would you want to say to a 'first lady,' or a woman in leadership in the church who HAS or IS being misused, abused, or has been molested, raped or discriminated against solely based upon the fact that they are women.  Is there healing within the four walls of the church for a woman who has been BROKEN by the church?"

"In many cases, the healing of the brokenhearted in church cannot get their healing in the place that hurt them. Many say the church is the hospital for the sick, but I say God is a place of healing and God is everywhere. He's in our hearts and He's a safe haven.   He's in our homes.  He's in the workplace. He's where we are. The word simply says that where two or three are together in my name, I am there in the midst.  This scripture alone gives me hope because God can speak to us and usher in our healing wherever and whenever.  Personally, I am not against the church, I simply eat the meat and spit out the bones when I go.  I don't look to man for what God can do.  I received my healing on the dance floor with a margarita in my hand.  And yes, I do love God."


Thank you so much, Cheron Griffin, for sharing your heart with us today!  You have truly shared some powerful truths.  Godspeed, Ladies!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Isaiah 28:10, 13

 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

 But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

For the past few weeks, I have sat by silently and watched preachers disdain the importance of CONTEXT.  
I have heard MORE than one preacher (mis)quote the above scripture:

People take this scripture and RUN with it when presented with the argument of taking scriptures in proper CONTEXT.

For those of you who don't know what that means, let me break it down.

CONTEXT: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. the parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.

In other words, to take a scripture in PROPER context, that means you have to know WHAT was being said, WHEN it was said, WHO was spoken to, WHERE this conversation took place and (if known) WHY.

We learned that in school when learning how to read and COMPREHEND what was read in Reading.


If you didn't get those 5 things when reading/studying, you-as a student-will MISS the point of passage.  You will not FULLY comprehend what's written.

There are some fundamentals of studying that you do NOT throw out the window just because what you're reading is scriptures.  The Word says STUDY to show yourself APPROVED, RIGHTLY dividing the Word of Truth....(2 Timothy 2:15)

So in the WORD OF GOD itself, we are admonished to STUDY.

Let's NOT make STUDYING THE SCRIPTURES something that is NOT important or necessary.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

With that being said, PLEASE NOTE:  when studying the scriptures, it is IMPERATIVE that you know the CONTEXT of the scriptures that you're reading.  

Otherwise, you WILL miss the message!

You can hoop and holler, roll all in the floor, speak in tongues, all the histrionics that usually goes on in the average church service.

When I first got saved, I had this romantic, over-spiritualized view of the scriptures.  

I was the person who 'laid all out in the floor,' waiting on 'a word from the Lord.'  Fasted.  Prayed.  The whole nine.  And I was ALWAYS in church!  

But with all that, there was some things I still didn't get.  I still didn't understand some things...even though I THOUGHT I did.  

But God began to show me some things...and truth be told, He STILL is showing me things!  I am still unlearning things I learned in the organized church system.  

And one of the ways GOD help me to UNLEARN some error I had been indoctrinated with was to show me HOW to go into the scriptures and dig in FOR MYSELF.  Admittedly, I used to just close my eyes, and wherever the Bible pages landed, THAT was my lesson for the day!  My Word of the Lord for that day!  LOL...

But as I got older and started questioning things, I began to realize I didn't understand what some words in scriptures meant.  That's when I started learning MORE about church history.  I have always been a curious church history was a favorite topic of mine.  

I wanted to KNOW where the church was in the 18th century.  I wanted to know about the martyrs and early church history.  So I started RESEARCHING.

Also, I started using a Strong's Concordance.  And a dictionary.  Yes, my old pastors told me not to...and even at some of the most prestigious of ministry schools, I was encouraged to just digest the word THEY had for me.  Private study and devotion time was almost return for getting in uniform, being at your 'assigned post' at an assigned time (as a minister), being really busy 'for the Lord.'  

And with all that running around for church and ministry, WHO had time to REALLY study?  Or seek God?  
Yes, I went on retreats at convents and such places to get 'alone with God.'  But even THOSE places had their own 'agenda,' to indoctrinate me with THEIR truth!

It wasn't until I got OUT the system and just dug into the Word for myself that I started to learn SO MUCH.  I started hearing from God SO MUCH.  MUCH more than I had while in church ....and truthfully, even in so-called 'ministry.'

