Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leave the Preacher's Exes Reality Show ALONE! Church Under Judgment


Ok.  I'm going to try to be serious on this topic (even though admittedly, it will be extremely difficult to do!)

I saw the trailer for yet another church reality show and HOLLERED!

I HAD to write on it.

All I will say is this:

1)  The organized church system has tried to assimilate within popular culture for so long, they have tried to be 'relevant' so much, that they are now the laughing stock of the world.  And the sad part is that she has done this to HERSELF.  It wasn't the devil.  It isn't an attack.  The Word says you reap what you sow; and the church system for YEARS has sown nothing but deception and evil.  Well, now it's time to REAP what she has sown.

2)  I KNEW that once this reality show kick the church was on gained momentum, that it would only get MORE and MORE REAL.  I mean, come ON.  I have SEEN some stuff in ministry, in church when I was in there.  I just shook my head and said to myself, 'Do they REALLY want to show the world the REAL DEAL that's going on in these churches?'  I say its a good thing; that way more and more people will SHUN church and religion than be drawn TO IT.

3)  The church folk need to leave these women ALONE!  They are the fruit of the so-called men in the church, religious men.  The good ol' boys clubs that is resident in these churches.  This is what happens when you force a bunch of first ladies/pastors wives to marry gay men or DL men who masquerade as pastors.  This is what happens when you allow men to infect women with HIV in the church.  OR when you allow these men to sleep with children, steal from their congregants, lie, cheat and bamboozle the people so that THEY can appear to be prosperous.  THIS is what happens when you got a bunch of religious nuts and flakes ta-ta-ta-ing and babbering all over the church talking about they are 'delivering' the very ones THEY bind up!


You can't EVEN tell me that after looking at the above trailer that you actually believe that YOUR church is a place of healing!  When you KNOW that the VERY same stuff is going down with YOUR pastor and first lady!


It's really not funny's actually really sad.

A lot of people are going to rail on these ladies, call them every name in the BOOK for doing this show...but I say LEAVE THESE LADIES ALONE!

THESE LADIES ARE A PRODUCT OF A DOUBLE-STANDARD INSTITUTE!  (as the artist formerly and perhaps presently known as Tonex sings in his video 'Going Away.'

Meaning...these ladies were brought up in church.  Probably raped, abused, molested, turned out, etc....RIGHT in church.

They were groomed for 'First Lady-ship' since girls.  Were told that good lil girls are supposed to want to grow up and become 'first ladies.'

All while pastor was shoving himself in every orifice in her body....(YES, I said it!)

So is it any WONDER when these girls grow up, that they turn into ^^^^THIS?

We are so quick to call WOMEN 'ratchet,' but we don't take the TIME to investigate nor have empathy and understand WHAT or WHO made her that way!

YES, it is obvious.  THESE ladies ARE STILL suffering from CHURCH HURT.  

And that hurt IS manifesting in their behavior.  

Some of them are mentally and emotionally, perhaps even spiritually, wounded.

And the WORSE thing they can do is go to ANOTHER CHURCH to seek 'deliverance' or 'healing.'


I've been there.  (But hey...You don't see me on no mechanical horse with pink hair either! But I ain't mad at her!)

There is this R & B artist, L'il Mo.  A couple of years or so back I wrote a blog article on her questioning her 'ratchetness' in Hold Up, L'il Mo! I'm Confused!

A few weeks ago, she tweeted something that helped me understand her:

She, too, is a product of a double standard institute as well.  

Her godfather is none other than the Prince of Gospel himself, Pastor John P. Kee.  I am sure she had some upbringing 'in the church.'

And-on her own words-she admits that it was all in vain...all that 'church.'

She may be a little raunchy....but I owe her an apology.  

I understand her and these other ladies in Preacher's Exes.  I AM a preacher's ex MYSELF.  I grew up in church.  Church leaders raping and turning me out....and then covering up.  Down low preachers wanting to marry me.  I saw more gay men in the church than I EVER did in the world.  I've seen A LOT.


I thank GOD that HE led me OUT of church and my 'deliverance' came through more saner means...perhaps unconventional.  

I empathize with these ladies...and I know there are PLENTY MORE ladies that go thru the same stuff.  They are just too ashamed, or too embarrassed to say anything.


Purge how you need to purge.  If it's in writing, WRITE.  If you need to do reality programming, do it.  If you need professional help, SEEK it.  It won't come in conventional means....BELIEVE THAT!

As to the rest of the world....


If they want to share their stories with the world, LET THEM.  They are BOUND to come out anyways!

The more they tell it, the more they are no longer BOUND TO IT.  I wish them well.  Healing. Wholeness.  OUTSIDE OF CHURCH, of course.

NO MORE protecting idiocy and ish in the church....

As long as y'all keep enabling this junk, there will be MORE and MORE church 'reality' shows EXPOSING the STUPIDITY and PAIN that is RAMPANT in the churches!


Want to read more about my story of what church put me through and HOW I was set free????


E said...

Wait, but these ladies are not seeking healing or have positive intentions. They're looking for popularity, to be exalted, and richer ... no one signs up to do a TV reality show for healing, come one now let's keep it 100. And just b/c they been hurt doesn't mean they can act out any kind of way and it's ok, let alone God approves. One example, I've been abandoned by my "father" (who was a minister in another state) all my life but I will never rationalize seeking revenge on him by exposing him publicly on camera b/c of it. As a child of The King, I took the high road and the situation with class and grace b/c I know that God desired that and my "father" will reap what he sow. And he already has and will continue, and besides my "father" was so screwed up mentality that it was a blessing he wasn't around b/c I would've been worse off. My "father" is demon possessed and even his mom knew something was off about him for years.

