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Do You Have An Spiritual Infestation????


That is SO nasty!  Creepy!  Makes you itch, doesn't it?

Many times, folks have an infestation in their home and don't even know it!

The only time you will know what's plaguing you is when you have been pre-informed on the symptoms, the signs that your house has been infested!

Yes, I know about this, unfortunately.  

It became necessary for my son and I to seek the help of a domestic violence shelter for our safety.  We lived in a Motel 6 for a short time, til money ran out...then I had to swallow my pride and seek the assistance of a shelter.

We found a slot available after a few days...we were so glad to be there.  We thought, 'Whew!  We have finally found safety!  Help.  We can go on with our lives!'

We settled in that first night, went to bed, then BAMMM!  

Once the lights went out and we were asleep, we were ASSAULTED by bed bugs!!!!!!!!!

I never seen a bed bug, only heard the little saying, 'Nite, nite.  Don't let the bed bugs bite!'  All I know is that I started itching all over.  My son was whining in his sleep in the bunk bed above me...and I was like WHAT is going on!

I turned my cell phone light on and to my HORROR there were these red little bugs all on my pillow.  I saw blood on my pillow, on my sheets...I was like WHAT THE?????

I got up turned the lights on and stayed up the whole night keeping those bugs off my baby!

The next morning I went to the staff and thats when they decided to tell me, 'we do have a bed bug are free to leave if you want...'  Well, here we were with NO money, nowhere to go.  We had no choice but to stay.  

My son and I suffered every night with bed bugs for two months straight.  It was one of the most humiliating, debilitating experiences EVER!

I found a job in NY and saved up enough money to get our place in that two months time.  NOBODY was happier than we were when we moved out that shelter!

And when we moved in our new place, the only way I was able to keep those bugs OUT of our home was to THROW EVERYTHING AWAY!!!!!!!!  Start all over from scratch.  

Everything we gained in that shelter, stuff folks gave to us, gifts, donations, etc, I threw all that away once we moved into our home.

And I am GLAD to say my son and I have NEVER seen a bed bug since leaving that shelter!

Anybody who has ever had a bed bug infestation knows that there can be emotional stuff that lingers as a result of all that.  Loss of sleep, paranoia, getting 'the itchies,' and all that can happen as a result of long tern lack of sleep are just a few things some experience -some long tern, some short term - as a result of their experience with 'bed bugs.'

I want to show you how a 'bed bug infestation' in a home is MUCH like a 'demonic infestation' in a church.

A lot of times, folks go to church seeking help, assistance, whether it be natural or spiritual.  Very real needs are present and it's a good thing they seek help in the time of trouble.  ALL of us need help sometimes!

So they go to church....expecting help.  Help seeking God, getting saved, delivered, etc.  And once you step foot inside the church, there is a sigh of relief that most exhales--just from being 'in the house.'  In 'the ark of safety.'  Sheltered (supposedly) from the forces of darkness.  Now 'you're covered.'  

You feel like 'the pastor's got us' or 'now you're sheltered' and you don't have to 'fight' alone.  

This is especially true of single mothers and their kids.

Then once you get settled in, you start 'itching.'  You start seeing signs of injury, perhaps your blood has been spilled.  You start getting 'tormented.'  You start dealing with 'things' you ain't NEVER had to deal with before...and yet, you don't know WHERE it's coming from!

You go to the pastor, you go to church...and, of course, the pastor, the mothers, the new convert's teacher all tell you 'the devil is fighting you since you're now in church.  Don't let that stop you.  The more you come to church, the more the devil is going to fight you and try to stop you from coming...'

And because it sounds good, it makes sense and you want to belong, you accept that as a viable excuse for all the HELL you're going through.  

It never ONCE crosses your mind that the torment is NOT the devil on the outside (of the church) trying to 'keep you from going back to church.'

I mean COME ON!  Think about it!

IF God is the HEAD, and your church is 'the bride,' and the enemy is supposed to be 'outside the doors of your church,' just waiting to pounce on you and keep you from coming back, then WHAT explains all the torment going on on THE INSIDE OF YOUR CHURCH?????????

