Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Eat The Grass! Drink The Poison! I'M YOUR PASTOR!!!" (Lesego Daniels & Other False Prophets)


I'm sure you all have heard of the South African pastor who made his congregation eat grass to get closer to God.  

I can't lie:  when I first heard of this and read it, I laughed.  A LOT.

I mean it is quite comical for an entire group of people to RUN outside-on command of their pastor-just like a herd of sheep, lie or sit on the ground and to start grazing on the grass..just like a bunch of cows!

Who would be so idiotic to do such a thing?

But a friend of mine found the video of this occurrence...and when he posted it to his Facebook page, I was literally APPALLED at what I witnessed!

Take a look for yourselves!

It was literally like the people were in a trance or under hypnosis or something!

I have NEVER seen something like this...and to be quite's quite scary.

I immediately thought of Jonestown and Jim Jones...especially since I wrote about what happened to almost 1,000 people there back in at the command of Jones, over 900 drank poisoned kool aid and committed the largest mass suicide in history!

The same monotone voice.  The same so-called 'authority' over the people.  The same fear from the people to stand up to their authority....

These 'pastors,' these 'false prophets,' are so manipulative.  And delusional.

They really believe that God is with them and telling them to mislead people...the blind leading the blind!

As crazy as it sounds, these leaders are just as much delusional and crazy as the people are.

They are ALL under another influence.  The SPIRIT OF RELIGION!!!!

The spirit of religion is a deceptive, sneaky one.  It will lead leaders and their followers...right into a ditch.  Into the abyss.  Into deception.  Into HELL!

This is the main reason why I believe that spiritual leaders, pastors, church leadership, five fold ministry, etc. are NO LONGER necessary today!

I have seen MORE cases where the leaders lead people into a ditch than into salvation or deliverance.  Or TRUTH.

I've seen more false than TRUE prophets.  More wolves than shepherds.  More snakes in the pulpit than men and women after God's own heart.

They may GO INTO ministry with the right intentions...but somewhere down the line, they become corrupted.  Their agendas CHANGE.  Their motives CHANGE.  Their love for God dwindles.  Their love for the truth and desire to teach truth is compromised for acceptance among the religious and secular elite. Or for fame and fortune...or for MONEY!

Even for POWER!

This Lesego dude clearly is on a power trip, as I find is most often the case with african church leaders...they are power hungry over there...and when you couple that natural, disastrous desire for ambition that is already resident in them with RELIGION, that is a DANGEROUS and LETHAL cocktail of deception that WILL eventually deceive and kill MANY!

Jim Jones started out as a regular preacher in California who wanted to help poor people.  Who wanted racial equality.  But once the people gave him their power, once they allowed him to control them, he eventually led them to their demise!

I write about this TRAP of all who enter into ministry in my first ebook,

ANYBODY can get caught up in this trap in religion, the trap of so-called 'ministry.'

You can think you are hearing from God regarding 'a call' that you THINK you have...and then pretty soon that call CONSUMES YOU!

The 'call' to preach or minister, to 'go to the nations' or whatever becomes MORE important than your soul being saved.  It becomes more important than you preaching or teaching THE WHOLE TRUTH.  

Your agenda to prove 'you're called' can consume you so that you spend most of your time 'proving your call' than actually being saved, walking in the peace of God, being assured that you are ALREADY IN the WILL OF GOD!  

You get in this rat race to prove to the church community, to your family and friends, to the world that you're THE CALLED OF GOD...that you resort to acting in UNGODLY ways to somehow make that 'call' come to pass.  

And the sad part YOURSELF are not REALLY SURE if you're really 'called' to preach or not!  Heck, some of you don't even know IF YOU'RE SAVED!!!!!!

I find the ones who do the most in terms of proving they're 'called' are the ones most likely who are NOT saved....

Why do I say that?

Because those who ARE saved, they are ASSURED in their salvation.  They have the faith to believe God...NOT their actions, or their following some 'unction' to preach to the nations.  They are not consumed with the ambition to preach or minister to people...

They just live.  BE.  If an opportunity comes up to help someone, they do it.  No fanfare, no press conferences, no 'look-at-what-God-did-thru-my-hands.'  

And then they just continue BEING who God wants them to be!!!!!

I present to you if THE CALL consumes you, than GOD DOES NOT!!!

And it just very well may be that YOU ARE NOT SAVED!!!!!

My friend says it best in this video...that ambition to do ministry is a KILLER!

People like Lesego Daniels and Jim Jones-as well as MANY of YOUR favorite preachers in churchdom TODAY-are CONSUMED with MINISTRY!

The desire to be famous in ministry is what has driven them to where they are right NOW!

And because the people are so in love with them, you can't even SEE IT!

EVEN IN THE FACEBOOK WORLD, there are MANY folks there who are CONSUMED with being 'somebody' in ministry.  

And they THINK that it is GOD that is leading them...when it is THE ENEMY!!!!

Take heed...WHO CALLED YOU??????

You could be leading your people to DRINK THE KOOL AID!

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E said...

This was my personal struggle at one point in my life ... but God! I can just run around this building on "but God!". He had better for me and I'm glad I had enough sense to follow Him to it.

I left my long testimony only to find out it didn't post but I plan to rewrite it again. I grew up in a black baptist church in the deep deep south and that's all I knew .... I lost count of how many times I sat in someones church or attended "christian" functions. As a child coming up, I never thought growing up that I wouldn't be attending church. But I also never thought that most of the doctrine and influences I picked up at these churches is unbiblical and satanically inspired.

I was so miserable in the church and didn't even know the severity of it until I fully removed myself. I can never see myself going back, and not only was I miserable but so was everyone else he was sitting along aside me ... and it was a direct result of church life.