But these women chose these men to marry. So they must be held accountable for their own actions .... if their preacher husbands are dogs (which most are I truly believe), they were dogs when they first met them and yet they still married them so what does that say about them? Um hint, it's not good .... The signs will always show up, but many times these "first ladies" ignore them b/c they feel like that the attention, "prestige", and praise they'll get will fill that void of nothing having a respectful decent husband, but of course most can't deal with the disrespect for long .....

If you been in the church, you will get hurt by the church. There stories are not unique ... I've been touched inappropriately, called names, spiritually abused, unfairly treated etc .... all in the church. But I count it all joy b/c all things worked for the good for those who believe! And it all has helped me become a stronger saint and better man!

This woe is me stuff that they doing is empty and is with an insidious agenda! Don't be fool!

E said...

And also Lil Mo' definitely has been misled by the church. Her spiritual and natural disposition is one of confusion, anger, demonic control, and godlessness ... she's not saved but yet she goes around telling everyone she is. Secretly she knows she isn't and needs help but the help she's currently seeking (John P. Kee, church, etc) will continue to led her astray so I pray she realizes it. Look up boo, not horizontally

And there is some good out shows like this. It further exposes the harm, danger, and fakeness of the institutional church and denominationalism ... I can see somebody being delivered by watching this. God will always expose things of pure darkness so we won't be deceived BUT ppl eyes gotta be open and they gotta be real

pastors exwife said...

E. U TALK TOO MUCH... how bot SHUT UP... this particular suit... suits u well

pastors exwife said...

E. shut up... I think this suit ... SUITS U WELL... SHUT UP

Detoxed From Churchanity said...

"E"- I see your points...having been there and done that, one can say 'Oh, they knew what they were getting into when they got into it...' But you need to understand: some women DO NOT get it. Some women DO NOT have 'agendas' or are attention-seeking. Nor do they seek the notoriety and 'fame' that comes along with it (so-called first lady status). There are some women who so religiously delusional, so religiously brainwashed, so into the church mode...that they really CANNOT see what you're speaking of. I can appreciate your history in the church, E, but you and I are smart women. We are led by the Spirit of God. God keeps us...the women on this show and 1000s-perhaps even millions-of women in the church system are OPPRESSED, ABUSED, MOLESTED, BRAINWASHED, TURNED OUT...some even MURDERED. And the men in this church system (and some women) enable this abuse time and time again. What is happening now is the chickens have come home to roost. The dirty laundry is being aired out. I won't question 'the agenda' of these ladies, b/c I know where they're coming from. Yes, it may seem to be an attempt for attention...or a money maker. But being a writer, I can relate to how purging and cleansing these creative outlets CAN be to those who participate in them. I am all for women empowering themselves, speaking up for themselves, doing what they HAVE to do to heal...themselves. God uses many outlets..not just the religious help people. These ladies may need psychiatric help. They may need to purge themselves thru creative outlets...up unto and including being on a reality show. So I see this as a double positive-they get the outlet they need to heal...and other women going thru it will be able to RELATE to the VERY REAL oppression latent within religious institutions. When more women see that they are NOT alone in the oppression, that knowledge in and of itself will serve to set them FREE! As a woman yourself, I would think you would be supportive of that alone. But you are entitled to YOUR opinion...

Detoxed From Churchanity said...

Furthermore, when one woman sees another woman HURTING, instead of questioning their 'motives' or accusing them of having 'agendas,' isn't the more Christ-like approach is to empathize with them? Have COMPASSION on them? Instead of bragging about how much they themselves have taken the high road, how about using that position of being on 'the high road' to lift up other women..instead of tearing them down b/c they may not be on the 'high road' .... yet anyways. Those who are last shall be first, and vice versa.....

Detoxed From Churchanity said...

Pastor Ex Wives - First, I want to say GOD BLESS YOU. I feel your pain, been watching ur vids on YT for a minute. I appreciate ur realness, ur bluntness. I know what ur going thru...and I commend ur courage in making this show. KNOW that GOD IS WITH U!

Detoxed From Churchanity said...

I allowed all comments b/c the world needs to see the lack of compassion that is resident among those who may have physically come out of the church system, but the system and its evil spirit is still resident in THEM. PLUS, I wanted the world to see what kind of response is illicited when a religious spirit tries to 'minister to' someone who is hurting. It can NEVER work. The world and those folks like to label as 'ungodly' could care less about who you think you are...they just want to know you LOVE them and you REALLY care. And consistently questioning motives and throwing around empty accusations is absolutely irrelevant, ineffective and does nothing to help the hurting. Jesus Christ went around helping the hurting....

Detoxed From Churchanity said...

They WILL falsely accuse you. They WILL slander your name. They MAY even try to kill you...

But if you got a story to tell about the institutional church and how the harlot has abused you, SHARE IT!

The FIRST step in your healing emotionally is when you pull the covers off the cover-ups and lies!

Deception cannot live where there is LIGHT!

Light up your truth through whichever means you can...

Through music
Through books
Through movies
Through activism

They will say you have 'an agenda.'


JoAnne Gillespie said...

I enjoyed reading your blog on this particular subject matter as iit gave me additional insight into the deplorable condition of the institutionalized church. We all know the problems now is the time to come together with solutions. The head in the sand mentality is prevalent throughout the church. The church is sipping on cyanide koolaid given to them by diabolical wolves in sheep's clothing! Lambs lead to the slaughter.