If GOD is GOD, then shouldn't He be God OVER ALL?????

Couldn't He keep the enemy from biting you?  Tormenting you?  And your babies?  

I is a blow to what you've been taught.  

I want to give a short list that will help you tell if YOUR church has a demonic infestation:

  1)  Continual strife and confusion...IN the house
  2)  Folks can't stop sexing. Lust fills the air of your 'church.'  You feel it from the pulpit.
  3)  Greed, covetousness and continual pressuring of giving financially to different programs
  4)  Extreme control, manipulation from leadership (i.e., you have to ask pastor if what color to wear, where     
       to live, who to marry, etc.)
  5)  Unexplained bouts of depression, mania, fear, thoughts of suicide....things you NEVER dealt with 
       BEFORE going to church start to plague you AFTER going to church
  6)  You are constantly bombarded with 'visions,' dreams and the such of ministering to the nations.  
  7)  You feel like it is your God-mandated responsibility to 'get your church right.'  Thats why even though 
       you SEE the blatant error, you continue to go...thinking it's your 'calling.'
  8)  Extreme legalism...(can't wear this, do that, have this in your house, etc.)
  9)  Leadership forbids you to seek ministry anywhere outside of their jurisdiction
10)  An over emphasis on supernatural signs, shouting, dancing, kundalini, laughing in the spirit, rolling in the   
       floor, etc. 

By and large, if your church is consistently focused on the flesh, on the outward things, on comfort here and now, if your pastor has fallen into sin....over and over again..., these are telltale signs you are in a DEMON fest...and need to do like FORREST GUMP......


I kid you not, I knew of a church in Louisiana (I will be nice and not name names because a lot of you would know of it if I told you a name).  I visited this church...this church has a long history in the city its located in, highly respected, VERY charismatic/pentecostal.  GREAT singers, much praise.  But they are also known to literally lock you in their services at a certain point in the service, as to not 'disturb the spirit of God.'  

My cousin took me to this church to visit and I was like, 'Where are you taking me?'  She was like, 'Trust me, we will just go in and out....I promise!'  

So we get to this church, and the service is VERY 'lively,' to say the least!  Lots of shouting, dancing, singing, running the aisles, speaking in tongues, etc.  Stuff I was used to.

I didn't do anything though, because my spirit was really VEXED.  

I mean, on the outside, all seemed real 'spiritual.'  This was a historically baptist church, with a little charismatic/pentecostal flavor...and since I had grown up baptist, and converted to pentecostalism (then), I was like 'Ok.'

But my spirit was V.E.X.E.D.!!!!

I look down on the floor, and I KID YOU NOT...there was a HUGE COCKROACH!  The FLYING kind! I was like 'WHAT THE??????'

I moved to another aisle to get away from the roach, and lo and behold, WAYYYY across the aisle on the other side of the church, I sit.  Feeling really awkward at that point...b/c I have NEVER been in a church with HUGE COCKROACHES like that before!!!!!

I sit down, go to put my purse down, and on the floor are two dead cockroaches!

At that point, I did want to cuss, but the Holy Ghost stopped me!!!!!

So at that point, amidst all the shouting, dancing, praying, etc., I was like 'ENOUGH.'  I go for the door, and this huge dude usher clamps down on the door and says to me 'No one can leave while the spirit is moving!'

My mouth dropped to the floor!  I was like 'Uhhhhh????'

I went back into the church to look for my cousin, I stopped her dancing and clapping, pulled her to the side and was like 'Uh, we gotta go.  And WHY are these people LOCKING US IN HERE?'  

She just laughed and said 'Oh, they just do that.  Sit down.  Relax.  We won't be long...'  

I was TOOOO done!  

To make a long story short, an HOUR later, they finally let us out the church!  Smh.

That's a funny story (a REAL one, btw!) of crazy church and a weird infestation...but I want to present to you that many churches are JUST LIKE THAT church.

They stomp, holler, jump, speak in tongues, dance, hoop, prophesy....all ON TOP of demons.  

They think that all that natural activity is going to 'keep them under their feet.' Keep the devil at bay.  Give them victory.