I share my testimony to let you all know that this mentality is prevalent among the pulpits in America today.  There are a LOT of preachers who are UNSKILLED in the Word who are preaching you happy, performing signs, wonders and miracles in hopes that you won't desire the SINCERE milk of the Word and GROW.  They are hoping to keep you hyped up, prophe-lie to you, some are even willing to give you a title or position because that is what they have told you is the pinnacle of spiritual maturity...when you reach 'the revered pulpit!'

And these preachers generally dismiss the importance of CONTEXT when teaching the scriptures to you.

They will say KNOWLEDGE PUFFS UP and tell you to just trust them.

But the very scripture they use to TRY and prove their point THEY (again) haven't taught OR studied it in they miss a KEY point in Isaiah 28:10....

They haven't read the FIRST part of Isaiah 28 to see WHO God is talking to or about:

Let's take a look:

Isaiah the prophet is prophesying to a people who go to the temple faithfully, but they are far from God.  

Let's take a look at verses 7-9:

"But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment.

For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.

Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts."


WHAT was the problem?   They were in ERROR; he likens their error to being DRUNK (puts a whole new spin on the term 'drunk in the spirit,' uh?)  God says they can't see and they cannot DISCERN.  (...err in vision, stumble in judgment)

WHEN was this taking place?  Right before Israel was about to go into Babylonian exile for turning their backs on God.  Being led by wayward preachers. ' Drunk' prophets and pastors....

WHERE?  Israel

WHY?  Because they were in sin.  Because they didn't UNDERSTAND DOCTRINE!!!!!

Go read verse 9 AGAIN.


So if God is asking about knowledge and doctrine, who are YOU, preacher, to tell the people they do NOT NEED knowledge nor do they need to understand doctrine??????

But look at the answer:


Do you see that?

The people aren't supposed to stay on milk forever, Preacher.  What is milk?

EVERYTHING after the the word PERFECTION in the following scripture.

PREACHER, if you still on baptisms, on faith, if your people are still coming to the altars and you preaching repent, repent, repent EVERY Sunday, if you still got to lay hands on the same folks for the same thing every week....


Hebrews 6:1-2

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment. And this will we do, if God permit. ...


The very words 'precept upon precept' 'line upon line' speaks to the whole concept of proper CONTEXT.  You cannot read something in its proper CONTEXT without first reading what's BEFORE and AFTER a scripture.  Or without knowing the setting of the scripture, or the audience.

I have heard preachers use the excuse that the reason why they have a congregation full of babes on milk because the people can't handle 'the TRUTH.'  

That is NOT true!

It is the TRUTH that sets free.  People NEED the grow.  They may not WANT the truth.  But if you keep holding out on the people just to keep the crowds and the money a-coming, GOD'S GONNA REQUIRE THEIR BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!!!!

Keep keeping those souls in a perpetual state of dependence upon YOU, Preacher.  God is going to judge you....HE probably already has started judging you, as a matter of fact!

What does the Word say about Judgment and the House of the Lord?


When a jury has to pronounce judgment on someone, it is because they have been found lacking in an area.  They are being accused of doing something....wrong.  Criminal.  

WHY would God say in His Word that judgment will BEGIN at THE HOUSE OF THE LORD?????  Isn't it God's House?  Isn't HIS spirit supposed to 'dwell' there?  Aren't folks supposed to be being saved, healed and delivered there?

So if the CHURCH is doing what its SUPPOSED to do, why would God say in HIS WORD that judgment will BEGIN THERE FIRST????????


And when an institution is 'wrong,' per se, the ones who ARE judged, questioned...ARE THE LEADERS!

Most of the time, a defendant takes the stand in his own defense to testify in a court of law, right?

They are questioned by their lawyer AND the prosecuting attorney.

But these leaders, YOU PREACHER, don't want to be questioned.  You won't put your hand on the very bible you SAY you preach from and swear you will tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT the TRUTH!

YOU, Preacher, won't even SHOW UP to your court date!!!!!!

Well, guess what?

God has a WARRANT OUT for your spiritual ARREST!!!!!!

The people are speaking.  They are asking questions.  God has sent correction time and time again, yet you 'ignore your court dates.'

Take this as a warning:  

REPENT of teaching your people ERROR!  





The Word says if you don't receive the chastisement, you are bastards.  


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leave the Preacher's Exes Reality Show ALONE! Church Under Judgment


Ok.  I'm going to try to be serious on this topic (even though admittedly, it will be extremely difficult to do!)