And I also want to add that there obviously was a demonic infestation at that church as well.  How do I know?  

Because of the rampant homosexuality and DL-ism that is resident there!  (Please don't ask me how I know!  Just take my word for it!)

I do liken demons to bugs, roaches.  They both are nasty, creepy.  And once you got an infestation on your hands, the only way to get rid of them is to throw AWAY any and everything that they live in.

Just like when I transitioned from the shelter to my home and had to throw away ALL my stuff and start is it with transitioning OUT OF CHURCH.

EVERYTHING you learned in church HAS TO BE DISCARDED, THROWN OUT.  You have to be willing to start afresh.  UNLEARN and RELEARN even the most fundamental of things.

I was so serious about making SURE I carried nothing into my new home that I had me and my son take off the coats, boots, and clothes we had on our backs and threw those bad boys into the HOTTEST DRYER to kill off any bugs that even thought about lingering onto us!

If you expose bed bugs to EXTREME HEAT, like the kind in a dryer, they will die.

That stuff you GOTTA keep from what you learned in church, don't be afraid to PUT IT TO THE FIRE!!!!!!!!

1 Corinthians 2:13
EVERY man's work shall be made manifest, it will be revealed by fire; the fire shall try every man's work, to see what sort it is...

I dare you to read that ENTIRE chapter.  It is a POWERFUL chapter.

Don't be afraid to put what you have believed about God, the Word, WHATEVER knowledge you've gained while in the FIRE.

Don't let GOD have to put it to the fire.  YOU DO IT!

If it be of God, if He wants you to keep it...God will allow you to keep it.

But first things first.

If you are suffering in your church, DO NOT THINK that its God trying to teach you something.  The Spirit of the Lord can teach you things without you having to suffer.  Yes, due to OUR OWN STUBBORNNESS and STIFF-NECKNESS (I know that's not a, He may allow suffering.  But that's only after Him just telling you, 'Thats not me, don't receive that.  Don't believe that.  Don't touch that, or don't do that...' and you DON'T take heed, then that's when He has to let you go through.

I know there are some who TRULY believe that it is their job, their 'calling,' to go back or stay in a church where clearly God has revealed to them is demonically infested...

They feel like they are the 'spiritual Terminix, spiritual Orkin.'  They proudly exclaim, 'Im staying in my house of God!  It's ride or die!  The gates of hell shall not prevail!  Im a prayer warrior!  I got the goods to deliver!'


To share more of my story about the shelter, Terminix had been treating that house for 8 months straight...6 months before we arrived there!  AT LEAST once per month, sometimes twice.  But with all that power, with all the testimonials of how great Terminix does, all the latest equipment and pesticides...and THEY couldn't get this thing under control.....


BECAUSE there is a difference between a bug problem...and an infestation!

Anyone who has dealt with pesticides and pest control will tell you, there is a point where it is best to abandon the house...MOVE....when you have an infestation.  Save what you can, salvage what you can salvage...and just start afresh.

For the health of the residents they will suggest this.  Its not a matter of who has the goods or who is more powerful, Terminix or the bugs?

There are health risks to being exposed to bugs for a long period of time.

What a lot of these spiritual wonders do not realize is that they can suffer things God NEVER meant for them to suffer from staying around a demon infestation for a long period of time.

At some point, I do believe God loves us so much that HE will say "ENOUGH is ENOUGH," and HE will tell you to leave a spiritually dangerous place.  NOT because HE isn't all powerful, or that you're not saved, or whatever....


I have known some for real saved folks who have literally lost their minds behind some of these churches.  Who stayed in the churches when they SAW what was wrong.  After God TOLD THEM to go...maybe not so much in an audible voice, but when you see a house imploding from the inside, and danger is lurking and you still are hardheaded and say, 'Im gonna stay and hold up the walls!  This is my house of God!'

That is foolish...and the surefire rantings and mockings of a religious spirit that SOUNDS like God.  But it is the plot of the enemy to DESTROY YOU!


SO ask yourself...."DO WE HAVE AN INFESTATION?"

You just may....

WHAT are YOU gonna do about it?

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