I saw the trailer for yet another church reality show and HOLLERED!

I HAD to write on it.

All I will say is this:

1)  The organized church system has tried to assimilate within popular culture for so long, they have tried to be 'relevant' so much, that they are now the laughing stock of the world.  And the sad part is that she has done this to HERSELF.  It wasn't the devil.  It isn't an attack.  The Word says you reap what you sow; and the church system for YEARS has sown nothing but deception and evil.  Well, now it's time to REAP what she has sown.

2)  I KNEW that once this reality show kick the church was on gained momentum, that it would only get MORE and MORE REAL.  I mean, come ON.  I have SEEN some stuff in ministry, in church when I was in there.  I just shook my head and said to myself, 'Do they REALLY want to show the world the REAL DEAL that's going on in these churches?'  I say its a good thing; that way more and more people will SHUN church and religion than be drawn TO IT.

3)  The church folk need to leave these women ALONE!  They are the fruit of the so-called men in the church, religious men.  The good ol' boys clubs that is resident in these churches.  This is what happens when you force a bunch of first ladies/pastors wives to marry gay men or DL men who masquerade as pastors.  This is what happens when you allow men to infect women with HIV in the church.  OR when you allow these men to sleep with children, steal from their congregants, lie, cheat and bamboozle the people so that THEY can appear to be prosperous.  THIS is what happens when you got a bunch of religious nuts and flakes ta-ta-ta-ing and babbering all over the church talking about they are 'delivering' the very ones THEY bind up!


You can't EVEN tell me that after looking at the above trailer that you actually believe that YOUR church is a place of healing!  When you KNOW that the VERY same stuff is going down with YOUR pastor and first lady!


It's really not funny's actually really sad.

A lot of people are going to rail on these ladies, call them every name in the BOOK for doing this show...but I say LEAVE THESE LADIES ALONE!

THESE LADIES ARE A PRODUCT OF A DOUBLE-STANDARD INSTITUTE!  (as the artist formerly and perhaps presently known as Tonex sings in his video 'Going Away.'

Meaning...these ladies were brought up in church.  Probably raped, abused, molested, turned out, etc....RIGHT in church.

They were groomed for 'First Lady-ship' since girls.  Were told that good lil girls are supposed to want to grow up and become 'first ladies.'

All while pastor was shoving himself in every orifice in her body....(YES, I said it!)

So is it any WONDER when these girls grow up, that they turn into ^^^^THIS?

We are so quick to call WOMEN 'ratchet,' but we don't take the TIME to investigate nor have empathy and understand WHAT or WHO made her that way!

YES, it is obvious.  THESE ladies ARE STILL suffering from CHURCH HURT.  

And that hurt IS manifesting in their behavior.  

Some of them are mentally and emotionally, perhaps even spiritually, wounded.

And the WORSE thing they can do is go to ANOTHER CHURCH to seek 'deliverance' or 'healing.'


I've been there.  (But hey...You don't see me on no mechanical horse with pink hair either! But I ain't mad at her!)

There is this R & B artist, L'il Mo.  A couple of years or so back I wrote a blog article on her questioning her 'ratchetness' in Hold Up, L'il Mo! I'm Confused!

A few weeks ago, she tweeted something that helped me understand her:

She, too, is a product of a double standard institute as well.  

Her godfather is none other than the Prince of Gospel himself, Pastor John P. Kee.  I am sure she had some upbringing 'in the church.'

And-on her own words-she admits that it was all in vain...all that 'church.'

She may be a little raunchy....but I owe her an apology.  

I understand her and these other ladies in Preacher's Exes.  I AM a preacher's ex MYSELF.  I grew up in church.  Church leaders raping and turning me out....and then covering up.  Down low preachers wanting to marry me.  I saw more gay men in the church than I EVER did in the world.  I've seen A LOT.


I thank GOD that HE led me OUT of church and my 'deliverance' came through more saner means...perhaps unconventional.  

I empathize with these ladies...and I know there are PLENTY MORE ladies that go thru the same stuff.  They are just too ashamed, or too embarrassed to say anything.


Purge how you need to purge.  If it's in writing, WRITE.  If you need to do reality programming, do it.  If you need professional help, SEEK it.  It won't come in conventional means....BELIEVE THAT!

As to the rest of the world....


If they want to share their stories with the world, LET THEM.  They are BOUND to come out anyways!

The more they tell it, the more they are no longer BOUND TO IT.  I wish them well.  Healing. Wholeness.  OUTSIDE OF CHURCH, of course.

NO MORE protecting idiocy and ish in the church....

As long as y'all keep enabling this junk, there will be MORE and MORE church 'reality' shows EXPOSING the STUPIDITY and PAIN that is RAMPANT in the churches!


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Friday, March 14, 2014

Assignments Are For Kids! Are You In Still In School?

I Don't Wanna Grow Up!  I'm On Assignment!

I know many of you have heard the phrase 'I'm On Assignment' from some over-zealous church person.

I remember that used to sound so spiritual and all.  

Being on 'assignment' in the church world means that a person is designated or purposed somehow to do an assignment, whether that was to marry someone or be in ministry at a church, these people would come to some sort of conclusion that 'GOD' told them to do thus and so, this and that.

They were on 'assignment.'

Somehow, being on 'assignment'-and proudly declaring and accepting it-was somehow deemed so holy, so powerful, so righteous, so 'in the will of God' that no one ever dared question the whole dynamic of being 'on assignment.'  (Or questioning if in fact they were even SUPPOSED to be 'on assignment!)


Of course, you all know that's what I do now-question EVERYTHING.  So here goes my assessment of the ASSIGNMENT question.  

Do you understand that being 'on assignment' denotes that you are still IN CLASS?

The group of people who are are assigned anything are students.  Students that are in class.  Children.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself 'WHAT AM I DOING?'  

'Why am I doing what I'm doing?  Has God REALLY told me to do this?'

I know so many folks who are either still in church or who have left the buildings physically-but NOT spiritually-and are religiously-inclined in their mindsets and belief systems.

So even though they don't physically flock to the buildings anymore, they still feel the incessant need to 'minister' to folks.

They are obsessed with the idea that somehow they are so 'needed' in the kingdom that they have concluded that their 'assignments' are to tell folks about the church.

Or to help so and so in the church see some things.
Or they have specialized their 'ministry' and zoned in on their specific 'assignment.'

WHERE does this craziness come from?


I know...many believe that it is their job to 'evangelize' the lost.

I will agree there are lost folks-in church or out of church.  

But salvation is NOT our business.  Salvation IS of THE LORD!

Whom God will, HE will save.
HE will deliver.
HE will have mercy.
HE will heal.

Whom GOD will, HE will save.  And whom HE won't, HE won't.

And no amount of what we do is going to change that.  Many follow that belief system of how they must evangelize the world for Jesus...but fail to realize one thing.

If you do ANYTHING 'for God'- and God REALLY didn't tell you to do it - then it is done IN VAIN!

It IS possible to preach, to teach, to prophesy, to evangelize, to go to church, to start a ministry, to start a gospel recording career, to write books, to broadcast christian tv or air a christian radio show, to start and teach seminars...and it ALL be in vain!


Because God did NOT tell you to do that!

You need to understand that there is a religious spirit out here whose whole agenda is to DECEIVE.

That religious spirit will have you believing all that you do is of God.  And sometimes it takes folks years before they realize that what they're doing was not 'of God.'

If you're 'on assignment,' you still a kid.  PERIOD.

You still haven't gotten 'IT' yet.  You still are looking for purpose.

Most folks going around looking 'for purpose' simply have not allowed LOVE to enter into their lives yet.  

When TRUE love enters into your life, and you are no longer afraid to share that love with others, then your purpose IS FULFILLED!

Your 'purpose' is not to go into ministry, go to the nations, to open up a church, to save the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, etc.

Your purpose is simply TO LOVE!

Love is a very simple purpose to fulfill.

Go to your local homeless shelter.  Feed the homeless.  Put some clothes on someone who needs them.  Give to the needy.  Go visit the nursing home; check on the sick and elderly.  Help someone out.  There are ALL kinds of need in this world.  

When you help someone out, you have fulfilled your 'purpose.'

Don't put religious stipulations on that help either.  Give with simplicity.  Don't make folks go to church just so you can help them.  That ain't right!  

I give to causes that help folks without all the religious stipulations attached to it.  You don't have to acquiesce to my belief systems in order for me to help.  NO, I'm not rich.  But I know what it is to need.  

You can't imagine the sense of fulfillment that comes from simply HELPING FOLKS OUT!

You looking for your next 'assignment?'




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